100% pure color craft wool felt with high quality /craft colorful wool felt

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Q:Which university has "leather products design and technology" professional
Students are free of charge with a high-quality imported computer, a set of professional CAD software, all kinds of professional room all-weather open for students training, teachers and students than 1: 9, the reform of professional teachers and students in the past than 1: dozens of sheep management Model to ensure that each student has been carefully cultivated enterprises and countries each year for the professional to provide the award, grants up to nearly 300,000 yuan,
Q:White leather products are infected with other colors, how to erase?
With an eraser. You will be wiped with water to penetrate into the skin center, but also damage the coating. Can not use water.
Q:Is the chemical used for leather care products harmful to humans?
Formaldehyde in leather mainly from the tanning and retanning process, another fixed after the formaldehyde is also another source of formaldehyde in leather. In addition, some fungicides may contain formaldehyde, which is blue wet leather in the detection of formaldehyde reasons
Q:Can leather products be put with camphor balls?
Leather products removed after the best to do some oil on the light care, in addition to camphor balls do not directly placed in the leather
Q:LV leather products is not every one is handmade?
If you want good quality and manual, please use the Hermes my cypress crocodile skin although expensive but used for a long time still like a new it is a skin in the selection of the most essential part of the quality of the general ah
Q:Leather leather oil is how to produce produced
Can be adjusted according to the requirements of concentration, hardness, matte, light, medium light; adjust the formula.
Q:What is the meaning of leather products cpu?
In 2009, "Kang Cheng" in the development of new materials and key process design has made a breakthrough, small test success,
Q:Silk products and leather products which is better?
Silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of beneficial amino acids on the human body, can help the skin to maintain the surface of the lipid membrane metabolism, it can keep the skin moist, smooth
Q:How to distinguish genuine and fake leather products
First from the appearance point of view, the texture is very uniform, no disability, no coarse, without any defects may be false leather. Leather leather texture should be a certain difference, especially the main parts of the leather and between the secondary parts.
Q:Why is leather products so expensive?
May be because the needs of cattle and pigs often change it, so although the supply of large, but the demand is also large, so expensive

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