Hot Selling Sterilizing Bed Handy Vacuum Cleaner With Ultraviolet Lamp

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Product Description:

Hot selling Sterilizing Bed Handy Vacuum Cleaner with   ultraviolet lamp



  • Bacteria & germs elimination  

  • Double UV sterilizing

  • High suction power

  • Lightweight & easy to use

  • UV-C sterilizing lamps kill 99.9% of bacteria inhabiting your mattress

  • Eradicates germs and safely sanitizes different surfaces & upholstery

  • Vibrating pad to bring mites and bacteria to the surface for removal

  • 300 watt motor ensures maximum power and suction

  • 2-stage micro filtration to better eliminate parasites

  • Safe with auto shut off UV lamp and no use of chemical agents

  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomic for high maneuverability

  • Easy to operate and maintain with simple controls and bagless design



Product size25.2 x 26.8 x 14.2cm
Gift box size29.5 x 16.6 x 30.8cm
Meas.61 x 34.5 x 62.5cm

20ft container:1632pcs,

40ft container:3408pcs,

40ft HQ container:3936pcs


Usage advices

  • Use once per day during one week for old mattresses, then monthly.

  • Use once per month for new mattresses.

  • Use on mattress, pillow, comforter, sofa, curtains, sheets, etc.

  • Empty the dust container and wash the cloth filter ideally after each use.

  • The cloth filter can be rinsed in water and dried (no machine washing).

  • Do not touch and do not point the UV-C lamp towards anybody when on.



Frequently asked questions

  • I wash my bed sheets regularly, should I still use a bed cleaner ?

    Yes ! Studies show that we spend, in average, 1/3 of our life in our bed, but that it is usually the place we clean the least. We unknowingly share it with many invisible guests : parasites, potentially infectious bacteria and germs. In an average mattress live approximately 1-2 million dust mites, feasting on our dead skin cells. We mistakenly believe that changing sheets regularly will prevent dust, dust mites etc. to come in contact with us, neglecting to realize that the mattress itself can (and in fact does) accumulate impurities and germs. Washing bed sheets regularly is of course indispensable for a good hygiene, but does not suffice to reduce or eliminate the population that share our bed. Bed cleaner with UV sanitizing effectively kills and removes these uninvited guests and their eggs, helping globally decrease their numbers for a healthier environment.

  • Can't a simple vacuum do the same job ?

    Hardly. A normal vacuum does not sanitize, eliminating dust mites and their potentially allergen feces, and have difficulty removing that unwanted population. During the day, dust mites escape from the light and cold and go deep into the mattress. They come out at night when we sleep and warm the bed for them. As they live deep in the mattress, they can be difficult to draw and escape easily from classic vacuuming. This new technology bed cleaner acts efficiently in three steps : vibration, to shake the bacteria and attract the dust mites to the surface, UV-C lamp that effectively kills up to 99.9 % of the bacteria existing, and finally vacuuming with high suction and capture into two filters, doubling the removal of potentially infectious microorganisms compared to a normal vacuum. By killing both pests and their eggs and sanitizing their feces, the bed cleaner efficiently kills two birds with one stone, vacuuming and disinfecting at the same time.

  • How does the Bed Cleaner work ?

    The bed cleaner uses UV sanitizing technology. Ultraviolet (UV) is electro magnetic radiation of a wavelength intermediate between that of the visible light and X-ray. The name means "beyond violet" (from Latin ultra, "beyond"), violet being the shortest wavelength visible. UV-C light has a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers which has been extensively studied for its capacity of disinfection of water, air and food, and used since over 30 years in hospitals, food processing facilities and treatment plants. It is now reaching the area of disinfection of fabrics, upholstery and mattresses, equipping more and more vacuums. The UV-C germ-reducing light can penetrate a micro-organism's cell membrane and damage its DNA, killing the organism, pest or its eggs, and facilitating its removal from the fabric. The vacuum acts in three steps to kill 99.9 % of existing bacteria : a vibrating pad shakes the surface to be cleaned, making sure that dust mites come to the surface, then a two stages UV-C sterilizing kills the germs, the mites and their eggs and other microorganisms by double UV-C exposure (bottom UV-C lamp and dust container UV-C). The vacuum then removes everything effectively through 2 suction entries : one at the bottom of the device, one at the top of the dust container to catch airborne dust created by the vibrating pad. The dead organisms are filtered twice, through the dust bin filter and through the motor outlet filter which releases purified air, leaving the area pure and clean.

  • Why should we prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dust mites ?

    The feces of dust mites contain a powerful allergen that can result on the following symptoms when accumulated over time : itching, sneezing, eczema, dry skin, burning eyes, shortness of breath, red spots, runny or stuffy nose, irritated sleep and fatigue, anxiety, etc. These symptoms can be aggravated for people suffering from asthma. And dust mites are not the only inhabitants of your mattresses : bed bugs, for instance, can infect them, creating reactions of different severity and timing depending on the bitten person’s immune response to the allergens. Sanitizing your mattress, bed sheets and upholstery regularly helps decreasing the population of potentially allergen organisms and ensuring you peaceful nights, with no use of chemicals or other possibly irritant agents. (Remark : the use of the vacuum reduces an individual's exposure to potentially allergen organisms, but this does not mean that an individual's allergic symptoms will necessarily and automatically diminish.).

  • How often (and how) should I vacuum / sterilize my mattress ?

    The frequency of use of the vacuum depends on the age of the mattress. For a new mattress, use the vacuum once a month, for an old one, vacuum daily for the first week and then once a month. Clean a double bed one side at a time. Position the vacuum flat on the mattress, plug in and switch on choosing the cleaning method of your choice (sterilization only, sterilization and vacuum, or sterilization, vacuum and vibration). Keep the vacuum flat on the cleaning surface and move it smoothly and steadily as you would a household vacuum. Use the same method on sheets and duvets. For smaller items (pillows, etc.) we suggest a backwards and forwards motion.

  • On which surfaces can I use this vacuum ?

    This vacuum is specially designed for vacuuming and sanitizing surfaces such as mattresses, pillow, comforter, sofa, curtains, sheets, cat and dog baskets, etc., of dark or light colors.

  • Can I use this vacuum to clean and sanitize my favorite pet (cat, dog) basket ?

    Yes, the Bed cleaner will efficiently destroy bacteria and parasite from your dog or cat basket.

  • Can the UV lamp damage fabrics and upholstery ?

    No, the UV rays are entirely safe for fabrics and upholstery.

  • How to maintain and clean my vacuum ?

    Maintaining the vacuum regularly will help ensure it a long lifespan. Before any cleaning operation, turn the unit off, unplug the cord from the wall outlet and let the motor come to a complete stop. Empty the dust container very regularly (ideally after each use) and clean the filter with warm water. Only wash it by hand (no washing machine) and let it dry entirely before fitting it back into the dust container. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe the dust from the UV-C lamp, from the air vents, air suction entry, and to clean the main body.

  • What is the lifetime of the filters ? How to obtain new ones ?

    The cloth filter located into the dust container can be washed by hand with water and will not deteriorate. In normal conditions of use, the lifespan of the main filter, near the motor, is one year. To replace any of these filters, you can order them directly from our website on our Bed cleaner product page.

  • Can this vacuum be used outdoors ?

    No, this unit is designed for domestic indoors use only. It should not be exposed to rain, water or any other liquid.

  • Is the UV lamp dangerous ? What does auto shut off means ?

    Pointing the unit UV-C lamp directly into anybody’s face, eyes or skin when the UV-C lamp is on could result in injury and is forbidden. The device is however equipped with a grill that prevents accidental contact with the UV-C lamp, and with auto control (auto shut off) for safe use : a sophisticated IR sensor shuts the UV-C off when the device is lifted from the surface it is cleaning, preventing accidents. It is therefore recommended that you do not under any circumstances cover the UV-C lamp safety sensors. Also remember not to touch the UV-C lamp right after use, as it might be hot and you could burn yourself.

  • Does the product have a guarantee ?

    Yes, Paranello provides a 1 year guarantee from the date of reception of the product.



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