Ferro Silicon Barium (SiBa alloys) Metallurgical Raw Materials

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3.effective deoxidizer and desulfurizer

Contact me for more details^_^

1.High content of Si,Ba,Ca

2.Lowest impurities such as P,S


4.All Can be controlled as customer's demands


1. it has a strong deoxidation and desulfurization effect as well as dephosphorize.

2.Barium can effectively reduce the vapor pressure of calcium, increase solubility of calcium in the molten steel, which improve the efficiency of deoxidation and desulfurization and improve the stability of calcium.


Excellent deoxidizer of Steel making secondary material, widely used in varies steel types especially well applied in BOF steelmaking deoxidization, improve the liquidity of molten steel and avoid built-up at the nozzle. Decrease gas and impurities.

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Packing Details: standard 1mt bag Size or granule or meet the customer's requirement

Delivery Date: Within 15 days after order placed

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