Laser cutting machine 1060

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Product Description:

Separate design,can only buy the upper part.

● Granite headstone engraver machines

● Singapore imported lens and mirrors.High transmittance, good focusing, reflecting effect.

●. High accuracy stepper motors and drivers. Belt transmission

●. Aluminium flat table


●Especially for granite and stone. Of course it also can engrave or cut non-metal material,such as acrylic, wood, cloth, leather, MDF, bamboo, rubber, glass, crystal,and so on



Travelling size


Laser type:

Sealed CO2 laser tube, wavelength: 10.64μm

Laser power:


Cooling mode:

Circulating water cooling

Laser power control:

0-100% software control

Control system:

DSP offline control system

Max engraving speed:


Repetition accuracy:


Min. letter:

Chinese: 1.5mm; English: 1mm

File formats:

*.plt,*.dst,*.dxf,*.bmp,*.dwg,*.ai,*las, *doc

Working voltage:






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Q:Equipment requirements for laser dancing
The steel frame structure, mainly to the surface of the stage solid, tempered glass, a dancer to bear weight, and can withstand various range of motion produced by pressure Google culture after the development and improvement stag
Q:What brand of metal engraving machine is good?
The market of metal engraving machine products are various, have imported machines, domestic production design their own machines, imports of parts in the domestic assembly machine, professional professional engraving machine, marking machine, professional cutting machine, there are more than two kinds of function of the machine, then how to buy it?
Q:The life of the laser equipment is not long
. As long as the change in solid state laser pumping source and the use of an ideal environment, its life is infinite. Semiconductor lasers and semiconductor lasers with various laser life affected by semiconductor material aging, the life expectancy in 10000 hours the following.
Q:Wuhan high energy laser equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.?
Can not listen to others on the phone, buy such expensive laser equipment,
Q:What are the uses of an aperture and grating in a laser device?
modulation and so on, a lot of space!
Q:How to use the laser equipment to weld stainless steel products, how to blow the nitrogen gas?
Adjust the nozzle so that it is tilted forty-five degrees, and the direction is in the direction of the laser.
Q:How long is the life of the laser equipment?
To small to calculate, an original selenium can hit 1500-2000 pieces of paper or so, fixing film printing 2-3 pages, will naturally wear, need to change, fixing the lower roller is in 30 thousand pages later, the rubber aging needs to be replaced.
Q:What should be used in laser welding equipment?
automatic high products. (manual programming, path Automation)
Q:What kind of equipment is laser laser and what is it for? Please expert pointing
Light transfer information for laser communications is very common today. For example, with communication signals of ship, red, yellow and green traffic lights scheduling.
Q:Which brand is good for laser cutting equipment?
The robot recommends selecting ABB or STAUBLI, and the laser selects IPG or SPI, which is a little higher than other robots.

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