Designed Drinking Cup Tableware Glass Machine Pressed Glass Special Glass Tumblers

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1000 m²
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10000 m²/month

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Beer Steins





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clear, as customer request




drink glass





Main market:

Europe, North America


sample of Special Glass Tumblers is free




machine pressed


decal or print

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:90pcs /CTN
Delivery Detail:30days after deposit


1. Special Glass Tumblers 
2. 78*51*93mm 
3. Machine Pressed 
4. Small order acceptable 
5. Eco-Friendly


Product Information:


Item No.:



Stained glass sheet, float glass, bevel glass, lead or zinc or copper foil, solder etc.

Size and Design:

Can be customized

Product Thickness:


Product Available

Single glazed and triple glazed


Styrofoam+ wooden case


Private residential window and door, restaurants, churches, schools and university, pub and hotels, shops etc.

Delivery Time:

15 Days after deposit

Payment Term:

Deposit in advance, rest paid by delivery

Payment Method:

TT, L/C, Western Union, Paypal



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Q:What are the benefits of using Long film building film?
(PET) multi-layer composite film for the production of insulation film, thermal explosion-proof membrane, safety explosion-proof membrane and so on, which are used in the building window of commercial building with energy saving as the main purpose, improving the office environment and safety precautions. The main features of this type of products are: to reduce energy consumption, safety, thermal insulation, light transmission performance requirements; at the same time as far as possible to ensure that the natural color to maintain the requirements. For such users in principle, according to the tenant needs of long-term or short-term use, so the quality assurance is generally 5 to 10 years, llumar Long film to provide product quality assurance period of 10 years, the actual use can reach more than 25 years.
Q:Would a house built of glass bricks be a good idea?
Biggest problem is the cost. Takes a large amount of energy to turn sand into glass which is reflected in the cost. Some glass manufacturers do make glass blocks for building purposes. Thermal conductivity is not remarkable at 1.1 W/(m·K). For instance, Air(still) has a conductivity of 0.025 which would be better (Copper is 401 for comparison). Glass can be formulated to pass or stop selectively almost any band of frequencies so it can, for instance, pass visible light and stop UV and Infrared.
Q:What is the characteristic of tempered glass?
Gold-coated film of heat-reflective glass also has a one-way transparent effect, that is, during the day to see the outdoor scene in the room, while the outdoor can not see the indoor scene.
Q:build glass block wall?
go to howits made and type in how to lay a glass block wall
Q:Do not break the glass, you can identify whether the glass is tempered?
Look at the side, the glass of the time, will soften, flatness due to the reasons for the deterioration of the roller, face the time, the center of the open space is an oval, so, very significant.
Q:Domestic architectural glass insulation film which brand is good
Do you say domestic brands? I do not recommend posted domestic brands, it is best to choose foreign brands, such as iUQE, ten years warranty, will not release harmful substances.
Q:Why do you need 3C certification for tempered glass?
Automobile safety glass and railway vehicles with safety glass certification mark printing method can be used printing method, screen printing, etching or sandblasting and other methods, signs should be clear. Safety-related building glass can be used for temporary signs, or it can be permanent, temporary signs can be removed after installation of the glass. For some buildings on the glass body should not use the permanent signs or temporary signs, should be approved by the National CCC Certification Center issued by the management center in its minimum packaging and accompanying documents (such as certificate) used.
Q:Sound insulation glass how much money a square
According to the level of external noise, using our different sound insulation glass combination program, the general indoor can achieve the highest national quiet standard (0 level noise standard). In a large number of practical installation and application process, different degrees of outdoor noise by our professional staff of the measurement, analysis, judgment, using the most appropriate combination of sound insulation solutions, can reach 40 dB below, and some areas can even reach 30- 33 dB, the villa's basement is generally 28-32 dB.
Q:How to distinguish between glass and glass?
In the academic world, glass as a material category, covering the natural crystal, glass, artificial crystal, optical glass, architectural glass, daily glass and other areas, people are talking about the daily use of glass, that is, soda lime glass.
Q:What is the principle of self-cleaning of self-cleaning glass? Why is it called self-cleaning glass?
Broadly speaking, self-cleaning glass is the ordinary glass in a special physical or chemical treatment, so that the surface of the unique physical properties, so that the glass is no longer through the traditional manual scrubbing method to achieve the effect of cleaning glass. The surface of the glass like a lotus leaf, the water on its surface will form a drop of water down, so dirty is not easy to attach up to achieve self-cleaning function of the glass. This type of cleaning nano-technology self-cleaning agent is a typical representative: ECOFRIEND-ING4 nano glass self-cleaning products! Glass self-cleaning technology in the developed countries has been very popular in Europe and the United States on the market almost all of the glass must be self-cleaning type.Therefore, with the development of cleaning technology wave, ECOFRIEND-ING4 nano glass self-cleaning agent this cleaning revolution "leader "Came to China, to the Chinese bath room to bring environmental protection, health and safety of the new concept of scientific development!

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