Fabric Chesterfield sofa red pillow

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Frabric chesterfield sofa
Item typeChesterfield sofa
Product No.KC47
ApplicationCommercial and residential use.widely applied in projects like villa, hotel, bar, etc
style European style
Frame MaterialSolid wood & plywood
Material - FillerFireproof high density sponge
Foot and Foot PadSolid wood
Available ColorsAs per customers' request
PackingInner layer is EPE foam or bubble paper,Outer layer is cardboard
Quality controlProfessional and strict QC on each producing process
ServiceSupplied high quality sofa for retails,wholesales;OEM service are offered
StandardEuropean and American double standard
Lead Time20-45 Days after deposit is received
Place of OriginGuangdong

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This all depends on where you go....call local places and ask
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