Insulator Fitting Pin

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pin insulator fitting 

Strength grade:40KN----550KN

Material:C45,35Mn2,40Mn2, 45Mn2


Hot dip galvanization 



  • Ball type pin for suspension Insulators application

  • Materials in C45, 35Mn2, 40Mn2, 45Mn2

  • Zinc sleeve optional

  • Mechanical class 40kN - 550kN

  • Hot galvanized coating protection against corrosion

  • Magnetic article test on100% of components



  • Materials testing EN10083-1,-2, AISI-SAE J403

  • Dimension testing IEC 60120, ANSI C29.2

  • Galvanization testing IEC 60383, ISO 14713, 1461, ASTM A123, A153

  • Galvanization thickness level test as below table

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We are a manufacturer and trading group specializes in the export of metal products. It mainly deals with various of ferrous metal & nonferrous metal castings and forgings, our main products covering water valves and fittings, power line fittings,fire-fighting equipments, motor & pump part, automotive & machine parts,.etc.

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