Economical greenhouse/Vegetable greenhouse

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Product Description:


*100x50x2mm pillar, strong framework 

*Good ventilation 


*All systems can be added

Greenhouse Brief Introduction


Width: 8m-150m

Length: 20m - 100m

Roof height: 5m – 7m

Gutter height: 3m – 5m



Made of hot galvanized steel pipe, anti-rust treated, 15-20 years life.

Covered by 150 miron or 200 micron plastic film, 3-ply or by 30 mesh or 50 mesh white insect screen.

Rooling or fixed vent on roof or on sides for natural ventilation. 

Auto-controlled pad & fan cooling system, irrigation system, shade system, hydroponics system, heating system, 

metal table, plant pot, cocopeat grow bag etc is available.


*Suggested plants:

Flowers, seeding, hydroponic

*Suggested area:

All over the world.

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