Good qualiy 100% Wool Felt with many colors

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Q:Leather products should be dirty how to clean
The surface of the dirt as far as possible can not be wiped with water or gasoline, because the water can make the hardening of leather, gasoline can make leather "leather oil volatile and dry. Can also be a clean flannel dipped in protein solution (egg white) wipe, , But also make the skin bright.
Q:How to maintain leather products?
Leather bag is not used, it is best placed in the cotton cloth on behalf of the preservation, not into the plastic bag, because the plastic bag is not the air flow, will make the leather too dry and damaged. The bag is best stuffed with some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the bag. If there is no suitable bag, the old pillowcases are also very useful.
Q:Is there any paint that can be painted on top of leather products?
The acrylic pigment is a new type of paint pigment prepared by mixing a chemical synthetic latex (including acrylate, methacrylate, acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, and thickener, filler, etc.) with color particles
Q:How the ancient Chinese leather made of ah
Tanning: retanning: dyeing: fat: dry: pull soft: finishing: in the manufacture of light leather process, before and after the appearance of the quality of leather products manufacturing and consumer choice has a decisive role, although the inherent quality of leather and Feel can meet the requirements, but the final coating if not beautiful or easy to fall off, will affect the use of leather products.
Q:What are the characteristics of the leather industry?
Artificial leather, synthetic leather challenges of natural leather Natural leather because of its excellent natural characteristics are widely used in the production of daily necessities and industrial products, but with the world's population growth, human demand for leather doubled, a limited number of natural leather has long been To meet people's needs.
Q:Going to Canada, leather products and horns can take it?
And then nothing is not to bring illegal things (with your common sense, what a chemical agent flammable and explosive class can not bring)
Q:How to grade leather products
Leather to mention fur and leather in general. Fur refers to the wool of the raw hides through the processing, tanning and obtained products; leather is not covered with raw hides by processing, tanning and access to the products; leather products refers to the use of fur or leather as the main raw material processing Products.
Q:Leather products can not reverse the refining of collagen, right?
In general, protein, amino acid nutrition is there, but heavy metals and other harmful substances can not be guaranteed, of course, the price is cheaper than food-grade gelatin
Q:Leather leather oil is how to produce produced
Can be adjusted according to the requirements of concentration, hardness, matte, light, medium light; adjust the formula.
Q:Leather goods dandruff is how to cause?
May be recycled skin, recycled leather is a variety of corners of waste into a powder, adding adhesives, pressed from

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