Input Voltage Ranges Home Inverter 500VA-2000VA

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This inverter is a DC-TO-AC inverter with auto line-to-battery transfer and integrated charging system, serving as an extended run UPS, a stand alone power source or an automotive inverter.


Inverter supplies power from AC power and DC source. When AC cable is connected to a wall socket, utility power goes to connected equipment(s) and /or charges the battery set via charging system. In UPS mode, Inverter automatically converts battery energy into AC power for backing up the connected devices.


· Automatic line-to-battery switchover


· Selectable input voltage ranges


· High efficient DC-to-AC conversion, minimizing energy loss


· Rack tower design for flexible placement


· Built-in enhanced charger


· Intelligent 2-stage charger control for efficient charging and preventing overcharge


· Provides overload protection


· Auto restart while AC recovery


· Multi-function LED indications and buzzer alarms

Main Technical Data












Nominal Voltage 

110V/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC 

Voltage Range 

90-145VAC or 170-280VAC (Narrow Range) 

50-145VAC or 90-280VAC (Wide Range) 



120VAC or 230VAC 

Voltage regulation (Batt.Mode) 

+10% / -18% 


50Hz or 60hz 

Frequency Regulation (Batt.Mode) 

+ / - 0.1Hz 

Output waveform 

Modified Sine-wave 

Battery & Charger

Charger current 

8Amp+ / -1Amp  

10Amp+ / - 1Amp 

10Amp+ / - 1Amp 

DC Voltage 

12V+ /-0.2V 

12V+ /-0.2V 

24V+ /-0.4V 

Overcharge protection 

14.5V+ / - 0.3V charger stops and fault 

29V+ / - 0.6V charger stops and fault 

Transfer Time 


6~8ms Typical 


AC to AC 





AC Mode

Green lighting 

Battery Mode

Yellow lighting 

Battery Charging Mode 

Green flashing every 2 seconds 


Red flashing every 0.5 second 


Red lighting 

Audible Alarm

Low Battery at Battery Mode 

Sounding every 2 seconds 


Sounding every 0.5 seconds 


Continuously sounding 


Full Protection

Discharge, overcharge, and overload protection 




Net Weight(kgs) 





Operating Environment

0-40ºC, 0-90% relative humidity ( non-condensing) 

Noise Level 

Less than 55dB 



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Q:Which is more energy saving by using 24V500W transformer lighting and 220V500W lighting?
220V500W more power saving:Reasons: 1, high voltage, small current, line loss is small; 2, reduce the transformer and other intermediate links, each link has a loss.
Q:Our power lines and lighting lines are connected to the same transformer. Is there any effect?
The transformer that power supply company manages, it is to supply motive power and illumination generally, namely the lighting transformer that does not have special illumination to illuminate. Units of their own transformers, is generally the case. The utility model has the advantages that the transformer and other equipment can be fully utilized, the efficiency is high, and the external power supply circuit does not need to be divided into power transmission lines and lighting circuits, and is simple and orderly, and the cost is low. As for the price of electricity, it is usually negotiated a power and lighting each percentage of the electricity to calculate and receive.
Q:What transformer can be used in a safety voltage lighting transformer?
An isolated transformer is a transformer that is electrically isolated from an input winding and an output winding. The isolated transformer is used to avoid accidental touching of the charged body at the same time, and the isolation of the transformer is to isolate the current of the former side winding coil.
Q:The difference between lighting transformers and control transformers
The lighting voltage is 36 and 12V, the signal lamp is 6V, the control winding is 127, 110V, the one or two insulation, and the two one is grounded.Simple lighting transformers, the two voltage is not so diverse.
Q:How many A leakage protection switches are used in 5000VA lighting transformers?
Line lighting transformer is suitable for AC circuit of 50~60 (Hz). It is widely used in electronic industry or industrial and mining enterprises, mechanical equipment, general circuit control power supply, safety lighting and indicator light power supply.
Q:What's the function of the lighting transformer?
In addition, can be rated power supply voltage of not more than 1000V AC circuit, as a machine tool and mechanical equipment control power, work lighting and signal light power supply, can also be used as a small power supply!
Q:Why is the two side of the lighting transformer grounded?
Today's lighting products, regardless of the control system or the electronic power system itself, contain many semiconductorsComponents such as rectifier diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, LED, and so on. Semiconductor components are susceptible to staticElectrical damage, the two side of the power transformer grounding, help to produce a variety of factors, high pressure, residual static electricityDrain to avoid static electricity on the main circuit, to ensure product life.
Q:The transformer zero line has broken, has the result to the household illumination circuit?
No, the zero line of the transformer doesn't go through the zero line of the transformer. It is a star connection, and the center point is zero line
Q:How many power illuminator can 5Kva 36V transformer drive?
Of course, if you want to bring more is not impossible, but depends on the working conditions, the actual power = nominal power, short time use (to ensure that the transformer temperature rise is not too high) is also available
Q:Power and lighting transformers, lighting quality will be affected much?
First look at this light. 24V100W, this specification is common in the headlights of large trucks, filled with inert gas, known as the small sun. Its power comes from a generator or battery, and is lit by alternating current or direct current.
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