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Product Description:

2015 hot sale natural Color Composite Decking for sale

一.Product Description:".

Properties :

1. 100% recyclable product meets with the environmental protection without
     adding any wood flour or sawdust.

2. 100% waterproof.

3. Suitable to be used for the activities indoor and outdoor.

4. The component with high quality features that the density is similar to the wood 
    (D:0.6~0.7 g/cm3) and light.

5. The processing is similar to the general timber, e.g.: shave, saw, trim, nail, drill,
    wash and grind.

6. Strong rigidity and durability. (Similar to teak)

7. Thermal process is easily executed to be blended to have various shapes of the

.Technical Data

Slip resistance:

Boards of Techwoodn according to ASTM D2394-05. This is the best ranking for bare-foot slip resistance.


Weathering resistance:

Boards of Techwoodn have very low moisture uptake.This is key for mold and mildew resistance.


UV resistance:

4000 hours accelerated Xenon-arc Exposure,the Boards turned slightly more clear and colored.


Abrasion resistance:

The resistance to abrasion is similar to oak.


Fungus resistance:

Whatever fungus the wood composite is exposed to,it is extremely durable.

Moreover,aging test does not affect this durability.

三. FAQ

. What kinds of wpcproducts do you have?

We have wpc decking in different size, fence series (only wpc material or connect with aluminum profiles, decking tile series.


. Is it difficult to install the wpc board?

No, it is easy to install. Using the tool which you use to install the real wood. Fix the board on the substructure with clips.


. Can you stick the label with our logo on the boards?

Yes, please provide the label drawing, we can stick the customized label on the board.


. What documents are available?

A full range documents, including products pictures, installation guide and relative certificates can be provided; Further more, customs declaration is provided. This is an one-stop service for you.

四. More picture for your reference


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Q:we had a floating floor put down...after all was said and done....the floor looks like it has waffles in it...has anyone seen this? It's light's ugly and fake looking....speant 13,000 on it...or is this the way it's suppose to look?
That's not right. I done my living room with a floating floor about 8 years back. Cost me about $500 looks as good today. As the day I put it down. You want your sub-floor flat and a nice snug fit between all the seams with each seam lines staggered. You wanna leave a good half an inch along the walls free so the floor can float. Or you could run into some problems. Causeing it to be a bit tight over time. Damp mop is all you want. No standing water. Mine was made by Armstrong. 30 year floor. I do believe it will last. So far very happy with my floor.
Q:Floor tile superior products, first-class goods, qualified products What is the difference
Which difference is big I said half of the factory bar excellent product, usually no problem, flatness, color, black spots Han's will not have. Of course, the leak may also be a bit, very little. The Level, usually a little flawed, or flatness almost ah, or black spots ah, or the pattern will be a little lack of what ah, half of the first-class manufacturers can be used, because the quality control standard control drops it is good. The The Small manufacturers, then, is a group of a number of goods, and this batch of goods is good, ingot ridge red valley chase Shuang bolt rafters are not necessarily approved! Qualified products, this is usually able to sell only two places: 1. Processing plants, take the best qualified processing, however, the lowest price, and then the problem is not the largest, with not much. 2. Half of the requirements are very low to use, for example: plant, rural. Qualified product missing angle is very common, what other problems needless to say. How many will be, size only. If you do not cut with a qualified product, you have to dizzy
Q:Is there anything that can be done to reverse the warping of wood floor boards? There is a crawl space..
The problem is the crawl space , make sure it is well ventilated . You may have a moisture problem
Q:The floor is buckling up in one spot even though the floor is brand new. I believe the pieces may not be staggared enough to give it the strength to keep it from buckling up. I believe I can re-use alot of the pieces. I think I may have to pull up the floor and reinstall. any other suggestions?
check the spacing from the flooring to the wall. It sounds there might not be the required 1/4 inch. That is a common problem with laminate floors especially as the summer heat begins to expand the floor. Pull the floor molding in the area it is buckling and see if the flooring is pressed tightly against the wall. If they are, you may need to pull the last pieces and cut them thinner or shorter, then reinstall them. This is not an uncommon issue with a floor that has been installed in the cold without sufficient clearance and now is expanding to the heat of the summer or just the heat of a heated room.
Q:Can anybody describe what is exactly happen or how is it commence of the floor drift during earthquake/seismic/wind effect to a building?is there any animation that i can see from any websites?what does it mean of drift value of 4%? how does it calculate this?last question, what is the definition of cyclic load? can u giv some example?
Floor drift is movement of the floor system within tolerance by loads which occur randomly. A cyclic load is a repeating force on a body, such as the loads produced by the rotation of a turbine assembly .
Q:Would you like to be able to shop with stone flooring?
Stone flooring affect the heat to heat 10-30%, is not conducive to energy conservation
Q:1) Ground Floor2) Middle Floor3) Top Floor
i anticipate there will be approximately 1200 ft2 of hardwood and 3 hundred ft2 for the domicile. unwell start up with textile by using fact thats what i comprehend for particular. established tile i.e ceramic or porcelain will start up around $a million.50 and run as much as around $3.00 a sq. foot. say your doing an get admission to way in each of an identical tile so which you pass with a robust porcelain which suits for $2.50 ft2. tile itself is 3 hundred ft2 x $2.50 = $750. upload on revenues may be the (a.) mortar: runs approximately $15/consistent with eighty-one hundred ft2 so youll prefer 4 bags of that = $60. (b.) grout: runs approximately $10/ eighty-one hundred ft2, so 4 bags = $forty. (c.) sealer for the grout $10, spacers $10 and that could desire to be all the fundamentals. im particular somebody else will comprehend the charges of exertions yet im no longer genuine particular i think of its around $a million.50 a ft2. so which you have 1200 ft2 left to do the hardwood. a advantageous hickory or o.ok.that are tremendously common is going for greater or less $4.00 a sq. foot. 1200 x $4.00 = $4,800. with any luck your subfloor is advantageous and you wont might desire to do plenty, your subfloor might desire to be a minimum of an inch and 1 / 4 under the three quarter inch hardwood floor. upload on revenues may be the rosin paper to place under the floor that's the greater inexpensive thank you to pass, thats approximately $5.00/consistent with 500 ft2. you additionally can positioned a pad that's for laminate flooring called SOUND answer that's make from one hundred% memory foam. that's the perfect, $50.00/ 100ft2. additionally you need to use a felt paper or felt roofing paper. trim for the floor the place it meets different rooms are approximately $20 somewhat and that could desire to be it. all the charges I even have indexed are MENARDS expenditures that i see favourite.
Q:LOL for a detailed explanation of the role of A floor and methods
The role is to look for opportunities to take place, as well as increase the speed of attack. A floor is to take a kind of a. Right click on the floor left a floor. If you play dota will know how much of this role, the burden of the side of the panic stir-off with the lol heroes before the cast before the magic, and after the shake, are not particularly obvious, and roughly the same. So the first easy to pursue the recent you want a target, more flexible. The second can indirectly reduce the cast before and after the swing. The third master of the keyboard and mouse are pops and snapped it? It is because they apm high, in a certain area constantly a floor, continue to make a slight movement, so as to hide skills, or fight the blood. Because they are a quick hand a floor and move, it will be in a small range of rapid movement, and thus look for opportunities. And then it is possible to increase the speed of attack, because the station pile, then I give you a punch, I need to raise his hand and then let go and then the second boxing. But I give you a punch, my smooth transfer target is a floor, you can shorten the time I let go there is speed. But if the attack speed is too slow, it will lead to false a. That is not a go out. Because you have to shrink the speed, or with your attack speed difference too far. This is the simplest principle. For example, I have seen a video, opposite is a tank, adc is ice, about a few dozen yards away, but you can not hit me. Because i keep going back to a floor, then cancel after shaking, so move, then attack you slow down, if you do not break into, i can fly such a kite to the end of time. Probably these are the ones. Can you see if you can understand? If you can not, add me. Adopted it big brother. The The You take the speed is not a bit fast! The The Gas me
Q:does anyone know how to stain concrete floors and what products are needed? I am going to remove the carpet from living room, hall way and bedrooms, and I was planning to tile, but that's not in my budget anytime soon, but i'm fed up with the carpet...ideas, suggestions?
So, you're looking for some hard work, huh? Tear up all of the tile and remove all of the adhesive. Now if this is ceramic tile, you'll really have fun removing all of that thinset mortar. If it's vinyl, it'll still be plenty of hard work with floor scrapers/grinders. All the old adhesive has to come up -- all of it! Then you'll have to start with the staining and polishing process, which costs $3 per foot on a new construction job in Texas. Smaller jobs cost a whole lot more. Good luck!
Q:Paving a square by 3cm thick calculation of how much cement mortar, how to count
1 * 1 * 0.03 = 0.03 cubic meters of mortar.

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