Decorative Solid Brass Hardware House Bathroom Accessories Double Tumbler Holder

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$9.25 / pc
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50Pcs pc
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1000Pcs Per Month pc/month
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Product Size:17*9.5*9.5cm
Overpack Size:47.7*33.5*4.3cm
Packing Method:Craft Paper, Neutral Packing
Q:I installed the shower in the bathroom and the basin of the faucet, there was a strange problem Gong Gong Shengfei Yi plating monk sail Kyrgyzstan. If the two faucet switches, one of which is closed and the other is open, the closed faucet will flow out. What is going on? Question added: is the leader of nine animal husbandry ah. Is there a problem with the pipeline? More
Strange! 1, for the faucet is willing to be the top of the problem, (regardless of Gong Department of Feng Yi Yi Yi Seng sail line is how to pick up, in the case of the faucet is closed can not have the phenomenon of water) 2, for the open one, the other one Close to the water, it is necessary to consider whether there is a pipeline in the installation of defective place.
Q:Used to use Niweiya men to wash the face of the body of the flail 郛 Sang shop back spirits lotus wash face always face a little peeling is still very dry I would like to ask you to introduce several mild! Moisturizing! Facial Cleanser ~ ~ ~ Thank you more
You can consider the face of the milk to pay off the flail 郛 sulfon shop shop with a blister blowing foam and then painted on the face ... ... (specifically refer to DHC official website of the olive soap cleansing method) I had the use of Sekkisei wash powder feel wash After the very dry, but also peeling ~ ~ ~ ~ cut a bath flower when the bubbler, according to which way to wash really dry ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ feel good ~ ~ save money and effective ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Landlord can try ~~~~~ Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Q:Faucet water is very small, a little blocked, how to do
Remove the faucet for one, close the total valve
Q:I use the wrench for a long time, that little iron ring on a little bit of teeth, I long time to spin two or three laps, teeth on the bad, Is the kind of hotel commonly used in the kind of handwheel on the kind of taps attack anger sedan on the sewing head down, the kind of low, can be hot and cold. The The Thank you! Question added: already get, that thing is indeed called bubbler, but most people do not know. Also do have a special wrench, but most people will not specifically buy that. I can be too tight, so the wrench can not pull, you can also use a pipe clamp to turn. My hand is to use the big pliers to turn, but because the teeth are broken, so with the head of the broken head of the car to attack the attack on the sub-badly wiped away. More
Water purifier is installed below the tap water pipe, how is installed above it, it is the filter bar. Can be put up directly on it
Q:How did your faucet get the water fast? Can you tell me?
There is a bubbler in the mouth of the mouth, you twist it down, the bubbler inside the debris can be cleaned.
Q:Want to change a bubbler, but the part of the circle seems to rust how to screw the twist do not move, is there any way to twist this part? More
First with fire, and then wrench. Generally rusty spiral with the fire after the twist.
Q:My faucet on the opening of the sudden water spray, how to do? The The
The spool is loose. The bubbler is also problematic. Stare at the Chi-ching chic plating monk touch Kyrgyzstan to pick a good leader to use it. SENTO first stainless steel faucet is very good. No quality to say ah. You can go and have a look
Q:What are the brands of delicate facial cleanser?
'Which brand has' Po Laiya's good
Q:How is this faucet demolition? Ask for help
I had disassembled a similar leader, old age, the impression is not deep. The switch part of the handle is to take as long as the trough to save the cheerful chewing tea wedge compensation blind after the nut can be released from the following out of the valve; the middle of the outlet below a three-way, can be removed from the following loose nut, The outlet is removed from above. You first look, if not, the details of the various parts of the film, I can help you analyze.
Q:Faucet splashing water blister disassembled after the bad, no bubbles produced, how to repair ah
Re-buy the bubble on the line.
We have the unique experience of living and high application of modern science ,and provided people with excellent products,innovative design is our foundation ,simple, elegant, atmospheric style interpretation of the perfect combination of art and life,excellent quality is the creation of the pillars of our classic.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value 10000000
Main Markets European,North American,southeast Asia

Company Certifications

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shenzhen
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 800 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average

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