High Quality Refractory Ceramic Fiber Block

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Refractory Ceramic Fiber Block
1Ceramic fiber moduleceramic fiber factory
Product Information
The leading ceramic fiber brand in china specialist in exportation
Refractory Ceramic Fiber Block is made from the corresponding ceramic fiber material acupuncture blanket processed in dedicated machines according to fiber component structure and size. In the process, a certain proportion of compression is maintained, in order to ensure modules expand to the different directions after completion of ceramic fiber folded module wall lining, to create mutual extrusion amongst modules and form a seamless whole unit. Ceramic fiber folded modules is directly fixed in industrial furnaces furnace shell plate by various anchorage

Product Brief Introduction

Item:Refractory Ceramic Fiber Block
Typical Sizes (LxW)mm300mmx300mm; 450mmx300mm; 600mmx300mm.
11.8'x11.8'; 17.7'x11.8';23.62'x11.8';
Height(mm)100mm(3.9)'; 150mm(5.9'); 200mm(7.9'); 250mm(9.8'); 300mm(11.8')
NoteProduct which is classified in accordance with temperature range, can also be devided into ceramic fiber cutout
,ceramic fiber module and ceramic fiber folded module by different production methods.
Density(kg/m³)190 to 220
AnchorageSS304; SS301
Classification of
1050 Ordinary Ceramic Fiber Board (typical size / ultra-thin / large board)
1260 Standard Ceramic Fiber Board (typical size / ultra-thin / large board)
1260 High-purity Ceramic Fiber Board (typical size / ultra-thin / large board)
1400 High-alumina Ceramic Fiber Board (typical size / ultra-thin / large board)
1450 Zirconium Ceramic Fiber Board (typical size / ultra-thin / large board)
CharacteristicsExcellent chemical stability and thermal stability;
Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity;
Supporting both soldiers-march-based arrangement and assembly-based arrangement with the help of anchor in various forms in the back of the module
Module will squeeze with each another in different directions after unbinding, to produce no gap;Elastic fiber blanket resists to external mechanical forces;Fiber blanket’s elasticity can compensate for the deformation of furnace shell, so that no gap is generated between modules;Light weight, and absorbing less heat as insulation materials;Low thermal conductivity brings strong energy-saving effects;Able to withstand any thermal shock;Lining need no drying or curing, ready to use immediately after installation;Anchoring system is far away from hot surface of component, to allow metal anchor member to be in a relatively low temperature.
Applications:Typical Applications:All kinds of industrial furnace and heating device linings for metallurgy, machinery, construction materials, petrochemicals, non-ferrous metal industries.
Packing:Inner Plastic Bag + Outer Pallet or Carton
Delivery timeWithin 15 days after received the deposit
CertificateBV, TUV, SGS third party inspection /CE, ISO, REACH, MSDS

Technical Data
Quality can meet the European Standards

Types of Product by

Classified by Temperature

1050 Ordinary

Ceramic Fiber


1260 Standard

Ceramic Fiber




Ceramic Fiber




Ceramic Fiber Module


Zirconia Ceramic



Operation Temp










Permanent Linear Change in Heating












































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Q:The ceiling of calcium silicate board and mineral wool board which is good
The fire performance of third mineral wool board no calcium silicate board,Fourth mineral dampeasily yellow, moisture absorption is not good.The calcium silicate board will not have the above shortcomings, the thickness of 15mm if it is the calcium silicate board 4mm ceiling 600*600 thickness can reach the effect of the biggest advantages of mineral wool board, calcium silicate board also is not a burning fire, moisture absorption is very good, green building materials.
Q:What kind of insulation material can withstand 350-600 degrees of high temperature?
Suggest that you refer to the above two data to choose from, select only from the temperature, you can use
Q:Asbestos free calcium silicate board there is a crack in the kettle, what is the reason?
Calcium silicate slab blank (blank off off phenomenon is not forming tube adhesion fingerboard blank above)There are two reasons: one is the blank off the vacuum negative pressure is too large, the blank water is too low, low viscosity; two is felt blocked, the billet made worse.The solution is to reduce the negative pressure, strengthen the cloth washing.
Q:Calcium silicate board for house ceiling, 6mm or 8mm?
Calcium silicate board with fire prevention, moistureproof, sound insulation, thermal insulation, indoor air in wet conditions can attract water molecules in air, air drying, and the release of water molecules, can adjust the indoor humidity, dry, increase comfort. Natural gypsum products and special fireproof material, the flame can produce endothermic reaction, at the same time, the release of water molecules to prevent the fire from spreading, and does not produce any toxic decomposition, corrosive and choking gas, will not produce any smoke or combustibles.
Q:What is dew point of thermal insulation material?
Insulation materials, insulation for industrial equipment and piping, thermal insulation measures and material aerogels were first applied to the space suit thermal insulation linings developed by nasa. With low thermal conductivity, small density, high flexibility, fire, waterproof and other characteristics. Its temperature coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.018W/ (K = m) and absolute waterproof, insulation performance is 3~8 times of traditional materials.
Q:What are the three major effects of fly ash in concrete?
The "activity effect" of fly ash is also known as the pozzolanic effect because it contains a large amount of active SiO and AI. With Ca (OH) and other basic chemical reactions, C-S-H, hydrated calcium aluminate cementitious material, the fly ash concrete products and can serve to strengthen the role and blockage of capillary tissue in concrete, improve the corrosion resistance of concrete.
Q:What's the difference between white carbon and carbon black?
There are two kinds of substances. Some aspects can be substitutedCarbon black is the hydrocarbon gas in the process of strict control of incomplete combustion or pyrolysis of a black powder.
Q:Calcium silicate board white ICI belongs to wood surface paint?
ICI can generally be considered as wall paint (latex paint), and latex paint can be used on this kind of cement board. And lumber is different, it is not suitable to brush latex paint on the surface of wood, it can only be decorated with paint (oil paint).
Q:Why is calcium silicate board unsuitable for use in home improvement?
Calcium silicate board called gypsum composite board, is a kind of porous material, good sound and heat insulation, in indoor air moist circumstance can attract water molecules in air, air drying, and the release of water molecules, can adjust the indoor humidity, dry, increase comfort. It is super fire gypsum material, the flame can produce endothermic reaction, at the same time, the release of water molecules to prevent the fire from spreading, and does not produce any toxic decomposition, corrosive and choking gas, will not produce any smoke or combustibles.
Q:What is the main role of fly ash added in concrete products?
The workability of fresh concrete can be improved by adding fly ashThe workability of fresh concrete is affected by the volume, water cement ratio, gradation, shape and porosity of the aggregate. The fly ash is used for fresh concrete is the obvious benefits of increasing the slurry volume, slurry filled with aggregate between pores, inclusions and lubrication of aggregate particles, so that the concrete mixture has better cohesiveness and plasticity. The aggregate particles of fly ash can reduce the interfacial friction between the paste and aggregate, and improve the workability of the concrete mixture at the contact point of the aggregate.

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