SP - Automatic Welding Robot with High Efficiency and Stable

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction:

It is widely used in welding with welding robot instead of manual operation and other common mechanical operations, which is applied in practical production. The advantages of welding robot:

  1. Ensure the stable and good welding quality, and keep the consistency of welding

  2. Increase the productivity, which can guarantee the continuous running

  3. Improve the working condition

  4. Make it easy to operate

  5. Extend the use of cycle, and save the cost of investment for equipment

  6. Realize automatic welding of small batch products

  7. Provide a technical basis for flexible production line

Technical Parameters:




Sealing   box



Gross   Weight

About   48kg(including teach pendant and cable)

Cooling   Method

Robot   control part: Indirect air-cooled (Inner cycle mode of air equipment)

Internal   Capacity


Position   Control Mode


Serial   Mode I/F

TP:   two PCMCI socket PS/2

Quantity   of Control Axis

Six   pieces of axis

Input   and Output Signal

Special   signals: Input 6/ Output 8; General signals: Input 40/Output 40

Max.   Input and Output signal: Input 504/ Output 504

Input   Power

Three-phase   AC200/220V±10%, 6KV

Welding   Source

YD-350/500GRS,   YD-350/500RF2, YD-350GE2, YD-350GB2,

 YC-300BP2, YC-300BZ3


1. Where is your factory located?

   Our production Base is located in Shangdong Province, which is the center of machinery production of  China.

2. Are you responsible for installation?

   Yes, our technicians will go to your side to set up the machine as well as training.

3. Do you have experience of export?

   We have been in export business since 1984, now, we have more then 50 employees who are responsible  for logistics

SP - Automatic Welding Robot with High Efficiency and Stable

SP - Automatic Welding Robot with High Efficiency and Stable

SP - Automatic Welding Robot with High Efficiency and Stable

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