gTop Brand Hexing HDGI Prepainted Steel Coil for Greenboard

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Product Description:



Quick Details




prepainted steel coil



Place of Origin:

Anhui China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:

prepainted steel coil-01


Steel Coil


Hot Rolled

Surface Treatment:



whiteboard/green board/Projection board

Special Use:

Wear Resistant Steel




As order


According to RAL Color Systerm or As Per Buyer's Color Sample

Grid line steel:


Cutting line machine:


Coil weight:






Apply Kinds:

white board,green board, projection board

Main Color:


Prepainted steel coil:

Used in Writingboard and Electrical appliance,Hot Dip Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Stardard Seaworthy Package for prepainted steel coil order
Delivery Detail:15Days after receive payment for prepainted steel coil order


1. Thickness:0.17~0.5mm
2. Width:835~1275mm
3. Top:10~25mu,Bottom:5~7mu
4. Zinc:80~275g
5. Prepainted steel coil

Hexing Prepainted Steel Coil                                                  


OUR SPECIFICATION                                                                                                               




Inner diameter of coil






ISO9001   ISO14001  BV


Hot zinc-coated steel sheet/coil

Coated Mass

Base plate

Available Coated Mass(g/m^2)

Galvanized Steel

60,80, 100, 120, 160, 180mm

Available Painting




Category of painting





High-durability polyester


Silicon modified polyesters


Polyvinylidene fluoride


Acrylic acid 



Writing board

Blackboard, White board,Chalkboard, Hidden cell blackboard,Marker Board, Projection board.


Our Production Line                                                                                          

Our production line is automatic controled by computer to finish products production, by controled the steel speed, temperature,Tension and a series of  data to make the production exactly and going well. We also have professional team to maintain our  production line regularly. Professional production line and more than 10years in this field, we are more professional!

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Q:How to pass through steel at water stop steel plate?
1, in the horizontal plate in the water stop steel plate, the steel bar can wear through, is not affected by it.2, in the vertical wall of the sealing plate, reinforced wall is to pass through, is to cut some of the stirrup, and then cut the stirrups welded to the sealing plate up, also can.
Q:What are hot and cold plates?
Hot and cold plate is cold rolled sheet (coil) and hot rolled plate (coil) collectively.
Q:Is galvanized iron sheet the same as galvanized steel sheet? solve
Galvanized sheet iron and galvanized steel sheet is a kind of thing. Galvanized iron sheet is commonly used as galvanized steel sheet. It is not a strict scientific name.
Q:What are the problems encountered in the construction of steel sheet piles? How to deal with
Steel sheet pile along the axis inclination is large, using special pile to correct, special-shaped pile is usually narrow width and width greater than or less than the standard width of sheet pile, pile can be shaped according to the actual inclination of welding; inclination is small can also use the winch or hoist and steel cable pile will reverse pull again hammer.
Q:What's the best way to open a 10mm thick steel sheet?
Steel plate is a kind of flat steel with big width ratio and large surface area. According to the thickness of plate Ya divided into thick and thin plates two specifications.
Q:Is PCM steel better than galvanized steel?
The decoration of household appliances barrel and microwave oven shell. In addition to ordinary color products, pearl color, metal color products have become popular trend of home appliance shell decoration, such as silver frequency conversion refrigerator, full frequency space King refrigerators and network appliances shell adopts Haier special steel company research and development of home appliances.
Q:What material can be used for A36 steel plate?
Q means yield strength, and Q345 indicates the yield strength of this steel is 345MPa. Q345 will decrease the yield value as the thickness of the material increases. And domestic may be small high strength steel plate in 345, so in mechanical design, the strength must be less than 345 this value, otherwise there will be problems.
Q:What is the difference between Q235A steel and Q235B steel?
Materials Q235A and Q235B belong to carbon structural steel. In the national standard GB700-88, the distinction between Q235A and Q235B material mainly in the carbon content of steel, the material is Q235A of steel, carbon content between 0.14-0.22%, Q235B of carbon content of steel between 0.12-0.20%;
Q:Stainless steel drawing plate, polishing plate, mirror panels of the three differences
Stainless steel polishing plate refers to: stainless steel polishing plate refers to the polished stainless steel polished plate through the polishing machine, this kind of polishing board generally brightness is not high, but also can shine out of fuzzy figure.
Q:Is galvanized steel plate or iron plate?
Therefore, iron does not exist in practical applications. Another pure iron is very soft, or mechanical performance is not good, that is, if it does not oxidize, it can not be used. And we usually use the most is the iron carbon alloy, and the iron carbon alloy called "steel" in the metal, so from the academic angle to the iron carbon content is less than 0.008% that of iron, steel when the majority of coke, so the production process to burn the whole carbon is almost impossible to the. Therefore, the said carbon content is less than 0.008%, and iron can not be obtained by common iron making methods.

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