Laser cutting machine 9060

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Product Description:

●40w/60w/80w laser tube for your choice. Able to engrave and cut most non-metal materials.

●Aluminum blade table, holds hard sheet materials.

●Imported lens and mirrors, brings high engraving and cutting precision.

Linear rails from Taiwan, more stable and precise.

●Options: red dot, up/down lifting table, honeycomb table, rotary, etc.


This model CO2 laser engraver, able to engrave and cut various non-metals, like paper, acrylic, double-color plate, marble, wood, textile, leather, glass, etc. Widely applied in craft gifts, Chinese paper cutting, advertising signs, clothes, furniture and many other industries. Can be configured with lifting table, honeycomb table, rotary, etc.



Travelling size


Laser type:

Sealed CO2 laser tube, wavelength: 10.64μm

Laser power:

40W / 60W / 80W/

Cooling mode:

Circulating water cooling

Laser power control:

0-100% software control

Control system:

DSP offline control system

Max engraving speed:


Repetition accuracy:


Min. letter:

Chinese: 1.5mm; English: 1mm

File formats:

*.plt,*.dst,*.dxf,*.bmp,*.dwg,*.ai,*las, *doc

Working voltage:






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. But compared to wire cutting, CNC plasma cutting and water cutting, CO2 laser cutting is much more efficient and cutting costs are much lower.
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The neutron proton has a positive charge, is not charged atoms with peripheral. The negatively charged electrons, around the nucleus. Interestingly, electrons in an atom energy is not arbitrary. Quantum mechanics description of the microscopic world tells us that these electrons will in some fixed order "to" different energy level corresponding to the electronic energy is not the same.
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modulation and so on, a lot of space!
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About one million prices vary, the specific prices vary, manufacturers are still different. Model configuration is different, the price is different. In fact, not only depends on the price of the machine to buy, but also consider other factors,
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Because of this position, the maximum pressure of the cylinder piston ring on the mirror, the upper end of the cylinder with high temperature, abrasion resistance of metals decreased, at the same time, the piston at TDC speed is zero, the oil film is not easy to form, so the lower part of the cylinder wear mirror also larger.
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China lidar market forecast and investment strategy planning analysis report in 2015-2020

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