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$36.02 / pc
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200Pcs pc
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1500 Pcs Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Mesh upholstery
Plastic frame with headrest
Rotatable armrest
Simple tilt mechanism
100mm stoke chrome gaslift
320mm chrome metal base
Product Overall Size:W64*D57*H92-102CM

Selling points:
1.Wonderful design office chair with very competitive price
2.Padded arms, with adjustable function
3.Pneumatic seat height adjustment
4.Massage function available

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Q:Is my son ready for a high chair?
The Ikea high chairs are NOT suitable for a supported sitter, he NEEDS to be an Independent Sitter before you can safely put him in a high chair from Ikea. I wouldn't put my 6 1/2 month old in an Ikea chair, until they are an independent sitter I would much rather use a 5 point harnessed high chair. The Ikea chairs are better suited to the 9 months and older age bracket. Honestly, if you can find one I'd start out with a chair that reclines as my kids often fall asleep at the dinner table and slump. My daughter actually fell asleep in an Ikea Antilop high chair and started to fall over the side of the chair. If we hadn't been quick she would have suffered a rather nasty knock to the head.
Q:Do your kids have any chairs like this?
My girls got one for Christmas and I tolerated it for about a year. I mean we already have a couch a loveseat and a chair so it was just it was princess and bright pink. They sat on it, but mostly just played with it. It was easy to wash the cover though..... They do have a child sized wooden rocker, and a table with chairs which gets used a lot.
Q:Stinky Chair?
Well, they need washing too, like your pants. Problem is you can't throw them into the washer. It's a damp sponge, soapy water, immediately blot, repeat, repeat, repeat and leave for the weekend. Come back Monday and spray with Febreeze. Don't forget to wash the rest of the chair, any arm rests, they get sweaty too.
Q:looking for an affordable bedroom chair?
If If you are willing to look for something used try the Salvation Army or Craig's List. Good Luck!
Q:Best and most practical high chair?
I have a space saver highchair that u can use from birth to toddler as a booster seat. As a newborn or infant it reclines back so u can feed them. Its conveinent because all u have to do is strap it to a chair and its not in the way. Lately I have been putting it in the middle of gthe table so I can work in the kitchen and still be able to see my 1month old. Also the covering comes off and is washable its vinyl I believe. My daughter has been using her seat since the second day coming home.
Q:stack able chair collapse?
It is unlikely that the chair collapsed solely based on your weight. Chairs are designed to take compressive forces. They are not designed to be tilted where compressive forces would favour a single leg of the chair. My suspicion is that this chair was subjected to this improper usage either while you were using it or before you were using it. In any case, the chair would have to have been damaged or improperly used in order for it to collapse. The other possibility is that your weight exceeded the maximum allowable load rating of the chair.
Q:How many square feet per chair?
Probably 2 feet wide x 3.5 deep per chair, at most, should suffice for comfort. That = 7 sqft per chair. You can set up a few kitchen chairs audience style to represent a small portion of seating. I used just 2 chairs and a tape measure. So, for instance, say 50 chairs on one side would require... 50 x 7 = 350 sqft. ... more if you want a hard outside aisle. That's to be discussed with the rental company. ... But 7 sqft per chair. Save a few bucks and squeeze it to 6 sqft. At least for the in-laws. ;-)
Q:how to repair a leather office chair?
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Q:How can I put new Fabric on a chair?
Re-covering a wing chair is a job for an expert upholsterer so i wouldn't recommend it for a first project unless you're a great seamstress already. However, you can make a passable slipcover for it. Choose a soft but sturdy fabric in a solid cover or small or large print (no stripes, medium scale prints or plaids -- too hard to match patterns). You'll need about 6 yards, at least. One cheap way to get a lot of fabric is to buy bedsheets or fabric shower curtains. I made a nice chair slipcover years ago from two heavy cotton large tableclothes, 60 x 120 each that cost me less than $15 total. Wash and machine dry your fabric first to pre-shrink it. You can either make paper patterns by smoothing brown wrapping paper over the areas of the chair and cutting the pieces to fit OR just smooth the fabric over each area (the back, the seat cushion, the sides) and cutting the pieces with an inch on each side. Pin the pieces together over the chair with the good side of the fabric towards the chair and the seam edges out, then sew the seams together. Then turn the slipcover right side out and slip it over the chair. Sew woven tape ties or ribbons at the bottom edge near all 4 legs and tie them around the legs to keep the cover from riding up or slipping. If the seat cushion is removeable, make the cover to fit the chair with the cushion off, then make a separate slip cover for the seat cushion with a zipper or velcro to close one side. If you go to a fabric store, some of the pattern companies (like mcCalls, Butterick and Simplicity) have patterns that give instructions for making slipcovers like this -- your local library probably has upholstering guide books too. Good luck with your chair!
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