Fruits Packaging Sleeve Net for that can be customed

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Product Description:

Introduction of Fruits Packaging Sleeve Net:

For fresh food( such as apple, peach, pomegranate, melon, watermelon persimmon) and bottle packaging  

Function of Fruits Packaging Sleeve Net:

1. It is mainly used  as the package of the fruits in growing season and in supermarket.They can protect the surface of the fruits avoiding any damages in transit and during period of display in sales field.

2.To provide best protection for the fragile cargoes such as Glassware ,Ceramics and Electronic components,etc. the comprehensive protection can put cargoes in safer situation in transit , decrease the damage rate to the minimum.

Advantage of Fruits Packaging Sleeve Net:

Designed to prevent rotation and contacts between fruits, GUOLIANG trays protect and promote your products. 

The porosity and the controlled absorption of humidity allow better ventilation and ensure optimal conservation of goods during transport and their presentation in the distributor’s shelves.

Pictures of Fruits Packaging Sleeve Net:

Fruits Packaging Sleeve Net for  that can be customed

Fruits Packaging Sleeve Net for  that can be customed

Fruits Packaging Sleeve Net for  that can be customed


How to custom?

1. Please send your detailed requirements to me, Such as size, material, color, weigh, quatity or design.

2. I will make design for you according your requirements if you do not have design.

3. Once the design was confirm, The offer will send to you soon.

4. After price was confirmed, I will make Proforma invoice to you and ready to make

samples for you check.

5. After samples was confirmed, We will arrange the order production upon receipt of confirmed PI and your deposit.

6. After the goods is ready to ship, We will informs you the shipping date and other

detailed information.

7. We will help to track the goods until you receive it

Send a message to us:

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- Required specifications

- Inquire about price/MOQ

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