HRB400 hot-rolled reinforced bar

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HRB400 - Definition

That is the new standard name for HRB400 steel, grade three steel as the old name, as a kind of hot rolled ribbed bar. In the construction industry, three screw steel is the old saying.

Hot rolled ribbed steel grades by HRB and number of yield points minimumcomposition. H, R, B respectively (Hot rolled), hot rolled ribbed steel bar(ribbed), (Bars) the three word's first letter English.

HRB400 - Classification

Hot rolled ribbed steel bar is divided into HRB335 (the old number is 20MnSi),HRB400 (the old No. 20MnSiV, 20MnSiNb, 20Mnti), HRB500 three brands.

Hot rolled bars of fine grains in the grades of hot rolled ribbed bar after Englishabbreviation "fine" English (Fine) the first letter. Such as: HRBF335, HRBF400,HRBF500.

A suitable grade higher requirements for seismic structures: add E in the existing brands after (for example: HRB400E, HRBF400E).

HRB400 - the main purposes

Widely used in houses, bridges, roads and other civil engineeringconstruction.

HRB400 - the main origin

Screw thread steel producers in China are mainly distributed in the north and Northeast China, North China regions such as Shougang, Tang Gang, Xuan Steel, bearing steel, Shanxi Zhongyang steel plant, Baoding Purui the steel,the northeast area such as resistant, Bei Tai, Fushun Steel, these two areas account for about 50% of the total output in the screw thread steel.

The difference between the screw thread steel and round steel bar is provided with longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs surface, usually with two longitudinalribs and transverse ribs along the length direction of the uniform distribution.Screw thread steel belongs to the small steel steel, mainly used in reinforced concrete building components of the skeleton. In use requires a certainmechanical strength, flexural property of welding technology and properties.Screw thread steel billet production raw material for the carbon structure steelsmelting processing sedation or low alloy structural steel, finished steel for the hot rolling, normalizing or hot-rolled state of delivery.

The bending properties of HRB400 - reverse

According to the requirements of the buyer, screw steel for bendingperformance of reverse test.

Reverse bending test bending test bending center diameter than a corresponding increase in rebar diameter. The first positive bending 45 degrees, 23 degrees backward bending, reverse bending 23 degrees after.The reverse bend test, screw steel bending parts shall not generate cracksurface.

HRB400 - surface quality

Screw thread steel surface shall not be permitted to have crack, scarring andfolding.

Screw thread steel surface allows the bumps, but shall not exceed thetransverse rib height, depth of thread other defects on the surface of steel andheight shall not allow the deviation is greater than the location dimension.

HRB400 - dimension, shape, weight and permissible deviations

1 nominal diameter range and recommended diameter

Screw thread steel of nominal diameter range of 6 ~ 25mm, screw steelnominal diameter standard recommended for 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40,50mm.

2 surface shape and size of the allowable deviation of rib steel plate

Ribbed Rebar shall meet the following basic rules of transverse ribs:

The included angle beta transverse rib and steel plate axis should not be less than 45 degrees, while the angle of not more than 70 degrees, the screw thread steel on both sides of the transverse rib of relative direction should bethe opposite;

Transverse rib and spacing L not greater than 0.7 times the nominal diameter of the screw thread steel;

Transverse rib side and screw steel surface shall not be less than 45 degreesangle;

The gap between the screw thread steel on both sides of the end of therelative transverse ribs (including longitudinal rib width) should not be greater than the nominal sum of screw thread steel perimeter 20%;

When the screw thread steel nominal diameter is less than 12mm, the relativerib area should not be less than 0.055; some nominal diameter is 14mm and 16mm, the relative rib area should not be less than 0.060; nominal diametergreater than 16mm, the relative rib area should not be less than 0.065.

The length and the allowable deviation of 3

A, length: screw steel usually according to fixed length delivery length, specific delivery length should be specified in the contract; some thread steel to coil at the time of delivery, every dish is a screw steel, allowing each batch of 5%number (less than two wheel is two disc) consisting of two screw thread steel.The wheel weight and diameter of disc by both sides provisions.

B, length tolerance: screw thread steel according to fixed length delivery length when the allowable deviation shall not exceed +50mm.

C, the bending degree and end: allergic straight thread steel bending does not affect the normal use, the total bending degree greater than the total length ofthread steel 40%; screw steel end should be cut straight, local deformationshould not affect the use. [1]

HRB400 - the need to detect project

Inspection items include: serial number of certificate, rolling furnace number,grade, chemical composition (C, Si, Mn, P, V), tensile strength, yield point,percentage elongation, relaxation rate, sectional area, product name,specifications, quantity, date of production, the implementation of standards,receiving unit etc.. Acceptance only after passing inspection will only be forrebar.

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Q:Why do stirrups have thread stirrups and round bars? When are they used?
Your question is actually related to steel and concrete work of a force of synergy in the reinforced concrete structure, steel usually is in tension, in order to ensure the reinforcement force can be well transferred to concrete, so as not to slip, we put the steel processing into whorl ribbed or other rib the shape, its purpose is to increase the adhesion between steel and concrete. Round steel is usually used in lower grade, smaller diameter reinforced steel, mainly because of its low strength, without adding ribs, round bar and concrete bonding between the relay can ensure that its strength is very good play. Therefore, steel bars are mainly used in places where the force is not large and the calculation of the reinforcement is very small.
Q:14 screw steel 1 meters multiple?
Classified according to geometric shapes, according to the cross section of the rib section and the spacing of the ribs for classification or classification, such as the British Standard (BS4449), the thread steel is divided into type I, type ii. This classification mainly reflects the tightening performance of the threaded steel.
Q:What kind of steel is carbon steel in threaded steel?
China and some countries according to the guarantee of delivery conditions, the ordinary carbon steel is divided into three categories: a steel (a steel), only ensure the mechanical properties, does not guarantee the chemical composition, type B steel (B steel), only to ensure that the chemical composition, does not guarantee the mechanical properties; special steel (C steel). Not only guarantee the chemical composition, mechanical properties and guarantee. Special steel is often used to make more important structural parts.
Q:How much is the weight of 6mm thread steel KG?
Rebar also depends on how many grades of steel can be used to determine the carrying capacity (tensile strength, design value). Grade two steel is 300 cow / square millimeter, grade three steel is 360 cow / square millimeter, grade four steel is 435 cow / square millimeter. Converted to 6mm steel, grade two steel is 847kg, grade three steel is 1017kg, grade four steel is 1229kg
Q:Is the shear wall concealed column stirrup steel or round steel? What are you asking for?
Specify the construction drawing is HPB300 is hot rolled round bar, that is HRB335, HRB400 is the hot rolled ribbed bar. Don't call thread steel, this name has long been abandoned. Simple, light marked wall column reinforcement detail construction drawing on the diameter and spacing is not encrypted, what non encrypted area, like the dense spacing.
Q:Do l 8, three grade steel have discs?
Yes, but because of the higher grade of the three screw thread, they are straight bars. It's not necessary to use grade three for 8 mm.
Q:Why is thread steel thinner than crude?
Reduce the quality of the project, and the use of low carbon steel instead of rebar. For large engineering projects, often appear to "project inspector", to replace the steel rib steel "Choulianghuanzhu", reduce the construction cost. In the design, because the members allowed to provide "stirrup stress support", the main role is to keep the shape and location of longitudinal reinforcement, steel strapping has a smooth surface, accurate positioning, therefore, in addition to longitudinal reinforcement, licensing round steel stirrups. The longitudinal reinforcement must be made of rib steel.
Q:Does the grade three thread steel with "E" have the same information price as the ordinary three grade thread steel? Is there a big difference?
Hello, with E thread steel is seismic rebar, without E is the common thread steel, general seismic thread with E was higher than that of ordinary steel prices, the price difference between 50 and 100 yuan, according to the specific market situation.
Q:What does "4esg25" mean on thread steel?
4esg25 these are the basic information of reinforcement, equivalent to the identity card information. Represents grade four steel (HRB500), and ESG represents the modulus of elasticity of the reinforcement in the reinforcement; then the nominal diameter is 25.
Q:The difference between round face and round bar steel on concrete
1., the thread of steel thread, round steel is not, is flat2. commonly used round steel materials are generally Q235 and HPB300, thread steel is HRB400, yield strength is not the same3. generally, thread steel is more expensive than round steel

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