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2.Type:Low carbon
4.Material:manganese ore

Ferro Manganese is usually used in steel making. It also has the performance that it can desulfurize and decrease the harmfulness of sulfur. So when we make steel and cast iron, we always need certain account of manganese. It also used as an important kind of alloying constituent to be widely applied to alloy steel, such as structural steel, tool steel, stainless and heat-resistant steel and abrasion-resistant steel.

Ferro Manganese is made by smelting manganese ore as material in blast furnace or electric furnace.

1000kgs/jumbo bag 2-50kgs/bag 3- 4-on pallets 5-20mt/20'fcl

TypeBrandChemical Compositions (%)
Low-carbon ferromanganeseFeMn88C0.285.0-
Medium-carbon ferromanganeseFeMn82C1.078.0-
High-carbon ferromanganeseFeMn78C8.070.0-

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Q:How hard is the carbide knife?
Cemented carbide has high hardness, high temperature resistance and good red hardness. It can still maintain good cutting performance at high temperature about 1000 degrees centigrade.
Q:One can write on the hard alloy on the pencil, what's the name ah, who knows.
Electric spark marking pen. 230 of the price is kind. The power of cemented carbide should be chosen a little larger.
Q:What is the resistivity of the yg13 cemented carbide?
Two, production processProportioning, mixing, crushing, drying, fully add sifted molding agent, then drying and sieving to prepare a mixture, pressing, mixing and granulating (Germany imported vacuum pressure sintering furnace), low pressure sintering and sintering the blank test after (nondestructive ultrasonic inspection), blank size accuracy test.
Q:What type and hardness of grinding wheel 20 for general carbide turning tools?
Commonly used in 200*25*32 or 250*25*32 green carbide grinding wheel, hardness K or L, particle size 60Another grinder usually holds two pieces. A piece of green silicon carbide, a piece of brown corundum, brown corundum grinding wheel is used for iron, such as the size and hardness of the cutter bar and green silicon carbide as the new knife. You can also choose 46#'s.Luoyang abrasive tools professional sales all kinds of grinding wheel, carbide blade, diamond grinding wheel
Q:Is nickel base alloy hard alloy?
2, YT--- tungsten cobalt titanium alloy products, applicable to coarse, carbon steel and alloy steel uneven section in interrupted cutting when the YT5 rough planing, semi finishing, discontinuous surface rough milling and drilling.
Q:What are the parameters of the wear resistance of cemented carbides in addition to their hardness?
Even the best knives in the world, if not1, reasonable processing parameters;2 、 proper installation and use;3 、 timely maintenanceAnd so on, it will turn into a scrap of iron in a short time.
Q:Can hard alloy be made into barrel?
No, hard alloy too hard too fragile, not processed, there should be a rifle barrel, it is difficult to machining.
Q:Can hard alloy be welded with silver electrode?
Hard alloy can use silver electrode welding, some more liquid silver wire than general tin brass or iron brass, the cost is too high, the strength level than the ordinary copper electrode should be higher, personal suggestions for the selection of copper base up instead of silver electrode, such as the WEWELDING 46 electrode (referred to as Odin Wei 46 If the strength of electrodes), the structure is higher than silver, if it is to achieve the high permeability, it is still the ideal to silver, only from the strength level, is not WEWELDING 46 copper based electrode.
Q:The difference between HSS and carbide knives
High speed steel which is mainly used in the rapid operation of the machine, its good fatigue performance, high temperature performance is better, but the hardness is generally hard alloy steel mainly refers to alloy steel with high hardness, high hardness of the steel is mainly emphasized in a certain range, but may be brittle or will be relatively large, high performance high temperature, poor.
Q:What kind of material is the alloy drill bit?
the hardness is relatively high, generally above HRC90 degrees, and it is suitable for batch processing and hard processing!

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