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20000㎡ m²/month

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Product Description:

This product belongs to Ligth Steel Frame Structure.

This structure is formed by the dense light steel studs and compound envelop and with all kinds of supprior physical qualities.


1. Flexible combination
2. Easy transportation
3. Fast construction
4. Cost saving
5. Removable & recycle

6. Thermal Insulation
7. Seismic and wind resistance
8. Roof Load-bearing


light steel packing: light gauge steel in bulk, decorate panel material in pallet, other fittings all in boxes, loaded into 40' GP and 20' GP on container.

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Q:Do cabinet with artificial stone or marble good
The grade of artificial stone is arranged from high to low as follows: acrylic artificial stone, composite acrylic artificial stone, aluminum powder polyester artificial stoneAcrylic artificial stone table belongs to the high-end table, the price is very high, here the rat will not do the analysis of the ~ ~ ~Composite acrylic artificial stone table price is much lower compared to acrylic, and the performance of polyester artificial stone than to be higher, there are more high temperature resistance and toughness.Aluminum powder polyester artificial stone is currently on the market more popular, environmentally friendly non-toxic, non radioactive, and has excellent processability and mechanical properties, oil resistance, non cracking, fire retardant. Compared to the price of acrylic composite is relatively low, and therefore belong to the artificial stone table class price is relatively high.Calcium powder polyester artificial stone countertops are low-grade countertops, because calcium powder ore powder, so may contain radioactive products; processing performance is poor, easy to collapse edge chipping; poor mechanical properties of finished products is fragile, easy to crack, short service life; poor anti pollution, easy to absorb water and oil and the formation of combustible fire spots.
Q:community college real estate classes?
Real estate classes at the community college are probably fine. Just make sure they are accredited and that they will count as credit for the license. Call the Board of Realtors in your area and ask what requirements are to be licensed in your state. The rules vary from state to state. If you want to test the waters, I would start with Real Estate Principles and Practices I and then take Real Estate Law. Those two courses will give you a nice overview.
Q:Anyone have cork flooring?
i like cork flooring! My grandfather put in cork in between the rooms in his homestead in 1953 and it nonetheless looks large at present. listed right here are the specialists of cork flooring: a million. Cork is eco-friendly, moisture resistant and of direction hypoallergenic 2. this is organic honeycomb shape can provide a organic cushion so this is large for people who've joint issues or have problem status on hard surfaces 3. Cork is presented in planks, tiles and mosaic tiles with quite a few various textures and hues leaving infinite development and layout possibilities. 4. Cork flooring may be accomplished as a DIY setting up challenge 5. Cork flooring can final many some years 6. may be put in over radiant warmth equipment (if authorized via producer) 7. Cork is a organic noise insulator (why this is used many times as an underlayment) 8. risk-free flooring for infants 8. basic to bathe and look after listed right here are the CONS of cork flooring: a million. it may no longer stand up to heavy foot site visitors 2. Heavy furnishings might reason indentation marks (use felt protectors) 3. might require refinishing each and every few years (some cork finishes do no longer require this) i might say there are extra specialists than cons with cork flooring. Cork is gaining further and further recognition because of its green residences as properly because of the fact certainly now available in extra hues and kinds. I say decide for it! this is lasted very nearly 60 years in my grandfather's homestead!
Q:Prove that the floor(2x)=floor(x) floor(x 1/2)?
Suppose that we split up x into its integer part y and its decimal part z (for example, we can split 3.6 up into 3 and 0.6). Then, we have: x = y z. Then: floor(2x) = floor(2y 2z), floor(x) = floor(y z), and floor(x 1/2) = floor(y z 1/2). For 0 < z < 1, floor(y z) = y for all integers y (y is defined to be an integer, so this is fine). As for floor(2y 2z) and floor(y z 1/2), we need to take cases. Now, if 0 < z < 0.5, then 0 < 2z < 1 and 0 < z 1/2 < 1 and so: 2y < 2y 2z < 2y 1 and y < y z 1/2 < y 1, which implies that 2x is some number between 2y and 2y 1 and that x 1/2 is some number between y and y 1, which implies: floor(2x) = x and floor(x 1/2) = x, so floor(2x) = floor(x) floor(x 1/2) when x is some integer plus a decimal between 0 and 0.5. As for the case 0.5 < z < 1, 1 < 2z < 2 and 1 < z 1/2 < 1.5, so: 2y 1 < 2y 2z < 2y 2 and y 1 < y z 1/2 < y 1.5, yielding floor(2y 2z) = 2y 1, floor(y z 1/2) = y 1, and floor(y z) = y, and so: floor(2y 2z) = floor(y z 1/2) floor(y z) == floor(2x) = floor(x) floor(x 1/2). Combining these two cases proves floor(2x) = floor(x) floor(x 1/2) when x is not an integer. To prove the case when x is an integer, notice that: floor(2x) = 2x, floor(x) = x, and floor(x 1/2) = x, when x is an integer, which shows that floor(2x) = floor(x) floor(x 1/2) when x is an integer. Combining these three cases yields floor(2x) = floor(x) floor(x 1/2) for all x (as required). I hope this helps!
Q:How to install the garage door
Q:What is the significance of the scaffold in the novel 'The Scarlet Letter' (Hawthorne)?
It has dramatic importance because key events happen there. Further, at the scaffold is where much hypocrisy gets played out. From Shmoop
Q:I would like to ask the external walls of the tile, if the use of aluminum-plastic plate renovation?
Can be installed directly on the tile surface
Q:Should i tile right to the floor?
Q:What grade of concrete used for tunnel cushion
Now the actual project is basically C15, if the economy is less than C15.
Q:Bridging machine construction method? Common types of bridge machine
Bridge crane is a crane, because its main function is to lift the beam, and then transported to the location and put down

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