FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)

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300000 m/month

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Item specifice:

Referred Standard: CEI 20-22/2 Class of Conductor: 5 Size: 16-1250 AWG/Mcm
Rated Voltage: 0.6/1 KV

Product Description:

FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)
Application and Description

These cables are suitable for power transport in industry, yards, residential building and handicraft. For
installations on masonry and metal structures, on gangways, pipes, ducts and similar systems. For fixed
installation indoors and outdoors. Underground laying is acceptable, even if not protected.

Standard and Approval
CEI 20-13, CEI 20-22/2, CEI 20-35 (EN60332-1), CEI 20-37 pt.2 (EN50267), CEI 20-52, Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC

Cable Construction
- Flexible conductor of annealed red copper Cl.5
- Rubber HEPR, G7 quality,acc. to CEI 20-11 - CEI 20-3
- Not fibrous and not hygroscopic filler
- Grey PVC RZ quality outer jacket

Technical Characteristics
- Working voltage: 600/1000 V
- Test voltage: 4000 V
- Minimum bending radius: 4 x Ø
- Flexing temperature: -0º C to +90º C
- Static temperature: -25º C to +90º C
- Maximum short circuit temperature: +250º C
- Flame retardant: CEI 20-22 II - IEC 60332-34, CEI 20-35 - IEC 60332-1
- Insulation resistance: 10 MΩ x km

FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)

FG7R/FG7OR, Rubber Cable, 0.6/1 KV, Flexible CU/HEPR/PVC (CEI 20-22/2)

AWGSizeNominal Thickness of InsulationNominal Thickness of SheathOverall DiameterCable Weight

# x mm²mmmmmmkg/km
16(30/30)1 x
14(50/30)1 x
12(56/28)1 x
10(84/28)1 x
8(80/26)1 x
6(128/26)1 x 160.71.410.1206
4(200/26)1 x 250.91.411.2290
2(280/26)1 x 350.91.412.2390
1(400/26)1 x 5011.413.9530
2/0(356/24)1 x 701.11.416.0720
3/0(485/24)1 x 951.11.517.7940
4/0(614/24)1 x 1201.21.519.71200
250MCM1 x 1501.41.621.81480
350MCM1 x 1851.61.623.91800
450MCM1 x 2401.71.726.42330
550MCM1 x 3001.81.828.93050
750MCM1 x 4002.01.935.04000
1000MCM1 x 5002.22.139.55020
1250MCM1 x 6302.42.244.06600
16(30/30)2 x
14(50/30)2 x
12(56/28)2 x 40.71.814.2238
10(84/28)2 x 60.71.815.4304
8(80/26)2 x 100.71.819.2435
6(128/26)2 x 160.71.820.4590
4(200/26)2 x 250.91.824.5830
2(280/26)2 x 350.91.826.61100
1(400/26)2 x 5011.8301500
16(30/30)3 x
14(50/30)3 x
12(56/28)3 x 40.71.814.9275
10(84/28)3 x 60.71.816.2355
8(80/26)3 x 100.71.819.3515
6(128/26)3 x 160.71.821.6730
4(200/26)3 x 250.91.8261040
2(280/26)3 x 350.91.828.31370
1(400/26)3 x 5011.831.91875
2/0(356/24)3 x 701.11.937.42610
3/0(485/24)3 x 951.1242.23340
4/0(614/24)3 x 1201.22.146.74320
300MCM3 x 1501.42.351.15300
-3 x 35 + 250.91.830.51600
-3 x 50 + 2511.833.72210
-3 x 70+ 351.11.938.83050
-3 x 95 + 501.12.143.93800
-3 x 120 + 701.22.249.35000
-3 x 150 + 951.42.454.46350
16(30/30)4 x
14(50/30)4 x
12(56/28)4 x 40.71.816.1325
10(84/28)4 x 60.71.817.5425
8(80/26)4 x 100.71.821625
6(128/26)4 x 160.71.823.5890
4(200/26)4 x 250.91.828.61300
16(30/30)5 x
14(50/30)5 x
12(56/28)5 x 40.71.817.3378
10(84/28)5 x 60.71.818.8500
8(80/26)5 x 100.71.822.8740
6(128/26)5 x 160.71.825.71070
4(200/26)5 x 250.91.831.21550
2(280/26)5 x 350.91.834.32050
1(400/26)5 x 501239.12850
16(30/30)5 x
16(30/30)7 x
16(30/30)10 x
16(30/30)12 x
16(30/30)16 x
16(30/30)19 x
16(30/30)24 x
14(50/30)7 x2.50.71.819.5500
14(50/30)10 x
14(50/30)12 x
14(50/30)16 x
14(50/30)19 x
14(50/30)24 x

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Q:Xbox 360 Jasper Power Cable?
i don't know if somethings wrong with your xbox or power brick but i can tell u tho, if u use a Xenon power brick (12V,16,5A) on a jasper xbox u will run into a problem later on, for it will overheat and the CPU and GPU will warp and pull there self away from the motherboard, if u have ever heard of the towel trick( wrapping your xbox in a towel so it will overheat and the solder will pool up and re-solder the CPU/GPU back in place) that's where it come from, i would buy a jasper power brick if i were u (12V, 12,1A).
Q:What is the radiation of the laser scanning scanner?
Semi-conductive shield The semi-conductive shield is usually disposed on the outer surface of the conductive core and the outer surface of the insulating layer, referred to as the inner semiconducting shield and the outer semiconducting shield, respectively The semiconducting shield is made of a semi-conductive material with a low resistivity and a low thickness Internal semiconducting shielding layer is to uniform the outer surface of the electric field, to avoid the conductor surface is not smooth and the core stranded by the air gap caused by the conductor and insulation occurred partial discharge The outer semiconducting shield is in good contact with the outer surface of the insulating layer and is electrically connected with the metal sheath to avoid partial discharge of the metal sheath due to defects such as cable insulation surface cracks For non-metallic jacket in the low-voltage power cable, in addition to the semi-conductive shielding layer, but also to increase the metal shield Metal shield is usually made of copper or copper wire wrapped around the main play the role of shielding the electric field
Q:10 POINTS FOR FIRST ANSWER do all PSU's (no matter what wattage) have the same standard power cable..........
They all follow the same 3 pin power cord externally but they are not the same internally ie from the motherboard to the PSU.
Q:Can I connect all my fans and drives on single power cables?
Yes to both questions. It doesn't matter whether you're connecting only harddrives to that cable or only diskdrives (aside from the fact that these are usually located a little apart from each other.) You can combine both and they will work. As for fans... If they have the molex connectors rather than standard 3-pin fan connectors, you can connect them for sure. Depending on what power supply you have, you'll probably have anywhere from 18-30amp on your 12v molex rail. Harddrives will take under 2amp, and depending on what fans you have, they'll use anywhere 0.5-3amp, so even if you have 3 extremely powerful fans drawing 3amp each (3 x 3amp = 9amp), you can safely connect 6 of such monster fans to that 12v molex rail. To be honest, I haven't met too many of such fans - most standard 120mm fans, even with leds, will use no more than 1.5amp. 80mm fans non-led fans will use about 0.3-0.5 amp. If you have a very powerful psu with 30amp on 12v rail and hundred of 80mm fans, in theory you can run all of them. In practice, I'd like to see that :)
Q:What is the interface between the power interface and the hard disk?
YCV-copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable, VV-copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable. YJV-voltage level (kV) 6 ~ . the maximum allowable working temperature 90 ℃ VV-voltage level (kV) 1 ~ . allowing the maximum operating temperature of 65 ~ 70 ℃
Q:Why does the AC welding machine burn out the equipment?
The main role is to protect, the secondary role is insulation, there is a role is to decorate.
Q:What is the difference between a pre-branch cable and a punched clip?
The structure of the PV cable is shown in the table. The difference between the ordinary cable and the PV cable is analyzed: The common cable can be seen from Table 1 that the conductor and the PV cable used are consistent. ordinary cable insulation and sheath can be seen from Table 1 different from the photovoltaic cable. Ordinary cable is only suitable for use in general environment. the advantages of photovoltaic power cable: high temperature, cold, oil, acid and alkali salt, anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant, environmental protection, photovoltaic power cable is mainly used for harsh environment, the service life of more than 25 years.
Q:Could the Xbox 360 Power Cable be the cause of RROD??
RROD is just a general malfunction not always the fatal and well known one the power supply cord being to loose is definitely a cause (its happened to me) several other general malfunctions could occur from one boot to the next and no microsoft isn't lying about that why would they
Q:I'm using acer aspire 4937 with win7 problem is sometimes power cable is not recognized by the notebook why?
This most likely isn't a windows 7 problem at all. It's more likely there would be some damage to the internals of your power cable at some place. Usually if there is, it's in the connecting end or the power conversion box. I would try a replacement cable first if you can. If you don't' have one, take it to a pc shop and see if they can use a test adaptor. If theirs works, it's the adaptor. If theirs doesn't, it's then more likely the power port on your pc is damaged.
Q:Outlets loosing power after hitting lower leg with cable snake.?
Would I be right in thinking you sort of tripped on flexible metal conduit in which electric cables run and now the power is intermittent and trips the breaker? I would start by isolating the circuit so it is no longer live and checking the connections at each end of the cable run because any strain on the conduit could have tugged wires out of their terminals. I'd make sure that all the connections were tight and the wires properly anchored and also that each wire is in the correct terminal. I once made a mistake when replacing a socket outlet because the terminals in the new one were the exact opposite of the old one. Luckily, I found it straight away when I tested the circuit. If the connections all look good, I'd check the continuity along each of the cables. It is inconceivable that the cables inside the metal conduit were damaged as they should be continuous cable runs with no joins. The continuity test will tell you if any cable is no longer continuous, but I'd be very surprised as long as the original installation was done properly to code (or wiring regulations in the UK). Obviously, before you start checking the cables, you would unplug or disconnect everything that is connected to them. If the fault only happens when some sort of machine or appliance is connected, then it suggests the fault is with the appliance or machine and not the wiring. A 20 minute cycle of faults makes we wonder whether there is a fridge or a freezer connected the circuit. If so, I'd get it checked for faults and check that the power connection to it is correctly wired. I am not an electrician, just an experienced home owner, so please double check anything I've said. Good luck.

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