Hot rolled H beams/Ibeams GB standard/JIS standard

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Packaging Detail: packed in bundle, suitable for sea transport (by container) or According to the clients`requirements

Delivery Detail: According to the actual weight


joist steel 

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Country of Origin: China


Mill name: Ningbo Preah Vihear Steel Industry Co., Ltd.


Commodity: H beam


Tolerance: Strictly according to the G/B and JIS standard


Delivery time: within 30days


Price term: CIF/ CFR according to clients requirements


Payment terms: 100%Irrevercable L/C At Sight or TT




Product Description




H beam Section sizenma(mm) Weight (kg/m)

Height×Breadth Web thichness Flange thichness

100×100 6 8 16.9

125×125 6.5 9 23.6

150×150 7 10 31.1

175×175 7.5 11 40.4

200×200 8 12 49.9

250×250 9 14 71.8

300×300 10 15 93.0

300×300 15 15 105.0

350×350 12 19 134.9

400×400 13 21 171.7

148×100 6 9 20.7

194×150 6 9 29.9

244×175 7 11 43.6

294×200 8 12 55.8

340×250 9 14 78.1

390×300 10 16 104.6

440×300 11 18 120.8

482×300 11 15 110.8

488×300 11 18 124.9

582×300 12 17 132.8

588×300 12 20 147.0

100×50 5 7 9.3

125×60 6 8 13.1

150×75 5 7 14.0

175×90 5 8 18.0

198×99 4.5 7 17.8

200×100 5.5 8 20.9

248×124 5 8 25.1

250×125 6 9 29.0

298×149 5.5 8 32.0

300×150 6.5 9 36.7

346×174 6 9 41.2

350×175 7 11 49.4

396×199 7 11 56.1

400×200 8 13 65.4

446×199 8 12 65.1

450×200 9 14 74.9

496×199 9 14 77.9

500×200 10 16 88.1

596×199 10 15 92.4

600×200 11 17 103.4

700×300 13 24 181.8

800×300 14 26 206.8

900×300 16 28 240.1

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Q:Can the section steel butt joint on the end?
If welding, it is mainly worried that the welding is not strong and the welding stress is too large. The wall thickness of the section steel is thin, and the butt welding itself is the most unreliable. So, in the joint lining board, fillet welded. Attention is paid to reducing stress in the process.
Q:House built with H steel, two story buildings, all columns below, no load wall, beam with steel beam, what type of H steel?
Props can be used with 200*200, 198*99 can be used on the side, the standard is 200*100, but the house does not use. Span is not enough.In general, steel columns are usually made of section H steel,Especially the workshop, equipment room and so on,
Q:H steel 200x300 how many tons?
There are many types of section H steel, no specific one meter, how many tons. The type of H steel (such as HN500*200*10*16 and the like) should be given, and the exact price is derived from the weight.
Q:In steel structures, what is the meaning of the "" between the two members of the H steel brace 2L 180*12,10?
Specific means: double angle, angle type: L180*180*12, because the angle is equal angles, so it can be omitted in: L180*12. where: 180 refers to the angle of the width, 12 refers to the average thickness of.L boundary angle is the angle of the code before the.L 2 is Larry.
Q:What's the difference between I-beam and H steel?
I-steel whether ordinary or light, because the section size are relatively high and narrow, so the moment of inertia of the main sections of the two sleeve is large, therefore, generally only can be directly used in the web plane bending member or the composition of lattice stress components. It is not suitable for the axial compression member or the bent member perpendicular to the web plane, which has great limitations in its application.
Q:What's the difference between hot rolled H steel and welded H? Is it the same weight?
Specifications (section size) a wide range. Height, web, flange thickness, flange width can be selected according to customer requirements of steel plate welding. It can be used as a standard except for hot-rolled H steel.
Q:Hot rolled H section steel
H steel is a new type of economical construction steel. H type steel cross section shape is reasonable in economy, good mechanical properties, rolling each point on the extended section is uniform, small internal stress, compared with the ordinary beam, a section modulus, light weight, saving advantages of metal, can make the building structure to reduce 30-40%; and because of its inner and outer legs parallel leg end is right, assembled into components, welding, riveting work can save up to 25%. Often used in large capacity requirements, large cross section stability, such as buildings, high-rise buildings, as well as bridges, ships, lifting transport machinery, equipment foundation, support, foundation piles.
Q:H steel column calculationHow do you calculate the amount? And what are the steps and formulas for this calculation?
H steel is welded; HWHMHN is the hot rolled HW H steel is the height and width of flange is basically the same; mainly used for reinforced concrete frame column steel column, also known as rigid steel column; in steel structure is mainly used for HM H type steel column and steel I-beam flange height of airfoil is a variable cross-section on web portion thick and thin outer flange; H steel is uniform HWHMHNH is known as H steel
Q:What's the difference between welded H - section steel and high frequency welded H - section steel and hot rolled H section steel?
The shunt end piece (T profiles, H59 1 brass) two pieces with the resistance sheet (thickness of 1.5, 20 wide, 45 long, 5 pieces of copper manganese); in high frequency heating mode; copper phosphorus solder welding; brazing process requirements: less than or equal to 1min, focused on solving the problem: positioning and welding (before brazing the process of using gas welding method). The main technical and economic indicators: after welding product surface without oxidation, the welding quality is higher than that of gas welding; resistance welding end pieces and reliable, welding without melting and deformation resistance; ensure shunt; the production efficiency is increased by two times.
Q:How large H steel are used for steel roof with span of 19 meters and 26 meters respectively?
The steel roof truss of 26 meters span adopts Q345 steel, the column section adopts H500 * 250 * 10 * 14, and the beam adopts H (800-500) * 220 * 12 * 14

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