CNBM materials leather PU Ottoman CMAX-14

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China main port
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100 pc
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1000 pc/month

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CNBM materials leather PU Ottoman CMAX-14

ottomans &stools






FACTORY HAS PASSED THE BSCI report last year and done the factory assesement several times .supply the cube , stools , leahter products to many famous customer in American and EU area . if you have your own similar design , welcome to contact me .


if you want to know more pls be free to contact me .

The Characters of Our Products:          

 Different from machinery production, our products are with unique shape and irregular color, all

these are the unique feature of hand-made                                                                                                    .

We own best designers, experienced wokers and master of carvings to design and produce

what you want. Antique Imitation:shows some scratches,edge wear and paint flaking.

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If you want to use this bed again, you can only solve the problem with electric welding, but there is nothing else!!!
Q:Leaving a wet towel on the bed?
mildew in the mattress can form!
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they did offer twin bed bed bath and beyond you could use PVC(white sprinkler pipe and make a box around your bed to drape fabric.. they also sell...muslin on a ring that hangs and is draped aroung the bed... relax vote for a best answer.
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