Fire proof board- XPS extruded polystyrene board

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XPS Boards

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Compressive strength:


Water absorption in 96hours:


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Packaging Detail:hard plate style products with plastic bag packing, into container or other packing method as client requirement
Delivery Detail:Around 7days after receipt of deposit


water-proof and moisture-proof 
High-resist compression 
Best thermal insulation property 
High Density

 Extruded Polystyrene Foam Board


We are China's environmental protection extruded polystyrene insulation board/plate/sheet (XPS) manufacturing industry leader.




Mainly we produce 5 style extruded polystyrene sheet:


1) Non-combustible Class B1 extruded polystyrene insulation board (XPS) with smooth surface


2) Extruded polystyrene sheet with pattern coated


3) Extruded polystyrene sheet with stucco coated


4) Double-clotted extruded polystyrene sheet


5) Central air conditioning duct




Performance features of our company extruded polystyrene board:


1) Best and long thermal insulation property


2) Low conductivity factor of 0.028w/m.k, high thermal resistance and low linear expansion coefficient


3) Anti-corrosion and Long service life


4) Best water-proof , air-proof and Moisture-proof


5) High-resist compression property and has best impulse strength


6) Light and hard


7) Environmental protection "stable chemical structure and no release harmful wastes"




 Application of extruded polystyrene plate:


1) Schematic diagram on structure of thral isulation Constructional floor


2) Schematic diagram on structure of thermal insulation roof


3) Schematic diagram on structure of thermal insulation wall


4) Schematic diagram on structure of thermal insulation steel structure roof


5) Schematic diagram on structure of thermal insulation refrigeratory


6) Cast-in-situ concrete XPS plate exterior wall insulation system



To meet the demand of the customers, we have developed the air-conditioning board designed for use in the air ducts of air conditioners.




Our Products





GB 5480.3-1985

Average fiber dia.

μ m


GB 5480.4-1985

Moisture rate



GB 10299-1988

Thermal conductibility



GB 10294-88


Non-combustible Grade A

GB 8624-1997

Sound absorption coefficient

1.03 product reverberation method 24kg/m2000Hz


Service temperature





Physical Performance of our extrusion polystyrene (XPS) thermal insulation boards:




( Specification)

(Test Method)

Compressive Strength



GB/T 8813-1988

Water Absorption




GB/T 8810-1988






QB/T 2411-1998

(Conductivity factor)

(Avaerage temperature)






GB/T 10294-198

(Dimension stability)




GB/T 8811-198

(Oxygen index)


GB/T 8626-1988
















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Q:Roofing the top of the extruded polystyrene insulation board generally how much weight ah?
The bar spacing is called 'step distance', 1.2 ~ 1..1.8m, no minimum spacing, maximum 1.8m. Pole spacing 1..1..1.55m, no minimum spacing, maximum 1.55m. See JGJ130 Haifa Fenzhuang Curcuma Gufeng Koufukai -2011 "Construction Construction Fastener Steel Scaffolding Safety Technical Specification" 'Structural Requirements'.
Q:Electric heating in the construction, why should the polystyrene foam hard insulation board laying in the smooth structure of the surface?
Online under ah ~ ~! A few days ago I have a ~ ~!
Q:Why extruded board (XPS board) is the best insulation board material
Should belong to the template and support system. Full scaffolding is generally used for single-storey building, hall and other high-rise, large building between the top of the building decoration. By the pole, cross bar, bracing, scissors and other components.
Q:What is the difference between an extruded board and an XPS extruded board?
1. Civilized construction program 2. Safe construction program 3. Template construction program 4. Scaffolding construction program 5. Sambo four construction program 6. Temporary electricity construction program 7. High operating construction program 8. Tower crane construction plan 9. Multi-tower operation anti-collision construction program 10. Emergency emergency plans 11. Winter rainy season construction program 12. Significant hazard assessment measures 13. Construction organization design 14. Building energy conservation program 15. Basket construction program 16. Tower crane hoisting program
Q:How to distinguish between good and bad insulation board insulation board
Class flexible management refers to the class teacher in the student's psychological and behavioral laws on the basis of the use of non-mandatory way, in the minds of students to produce a potential persuasive, the use of the class teacher's own positive factors to influence and guide students
Q:25 thick extruded polystyrene plastic insulation board how many kilograms per cubic meter
2 fastener type steel pipe stent construction must be prepared before the construction program
Q:I set up in October 2008, the production of XPS board - that is, with the extinction of polystyrene foam plastic plate, is an energy-saving environmental protection materials.
Think of the safety data directory to compare the trouble to compare JGJ59-2011 check the information bar
Q:Steel structure rock wool sandwich wall panel what the amount of this set
Generally in the 100-300 yuan / cubic or so, 60 mm thick is 6-18 yuan / square or so Specifically look at how much you use the density of the Polystyrene foam board - also known as foam board, EPS board is made of volatile liquid blowing agent containing polystyrene beads, heated by the preheated in the mold after heating the formation of white objects, its fine The structure of the obturator is mainly used for building wall, roof insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicle, ship insulation, floor heating, widely
Q:Extruded Polystyrene Board, Polystyrene Foam Board and Expanded Polystyrene Board
It is a white solid with a fine closed-cell structure which is heated and preformed in a mold by heating before it is made of a volatile liquid blowing agent.
Q:Sound insulation and polystyrene insulation board which sound insulation better?
But its assembly is more complex and is not conducive to high-level construction, safety performance Dingzao cut to cut the salt tax is also poor, if the assembly is very easy to accident, and susceptible to natural factors and reduce its safety, As more and more emphasis on the protection of green today, it is bound to be replaced by steel scaffolding fastener type steel scaffolding with easy processing, easy handling, versatility and other advantages, is currently the largest use of China, the most common use of a scaffolding, but this scaffolding security is equally poor, the construction efficiency Low, scaffolding maximum erection height of 33 meters, can not meet the development needs of high-rise building construction bowl button assembly disassembly is relatively simple, the assembly performance is also good, more in the United States, China seems to use is not very wide But personally think that the future bowl button scaffolding will certainly be popular, there are prospects aluminum scaffolding is mainly lightweight, corrosion-resistant But not a high degree of construction, can not be high-level construction the disc does not seem to use the fastener with the bowl button type, universal joint do not understand So, personally think that in China fastening scaffolding or the mainstream, bowl button-style prospects are good

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