Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables

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Product Description:

I. Product Properties:

1. This product should comply with GB/T12706-2002 national standard.
                            2. Partial discharge test: when rated voltage Uo is 18kV and below, the cable discharge should be less than 20PC; when rated voltage Uo is more than 18kV, the cable discharge should be less than 5PC.  
                                3. 20 ℃ conductor DC resistance: Copper core ≤ 0.017241Ωmm2/mo Aluminum Core ≤ 0.028Ωmm2/m.
                              4. The combustion performance (flame retardant cable) should be tested in accordance with GB/T18380-2001 standard.
                              II. Characteristics of usage:

1. The maximum long-term temperature of the cable is 90 ℃.
                               2. When the cable is laid out, the ambient temperature should not be less than 0 ℃, and the bending radius of armored cable should be no less than 20 times the outer diameter of the cable.
                             3. In the event of short circuit, the maximum temperature of the conductor should not exceed 250 ℃, and the lasting time of the conductor should be no more than 5 seconds.
                           4. The laying temperature should not be less than 0 ℃.
                         5. In event of short circuit, the maximum temperature of the conductor should not exceed 160 ℃, and the lasting time of the conductor should be no more than 5 seconds.
                               6. The cables are applied to transmission and distribution systems with rated voltage of 0.6 / 1,1.8 / 3,3.6 / 6,6 / 6,6 / 10,8.7 / 10,8.7 / 15,12 / 20,21 / 35,26 / 35KV.
                              7. YJV and YJLV are applied to indoor and outdoor installation, and can withstand a certain degree of laying traction, but can not withstand occasions with mechanical external force. Single-core cables are not allowed to be laid in the pipelines with ferromagnetic materials. YJV22 and YJLV22 are applied to underground laying, can withstand the mechanical external force, but can not afford a big pull.

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Q:where can i run my amp power cable in a 2002 ford explorer XLT?
Check first for any factory made holes that are not in use or have extra space to be used. If you are explorer is anything like my Taurus I would say somewhere near where your steering wheel connects to the firewall. But it will be kinda risky around that area since you would have to be careful for your power steering.
Q:Can you use regular XLR cables for microphones that need phantom power?
yes a regular xlr will work. phantom power just means the mic needs to be powered 48V. yea, there should be a separate category for tech music questions.
Q:Why does car Audio power cable have such thick insulation?
RCA Cables: These are the cables used to transfer pre-amp (line level) signals. Usually, you use this type of cable for unamplified signals such as the connection between your head unit and amp or crossovers/eqs. Look for appropriate thickness and shielding. The end connectors should be sturdy to prevent breakage from stress. Some claim that very expensive cable makes a difference in sound quality. I do not think so, do not spend more than $1/foot. You may need to spend more to get cables that are more immune to noise if you have that problem in your car
Q:Hard drive choices/power cables? Help?
Fantasy power outlets don't sound standard. SATA is consistent on both PCs and Macintosh computers.
Q:Computer Video Card Power?
if the graphics card has an 6-pin power connector and an 8-pin connector then u need to use the 6-pin and the 8-pin power cable from your power supply.most power supplies (especially those that supply 500 watts of power to your cpu and all the peripherals) in the market right now have at least one connector for each type (6-pin and 8-pin).usually the most high-end power supplies now (like the Ultra X4 series) have more than 1 for each type.right now the most high-end power supplies from my perspective is the 1600W power supply from the Ultra X4 has 3 6-pin power connectors and 3 for the 8-pin power connector. and ya the 6- and 8-pin power connector is the bridge for the power supply to transport power to the component. nope.the motherboard is a selfish doesnt give power to the graphics card unless the graphics card doesn't take a lot of wattage to work then the motherboard will donate power to the graphics card.
Q:need extra power cables to connect a extra cd rom drive?
It is self explanatory on how to operate. Plug and play.
Q:Brief description of the difference between cable and cable.
Optical fiber (optical fiber) is designed to meet the optical, mechanical or environmental performance specifications, it is used in the jacketed jacket in one or more optical fiber as a transmission medium and can be used alone or in groups of communication cable Component. Fiber optic cable is mainly composed of optical fiber (such as the hair of the glass) and plastic protective casing and plastic skin, the cable without gold, silver, copper and aluminum and other metals, generally no recovery value. Fiber optic cable is a certain number of optical fiber in accordance with a certain way to form a cable core, outsourcing jacket, and some also cover the outer cover, used to achieve optical signal transmission of a communication line. That is, a fiber formed by a certain process by an optical fiber (optical transmission carrier). The basic structure of the cable is generally composed of cable core, reinforced steel wire, filler and jacket and other parts, and also need to have waterproof layer, buffer layer, insulated metal wire and other components. A cable is usually a rope of similar rope made of several or several sets of wires (at least two in each group), each of which is insulated from each other and often twisted around a center with a height Insulated cover. Cable with internal power, external insulation characteristics. Category cables are power cables, control cables, compensating cables, shielded cables, high temperature cables, computer cables, signal cables, coaxial cables, fire-resistant cables, marine cables, mining cables, aluminum cables and so on. They are composed of single or multi-strand wire and insulation layer, used to connect the circuit, electrical appliances and so on.
Q:Please read. Turtle Beach power cable?
Sorry You will be fine and wont be scammed. OKorder is a possibility but its a tad sketchy but its easy to use and not get again scammed but its your choice ofc i don't know the situation your in. im just guessing your worried about ordering online due to scamm websites, it could be that you simply don't have a card that can shop online (or even a card). Also delivery should be fairly quick (most being a week) so you won't be waiting too long either way. Turtle beach is based online, and distribute mainly from their website,(such is most designer accessories) the only reason they have their products in stores are because of their success online, and were able to expand but even then they only ever sell a few of their headsets in stores never their full range, then expecting parts is very rare. p.s i realise its a generic piece of equipment but its quite specific and there are very few things that use somthing that you've specified (not the sized and volt just a DC power cable that has a USB input) , that includes headsets, seriously most headsets don't require a power cable (and it having a power cable doesn't make it good) Hope this helps :S
Q:Why are there those cylindrical objects on power cords and usb cables?
Those devices are for supressing RF interference to external devices. The high data rates, tend to create signals just like transmitters, which can interfere, with you TV, cordless phone, stereo system, etc.
Q:Watt rating on amp power cables?
watt is the unit of power or amps that you can push through a cable without burning it up. So if its rated for 40 to 400 you cannot add more or it will blow a fuse or melt.

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