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LED chip red / yellow original Taiwan wafer chip, Taiwan and Thailand adopted a green hub original chip, professional gold package;

High efficiency, high brightness LED light source, a larger perspective; constant voltage / constant current power supply, reduce decay;

Mask design high transmittance, the light intensity distribution is more uniform;

Pure PC material, fire-retardant, UV aging;

By the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center, meets GB14887-2011;

Through the European Union CE, EN12368, RoHS, German TUV certification;

Multiple sealed, dustproof and waterproof grade: IP65;

Life of up to 80,000 hours.

Motor vehicle lights are a group of lights from red, yellow, green, three non-patterned circular units, guiding motor vehicles.

Non-motor vehicle lights from red, yellow, circular units of a group of light green bicycle pattern consisting of three inner guidance of non-motorized traffic.

When the green light to allow vehicles to pass, but the turning of the vehicle may not hinder the release of the straight vehicles, pedestrians.

Yellow light when a vehicle has crossed the stop line can continue to pass.

When the red light vehicular traffic.

In non-motor vehicle is not set intersection lights and crosswalk lights, bicycle and pedestrian lights should be in accordance with the instructions of motor vehicle traffic.

When the red light, turn right vehicle was released without prejudice to the vehicle, the case of pedestrians can pass.

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Galactic man already gave it all but I just wanted to wish you good luck in your studies. I just became a junior and I'm majoring in EE as well. I wouldn't suggest keeping a certain EE job in mind since you're just starting out. You really won't find what you like until you actually start taking the classes and doing some co-op/internships (if your school has a program like that).
Q:Shop selling dangerous electrical equipment who do I contact?
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K2 is a brand name for a type of electromagnetic field detector used for measuring fields induced by power lines and electrical equipment.
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Primarily because motors and appliances are users and power lines are suppliers and have not fixed KVA value. The KVA value of a power line can vary from 0 all the way up to the full generating capacity of the feeder transformer. Although motors and appliances are KW/KVA rated, this rating means nothing without the voltage rating.
Q:What will happen to electrical equipment during the once in a generation solar storm NASA predicts?
Thanks to our atmosphere which can ward off the strongest such storms in a working combination with Earth's magnetic field (though mild), much of the electric equipment is safe, albeit generation and transmission of elctricity might suffer. Commuications (electronic) equipment and processes go haywire as the propagation conditions get drastically altered when an electric field (traditionally called 'E', expressed in Volts per meter) gets created as Earth's sheath. The MOSFET technology and the 'chips' used are particularly sensitive to Electric fields unlike the first generation of 'bipolar' junction transistors which were the backbone for almost half a century. There are technologies that render FETs proof to even Nuclear explosions and the very strong fields created by them, which are exorbitantly costly (not eeded for commercial components). In any case, mercifully such phenomena are 'transient' and we are back to normal in a short while. Heavens are not going to fall (by Belenos) if we go back to a couple of centuries when such things were not used by us, the humans. However it is imperative that some system of universally 'Alerting' globally all users of Electronic equipment (Computers forming the largest chunk and many other devices also use some computing in their hardware like cell-phones) for that period is very essential. It will enable us all to save files on 'discs' hard or otherwise; CD, DVD or Optical would do. Now even non-professionals like a domestic user of TVchannels need to 'point' his dish to a certain satellite. These satellites are all located on Earth's Equatorial plane. There are times (mostly on Equinoxes) that the Sun comes in line behind one of them that 'blacks out' reception for a fraction of a day. What we do is, shut off the TV and 'take a (long) break'. The same way can be adapted to the 'storms' you refer to. No need to lead cast or something as you are not under a prolonged Nuclear attack and the phenomena is transient.
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Anything you'd like to use. Conditioner isn't exactly dangerous.
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Hi Ditto. There is a school of thought that believes all living and non living things have their own electrical properties or spheres. Each individual is classified as living thing hence has his/her own electrical property. Sometimes his/her electrical property vibrate on the same frequency with other electricalelectronic devices in his/her vicinity depending on that person state of living. It's usually a temporary state of an affair which will pass eventually.
Q:Electrical Engineering?

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