1220*2440mm pvc panel wall decoration pvc foam board manufacturer

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  pvc panel wall decoration pvc foam board manufacturer

Product Introduction

PVC foam board is made from polyvinyl chloride, with flat plate surface; it is widely used in construction, advertising display boards, mounting board, screen printing, carving, etc.

PVC foam board / sheet / pallet is the best material in block making industry as the carrier of the green blocks, it has the advantages of highest strength with smooth surface, moisture proof and heat-resistant, it can maintain stable performance under high temperature. anticorrosive, metabolic and recyclable,  moisture resistant, lightweight.


PVC foam board widely used in below

1. Applied in industry: PVC foam board is flame retardant, moisture proof. waterproof , sound inslution, shock absorption and other excellent functions. It is the first choice of materials for the inside decoration of cars, planes, subways, trains, ships, elevators lining boards.

2. Applied in advertising: It fits to use to silk-screen, advertising mass, promotion stand, plate printing, sculpture, light boxes, handicraft and display shelf.

3. Applied in architectural decoration:  It was benificial for its smooth and hard features, it widely used in the exterior wall of building, interior decoration, toilet partition, the house interval decoration, the whole door manufacturing, public decoration and so on.


1. Building outdoor wall board, indoor decoration board, partition board in office and house. 
2. Screen printing, flat solvent printing, engraving, billboard and exhibition display. 
3. Chemical anti corrosion project, special cold project, environmental protection
4. Sanitarywares, kitchen cabinet, washroom cabinet.



 ISO9001, CE ,ROHS,

products name

PVC foam board/Sintra board/ forex

Standard size

1220mm*2440mm 1560mm*3050mm 2050mm*3050mm and customs size




White, Black, Red, Green, Pink, Grey, Blue, Yellow, etc


moisture resistant/ fire retardant/sound inslution

1220*2440mm pvc panel wall decoration pvc foam board manufacturer

1220*2440mm pvc panel wall decoration pvc foam board manufacturer

1220*2440mm pvc panel wall decoration pvc foam board manufacturer



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