High Density PVC Foam Board 1220X2440mm Plastic Sheet PVC Free Foam Board for Advertising Board

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$1.20 / kg
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
500 kg
Supply Capability:
500000 kg/month

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Product Description:

PVC foam board is becoming the substitution of wood in many fields such as AD and Decoration.

It made through foaming and pressing into shape with additives.

The main material is PVC.

So it covers not only features of woodplast, but also very light and can be printed, engraved easily.

Specifications of PVC Free Foam Board

Product name

PVC Foam Board

Raw Material











PVC Free Foam Board,PVC Celuka Foam Board.



+/- 0.03 on densities   


-0 to +5mm on width 

 -0 to +10mm on length


+/- 0.2mm on thickness


Products Characteristics

1.Usage: widely used in building construction

2.Features: fireproof, waterproof, heat/cold resistance, anti-ultraviolet, anticorrosive, electric insulation, etc. Much better and more economical than wood plate.

3.Save amortized cost: more than 50%

4.Material stability: available for both sides, natural feel&wood touch

5.Resist temperature: from -20 °C to 60°C

6.Environment effect: recyclable 100%

7.Certificate: CE certified


Install Instruction and Notice: 

1. can put it anywhere when install it

2. easy to nail, drill, nail and cut to any size you want

3. the keel or supporter should be flat, the maximum distance is 240mm between to keels or supporters

4. enhance iron nail, about 10mm to board edge to nail.

5. when form removal, don't be violent.

6. when repeat to use it, don't need to brush parting agent 


Our service

1. Response your inquiry within 24 hours;

2. Customized Sizes Available;

3. Free Sample Delivery; 

4. OEM Available.


Product Application 




1.Q:Why is your price higher than other suppliers?

The material cost of using environmental stabilizer is higher than the lead stabilizer.

Strict quality control inevitably increase the labor  costs of QC and workers.

Tongshengcai provide environmental,high-quality&stable products to customers.

Follow the route to serve costomers and community. So,our products are more competitive than other suppliers.


2.Q:What is the MOQ of this product?

We usually accept 1*20'GP so that we can give you a much more favorable price.


3.Q:How can we trust your quality?

There are many ways to check quality,Such as send samples,visit factory,ect. Our advice is that visit factory is the best way to check quality.


4.Q:What is your delivery lead time?

Generally,we can deliver the goods to you within 7~30 days according to your purchase quantity after received your 30% deposit.

Send a message to us:

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- Self introduction

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Q:Is there such thing as a colored sheet of shrinkable plastic?
You could run it through printer or colour with pens, just remember the colour gets darker when it shrinks. this site has some coloured sheets.
Q:Can plants grow well under 4 millimeter plastic sheeting.?
Yes but what ever you do make sure the sheeting does not touch the plant. In winter it can cause frost damage and in summer can burn the plants.
Q:where can i find sheets of plastic to make into templates for stained glass?
You should be able to find acetate sheets at an office supplies shop.
Q:Is it possible to lay a plastic film between the roof slab and concrete for waterproofing purposes?
It is recommended that the precast slab be first poured with a diameter of 4mm or more, 200 spacing, two-way C20 fine stone concrete, 40mm thick, and then do waterproof two road, a little bit better insulation layer, and then make surface layer protection.
Q:what kind of adhesive can i use to bond plastic sheet to metal?
Any of the good epoxies will work. Just make sure the epoxy is rated for outdoor use and the part to be glued is dry and clean before applying. If you can, after gluing and to make sure the parts stay in contact, you might use some duct tape to hold things together. If the repair isn't visible , you can leave the tape on. If it will be visible, the tape can be removed after the epoxy has cured. (allow proper curing times with longer curing times possible with winter temperatures)
Q:My dog pees on plastic bags plastic sheet ect.?
If he's not already, have him fixed....
Q:what kind of glue to use to bond plastic sheet and concret?
Reasoning escapes me for the gravity will hold the water down which will hold the plastic down. If you are talking about the edges, go to the builders supply and get a tube of PL400(or 500, or 600, or 700) Whatever works on plastic. Read label.
Q:POM what's the plastic board for?
For instance:1, POM has a high hardness and steel;2 and POM have good anti creep and stress relaxation ability;3, POM has excellent wear resistance, self lubrication and fatigue;4 and POM have good dimensional stability, low water absorption and little influence on mechanical properties;The dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent of 5 and POM vary little and have good dielectric properties.
Q:Could I use glass instead of a plastic sheet to make a solar cooker?
Yes A double pane glass could work even better, the gap insulates and helps retain heat. Note that double pane glass is sealed so you would have to work with the size you get. It also may have a coating inside that lets heat (infrared light) pass one way easier than the other. One way would keep heat inside in cold climates or reversed would help keep heat out in hot climates.
Q:Need sheets of plastic that people can stand on and is transparent?
to support theri weight? A mat to put on the floor in front of desks? Sold by places that sell offoce supplies. Office Depot? OR plexiglass? I know less about that tho'. Good luck

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