Plastic film greenhouse/Vegetable greenhouse

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Product Description:

Greenhouse Brief Introduction


Vent on roof, suitable for tropical climate 

3.5m-7m roof height 

Window on two sides 

Work well under hurricane 

Width: 7m-10m

Length: customized

Roof height: 3.5m – 7m




Made of galvanized steel pipe, anti-rust treated, zinc content 275g/sqm, 15-20 years life.

Covered by 150 miron or 200 micron plastic film, 3-ply or by 30 mesh or 50 mesh white insect screen.

Fixed vent on roof or on sides for natural ventilation.

Auto-controlled pad & fan cooling system, irrigation system, shade system, hydroponics system, heating system, metal table, plant pot, cocopeat grow bag etc is available.


Suggested plants: vegetables


Suggested area: tropical climate area

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Q:How do scents get through a plastic bag?
Plastic is not air tight or air proof Baggies are made from a thin plastic the thicker it is the less air can escape, that's why when you put food in a zip lock it gets frost inside or it, !
Q:Whats stronger, metal or plastic?
Plastic Stronger Than Steel
Q:gardening - plastic lining under decking. dark or clear?
Plastic is plastic, as long as it is UV rated so it doesn't lose the plasticisers to quickly and become brittle etc. I'm not sure why you are choosing to lay plastic underneath (i've never heard of it before and we have many decks at our various houses and none of them have plastic underneath...not even ones that are only a few inches above the soil, and we are in a temperate climate so plenty of water). The only reason i can think of would be water or weeds...but weeds will not grow underneath a deck because there is no light and any wood you are using should be treated (e.g perma pine) and therefore not matter if it gets moist. Infact laying plastic would mostly make the moisture problem worse by drying out the soil underneath causing contraction, and any water there would simply pool rather than soak into the ground having a worse affect on the wood.
Q:Question about recycling plastic?
Different cities have different recycling standards. My city doesn't take anything above a 3. I usually recycle my 1-3 all in one box. Then when I get to the recycling plant I separate them in their different number (1-3) dumpsters.
Q:Do You Think Plastic Bags Should be Banned?
Banning plastic bags is probably going to be counter productive, because they do have their uses. However, plastic is currently seeing serious abuse. Recycling programs don't work because people won't even put the plastic in the trash let alone separating them for recycling purposes. If people in the U.S. would purchase fabric carrying bags, which they re-use each time they visit the supermarket, we'd be on par with our European cousins who currently have to bring their own bags to the supermarket, because stores do not hand out bags. And we could save the lives of more whales, seals and other marine life.
Q:Soft Plastic fishing help?
I have recently been trying out soft plastics and let me share what i have learnt so far. Soft plastics come in many different types, scented/floating/colours...etc So far i have experimented with the swimming fish type and worm type. Its is first important to choose a suitable size soft plastic and the correct jig head size and weight. For soft plastics worms, one of my favourite rigs is the drop shot method. This allows me to rig up more than one lure per rig and it allows me to cover the seabed and a short distance above it. Soft plastic worms can also be tied directly to the leader line. For this method, you can try dragging and bouncing the lure on the seabed. For Plastic fishes, i prefer to reel in the lure, let it settle, jerk it a few times, before reeling in again. Retrieve speed, dept and number of pauses can be varied accordingly. It is important to experiment to find the most suitable rig and retrieve method. Currently, i have use brands such as storm, river to sea, some japanese brands.
Q:cats and plastic?
Hehe, Wolftrak, I have the SAME PROBLEM! My little orange tabby, Stewart, is obsessed with plastic bags. He doesn't try to eat them, he'll just lick them for eternity. Sometimes, cats, like all animals, seem to develop a fixation on something like this. I've seen dogs that were batty for rocks. Our cats like plastic bags. Unfortunately, I have yet to be able to figure out a way to get him to stop this odd behavior, so I just have to be very diligent about keeping all plastics in high up places he can't get to. He seems to do it more when he's hungry or upset, and the smooth crinkly plastic might soothe him or make him think he's eating something when he's really not. Kind of like a kitty pacifier! I find that distracting him with noises or attention seems to stave him off the stuff for a while. Just try petting him or giving him treats or food if he hasn't been fed yet when it happens. Sorry if I'm not much help....but at least you're not alone! Maybe my cat and your cat should hook up, they got a lot in common. ^^()
Q:Is it dangerous to boil plastics?
I dont think you are going to get the results you would like ... you are better off going to a hobby store and getting a product designed for what you are trying to do. Also ... yes ... it is dangerous. Plastics release many gases that are poison when burned
Yeah it will be ok playing with bags. I had a ferret that has caught on fire, drank mop water with bleach, fell off a 4 story balcony and ate ajax. None of it killed him or ever seemed to slow him down. Your biggest fear would probably be cleaning up and accidently throwing it in the trash.
Q:Will Melting plastic be toxic?
Some plastic won't melt, it will just burn, and all plastic that softens with heat (i.e. acrylic, polycarbonate) does so at well above the temperature of a double boiler and doesn't flow well - it has to be pushed into molds, etc.

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