SP - Automatic CNC Tipper Panel Welding Machine

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction:

The automatic CNC tipper panel welding machines is a new-generation automatic welding machine independently developed by our company. Products are divided into cantilever CNBM tipper panel welding machine and gantry CNC box plate welding machine. It is an automatic welding machine used for welding the grid plate of dump tricks that uses the electronic sensor to guide the welding torch to run along the side wall of the enclosure and use the laser to test the actual height, and thus guide the electric arc to burn precisely at the welding seam; this piece of equipment realizes the intelligent automatic welding of irregular frame through real-time tracking plus real-time calculation allows the robot to patrol the line and carries out the welding at the same time. What’s important is that it can use the information accumulated form profile modeling to calculate the welding seams that are not easy to track. The creation of this machine fills the gap of special box plate welding machine in China.


Function Features:

  • It can scan the welding seam track of the work piece in real time and at the same time carry out the welding. This increases the welding efficiency.

  • The product has the strengths of realizable welding quality, beautiful welding seam and simple operation

  • The effective improvement of working efficiency and reduction of production coats make it the best choice for automated production

  • Easy operation with no need of programming

Technical Parameters:






Outline Dimension


Guide Rail   Length


Active   Welding Length

7000mm (can   be produced according to customer requirements)

Effective   Horizontal Travel

1800mm(can   be produced according to customer requirements)

Vertical   Travel of Moving Object

120mm(can   be produced according to customer requirements)

Vertical   Driving Mode

Gear,   Rack, Servo Motor, Planetary Gearbox

Control   Mode of Welding Torch

Spot Laser   Monitoring

Welding   Mode

MIG   Welding

Welding   Wire Diameter

Φ=1.2mm orΦ1.5mm

Welding   Position

Flat   Filled Weld

Power   Supply

Miller   602, Wire Feeder, Welding Torch, Optional Power Supply

General   Layout of Cable

Drag Chain


1. Where is your factory located?

   Our production Base is located in Shangdong Province, which is the center of machinery production of  China.

2. Are you responsible for installation?

   Yes, our technicians will go to your side to set up the machine as well as training.

3. Do you have experience of export?

   We have been in export business since 1984, now, we have more then 50 employees who are responsible  for logistics

SP - Automatic CNC Tipper Panel Welding Machine

SP - Automatic CNC Tipper Panel Welding Machine

SP - Automatic CNC Tipper Panel Welding Machine

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