100% wool industry felt, industry wool felt

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10000 roll/month
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Q:Is the chemical used for leather care products harmful to humans?
Formaldehyde: is a very volatile chemical substances, the human body has a strong stimulating effect. Excessive formaldehyde can cause severe inflammation of the human mucosa and respiratory tract, can also lead to dermatitis
Q:What are the characteristics of the leather industry?
) Artificial leather, synthetic leather is developing rapidly, the market is increasingly widening Today's daily life, a wide variety of leather products can be seen everywhere, such as interior decoration, sofa fabrics, car interiors, clothing, footwear and bags, etc., people tend to think that these products Is made of natural leather, it is not true, these leather products a considerable share of artificial leather, synthetic leather occupied.
Q:White leather products are infected with other colors, how to erase?
With an eraser. You will be wiped with water to penetrate into the skin center, but also damage the coating. Can not use water.
Q:PU leather products with what glue bonding
PU leather products with glue glue can be used to glue HY-P121 glue
Q:Can leather products be put with camphor balls?
It is best to use a few layers of gauze and then placed, so as not to leave the residue after the loss of camphor balls on the leather
Q:What are the hexavalent chromium restrictions on export leather products?
The specific depends on the characteristics of the product, not the same product is not the same businessman approach is not the same, we are in accordance with their own needs to deal with restrictions
Q:How to keep the clothes of leather products?
In addition the best dress is not put folded. Due to the living room area, storage space is limited, many people will be thick winter clothes stacked on the bottom of the wardrobe, under the weight of the layers of leather, prone to wrinkles, mold and deformation
Q:Why is leather products so expensive?
Supply is large, but the leather, pigskin need to deal with to make clothes, but also pay attention to grade, and processing needs good craft, not you want so simple, a pig body can do dozens of wallet
Q:Leather products can not reverse the refining of collagen, right?
Leather does have collagen, through acid or alkali hydrolysis can be hydrolyzed, with or without filtration and other treatment can be made of powder gelatin,
Q:How to clean leather products?
Maintenance of leather products Under normal use, it is recommended to use leather protective agent on a leather product once a time treatment, treatment, with a small amount of protective agent coated on the leather, until it is dry with a soft cloth can be wiped.

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