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Q:Leather products always have a very choking taste of what material
So do not feel any harm to the body, in fact, great harm to the body, a long time in the formaldehyde content of excessive local life will cause dizziness, vomiting, allergic rhinitis pharyngitis, etc., there may be serious leukemia
Q:LV leather products is not every one is handmade?
LV is the machine and the hand has. But the quality can only be said that after I used the general, graffiti wallet is not how to use
Q:Leather products should be dirty how to clean
Leather products dirty, must not be directly into the water washing. It is best to use a cloth or soft brush in the dirt at a rub; and then coated with a layer of Vaseline oil; and then repeatedly wipe the soft cloth, and finally painted with the same color of the oil, polished
Q:Can leather products be put with camphor balls?
It is best to use a few layers of gauze and then placed, so as not to leave the residue after the loss of camphor balls on the leather
Q:Faith Buddhism is not even the use of wool and leather products can not be used
However, in the alpine region of long vegetables or for the seventy years of age suffering from chills of the elderly, can open the edge of the use.
Q:How to grade leather products
Leather classification methods are many, according to the tanning method can be divided into chrome tanned leather, vegetable tanning and tanning combined with leather. Table 9-2 is classified according to its use and nature.
Q:White leather products are infected with other colors, how to erase?
To the shoe market to buy a cleaning pen, wash the mercury, can not afford to go to the shoe store with toluene washing, or can not afford it, then there is no way, or will, or for both
Q:Leather leather oil is how to produce produced
Can be adjusted according to the requirements of concentration, hardness, matte, light, medium light; adjust the formula.
Q:Silk products and leather products which is better?
Silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of beneficial amino acids on the human body, can help the skin to maintain the surface of the lipid membrane metabolism, it can keep the skin moist, smooth
Q:How to distinguish genuine and fake leather products
Carefully observe the distribution of pores and its shape, natural leather pores deep and difficult to bottom out, slightly tilted. The pores are shallow and may be synthetic leather or modified leather.

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