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Type:Bedroom FurnitureSpecific Use:Home BedGeneral Use:Home Furniture
Material:WoodenAppearance:ModernStyle:Water Bed,Modern
Folded:NoInflatable:NoSize:any size is available
structure:woodern frame+high density foam+real leatherFunction:Homecertification:ISO9001:2000


new leather furniture bedroom, beds bedroom furniture
3.OEM order

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Q:What kind of bed is good?
Teak is a family of Verbena, widely recognized as the world's most famous timber producer, Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand. Whether it is Thai teak color, fiber density, stability and strength are better than other countries teak. Teak fire resistance, acid and alkali resistance, decay, is a rare wood furniture. Teak also because of its golden color, black stripes, become a symbol of luxury in Europe and the United states.
Q:Switching to toddler bed?
Keep her in the baby bed as long as possible. I put my son in a toddler bed way too early (I had to, his brother needed the crib). He wouldn't stay in it, he always ended up in my bed which by the way is something I wouldn't start because that is even harder to break. If you still want to get her into a toddler bed, you will have to be consistent. If she gets up, you will have to keep taking her back to bed. It may take even up to several weeks to train her. GOOD LUCK!!!
Q:do i have bed bugs on my bed?
yuck it does sound like you have bed bugs
Q:What's the size of the four piece suit?
There are three general specifications for beds: 1.8M, 1.5M, and 1.2M.1.8M: quilt, 220x240, bed linen, 245x270, pillowcase, 47x74.1.5M: quilt, 200x230, bed linen, 245x250, pillowcase, 47x74.1.2M: quilt, 150x210, bed linen, 200x230, pillowcase, 47x74.Unit: cm.
Q:how do you cure bed bug bites?
Seriously throw your bed linens in a hot wash and vacuum your mattress. Bed Bugs need to be professionally exterminated. PROFRESSIONALLY! Raid and Off etc will not eliminate them. They could be in your bed, floor, walls....call a professional....bed bugs are back in the US and they are infesting at a high rate
Q:Bedding Question?
A mattress pad is just a padded fitted sheet that fits over a mattress. It protects the mattress from stains and adds a little extra padding to lay on.
Q:where else do bed bugs live besides beds?
There are other bugs that bites such as the kissing bug from the Family Reduviidae. They are blood feeders. They are usually nocturnal and reactions are due to salivary proteins. The most common kissing bugs in the United States are in the genus Triatoma with the less common Paratriatoma found in the southwest. They usually bites in the human face or other soft parts. Another is the cone-nosed bug. prey specifically upon the blood of (mostly warm-blooded) vertebrates which includes us. Symptoms of the bite range from mild itching, severe joint pain, nausea, chills and dizziness to anaphylactic shock.They could also be mosquitoes because some usually bites at night or even the cockroaches. Cockroaches do bite human specially if asleep.
Q:Dog Bed??!!?
By not letting him sleep on your bed he'll find that his bed is much comfier than the floor. It sounds harsh but it's true. His bed doesn't have a box spring and quality mattress, nor does it have a warm human to cozy up to. My Basset Hound isn't allowed on my bed at all, he has his own dog bed that he loves and I keep it close to the heating vent (but not on! It should be at least 10-12'' away) so he won't get chilly. But even with those comfy arrangements, if I let him on my bed he wouldn't touch his own. It's just common sense.
Q:bed liners for tucks?
You are correct... spray in bed liners are better than the fit in style bed liners. Fit in bed liners can be removed from vehicles but they tend to vibrate over time which rubs the paint off of the truck. Spray in bed liners are more durable, they have higher resale value, and they provide more friction to things in the bed. I have a 2007 GMC Sierra and would definetily recommend spray in liners (line x, rhino). It does cost more. Mine cost about $450. Depending on where you live, it could be more expensive.
Q:twin bedding?
If you need to use the mattress to the crib, then you may as well move to a twin bed. The benefit of the toddler bed is that it is close to the floor and you can use the crib mattress, saving you money. If you are going to purchase a twin bed you may want to consider buying a top bunk bed. I did this for my son when he was two years old. It is closer to the floor and has a board underneath it so you do not need a box spring, just the mattress. The other great thing about his is that is was made of two by fours and was very sturdy. He is now 16 and moved up to a double bed last year, so we got our moneys worth out of the bed. If you really need to save money, purchase a toddler bed and use the same mattress from the crib and later buy and new crib mattresses for the new baby.

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