Fashion Womenswear 100% Polyester 100D 1800 Twist Fabric

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100 m²
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1000000 m²/month

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100% Polyester

Supply Type:



Chiffon Fabric


plain dyed








Anti-Static, Heat-Insulation, Shrink-Resistant, Tear-Resistant


Dress, Garment, Lining, Suit, Trousers, Wedding


EN, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ROHS, SGS

Yarn Count:






Model Number:



Roll,Bale or other customer requirement


T/T or L/C at sight


Free sample A4 or 1M

Delivery time:





Fashion womenswear

Color fastness:



anyother or customer requirement


Polyester tulle fabric


Shanghai or Ningbo

Fabric Details







Yarn Count





1200 Meters

Delivery Time


Quality standard 

America 4 point quality standard

Payment terms

TT or LC


Plastic roll inside, Poly bag outside,30-100 meter per roll





Free services

1. Free sample swatches in A4 size.

2. Free sample yardage in 1 meters(we have in stocks).

3. Free to make Lab-dips sample cutting.

4. Tens of thousands of designs for you to choose from.

5. Short production lead time and delivery.

6. Quality inspecting.



Q: Is the quality competitive in textile industry?

A: We have specialized in manufacturing and exportation printed fabric for 15 year. We can provide various fabric with diverse patterns. Each process will undergo strict inspection.


Q: What is the minimum quantity?

A: Usually 500m or more than 500m for each color, we can also accept order less than 500m. We offer discount for orders larger than 5,000 meters and the most favorable price for orders above 10,000 meters


Q: How about the package

A: We usually pack as follows:

1. In roll packing with tubes and plastic bags

2. In roll packing with tubes and cartons

3. According to customers’ request

4. Usually 50yds/roll, or according to customers’ request

5. Customized hanger tag, paper tapes and stamping or according to customers’ request

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Q:What are the fabrics in summer?
Cotton fabrics: fabrics made from cotton, yarn or cotton and cotton type chemical fiber blended yarn. The utility model has the advantages of good air permeability, good moisture absorption and comfortable wearing, and is a practical and popular fabric. Can be divided into pure cotton products, cotton blending of two major categories.(two) linen fabrics: pure linen fabrics made from hemp fibres and linen or other fibers blended or interwoven, collectively referred to as linen fabrics. The common characteristics of hemp fabric is hard and tough, rough and stiff, cool and comfortable, good moisture absorption, is an ideal summer clothing fabric, hemp fabric can be divided into two kinds of pure and blended spinning.(three) silk fabric: is to prevent high-grade products. Mainly refers to the mulberry silk, tussah silk, rayon, synthetic fiber filament as the main raw materials of textiles. It has a thin light, soft, smooth, elegant, gorgeous, comfortable.
Q:Which material is good, pure cotton or blended?
This is each one has his good points.Cotton blended fabric refers to the use of cotton fiber and other one or more than two different types of fiber blended yarn into cloth, mainly cotton, brocade, cotton, polyester cotton three categories. The utility model has the advantages of comfort, coolness and breathability, and has the characteristics of good elasticity, besides, the cloth has the advantages of soft color matching, good drape and small shrinkage.
Q:What's the effect of blending? Why blending? How is blending defined?
Generally speaking, there are several kinds of blends: Cost factors such as a fiber prices higher, while adding other fiber can reduce the cost of the fabric, such as polyester cotton, polyester prices significantly lower than that after adding polyester cotton, can reduce the total cost of fabric; there are also such as polyester and cotton blended yarn, fabric made of hemp fruit to ash effect. If you use cotton, it can only use the gray color spun yarn, its cost is very high, but if it is to use cotton yarn, dyeing can through the way to achieve gray effect, greatly reduce the cost of fabric;Special function: a single fiber has its limitations, and adding another fiber can make up for this deficiency; such as cotton fabric, silk general characteristic is soft and comfortable, but for some models, designers or customers didn't want to make the fabric material too, then consider adding cotton the composition, to increase the fabric of the skinny, to achieve a corresponding effect; and the need for quick drying polyester cotton fabric features, if cotton yarn, moisture is no problem, but did not reach so fast, consider adding polyester composition to increase the drying properties of fabrics;Need to design: such as polyester and nylon knitted or woven fabrics, polyester and polyester blended fabrics and cationic dyeing, because of the two kinds of fiber of different dyes, the dyeing can achieve very good color effect.
Q:What fabric is T/R?
T/R: textile terminology. T is the abbreviation for polyester, and R is the abbreviation of RAYON. Said polyester (POLYESTER) accounted for more than 60% of the components (RAYON) and cotton blended yarn or fabric.
Q:What are the silk hand-painted wallpaper specifically made of silk fabric?
General use of double Palace silk, the pigment used is textile pigment, so you can wipe, in case of water will not fade
Q:Is polyester fiber better or polyester?
Probably in 2009, after the standardization of the country, it will no longer use "polyester" this name, a unified change called polyester fiber. Strictly speaking, polyester fiber is a big family, in addition to polyester -- it is obtained by polycondensation of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, English abbreviated as PET; and PTT obtained by polycondensation of terephthalic acid and glycol, and PBT obtained by polycondensation of terephthalic acid and propylene glycol. There are three main kinds.
Q:What about the Rolle and the uniform? What's the best of these two fabrics?
Raw material is 100% polyester, weight 300G / M, width 58 inches. 2 / 2 twill weave, the surface is smooth and smooth, the lines are clear, the Gong is full, the elasticity is good, the drape is good, the luster is natural and soft, the color is bright, suitable for waiters, miscellaneous workers, security guards and school uniforms
Q:What is the general ladies sweater fabric
Is the use of the yarn knitting sweaters and varieties of various raw materials, process product composed of coil connected to the series of knitted fabrics. Knit soft texture, good wrinkle resistance and permeability, and have larger extensibility and elastic, comfortable to wear.
Q:Which fabric ingredients belong to the B class? Which fabric ingredients belong to the C class?
Not the fabric classification.Clothing fabrics are divided into: A. cotton, B. linen fabric, C. wool fabric, D. silk fabric, E. chemical fiber fabric, F. knitwear fabric, G. fur and leather fabric
Q:What are the differences between nylon and polyester fabrics? What are their respective features?
It has good resistance to decay and corrosion.Heat resistance and light resistance are not good enough, ironing temperature should be controlled below 140 degrees celsius. In the use of clothing in the process must pay attention to washing, maintenance conditions, so as not to damage the fabric.Nylon fabric is light fabric, in synthetic fiber fabric only in polypropylene fiber, acrylic fabric after, therefore, suitable for making mountain clothes, winter clothing.

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