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Combining low ownership costs and superior strength with exceptional serviceability, comfort and safety, the JCB 3CX is the ultimate entry-level machine from the world’s number one backhoe loader manufacturer. Productivity, performance and efficiency are all class-leading; add a versatility-enhancing options list and comprehensive warranty packages, and the 3CX really is the best value backhoe for large fleets, rental yards and smaller businesses alike.

Try one and you’ll soon see why JCB is the backhoe market leader in 78 countries, making just under half of all backhoe loaders sold in the world today.

  • With high breakout forces you’ll be able to shift more material in less time. Put simply, these are the most productive backhoe loaders in their class.

  • The JCB EcoMAX engine produces its peak power and torque at low engine speeds, which makes for great economy, exceptional responsiveness and outstanding performance.

  • The JCB 3CX is a great value backhoe loader offering superb return on investment as well as finance and service parts. Unlike most entry level machines, it’s extremely productive too, with superb earth moving abilities.

  • The 3CX has a top speed of 23mph so you can reduce travel times on site and between locations. A large 38 gallon fuel tank extends refuelling intervals and maximises productivity.

  • The JCB EcoMAX is a highly durable engine design, with tens of thousands of units in service working on a huge range of different applications. We’ve tested the unit rigorously in climates ranging from -4˚F to 115˚F.

  • We use a powder coat paint process on all JCB 3CX backhoes which provides a high quality finish. Paint coverage is optimised and your machine stays looking good for longer.

  • Thicker steel is used to construct the excavator on the 3CX and larger stress relieving plates eliminate the chance of failure and reduces cost of ownership.

  • The 3CX backhoe loaders cab, axles, transmission and engine are all designed and built by JCB. All components therefore work in perfect harmony for optimum reliability. Our hydraulic cylinders have friction welded ends to give extra strength.

  • Each key component of the latest JCB backhoe range is stringently tested. The chassis, boom, loader arms and other major parts are all subjected to prolonged high-stress loading, while the transmission design has been repeatedly put through its paces over thousands of cycles.

  • JCB precision machining provides high tolerances and accurate location of pins and bushes on these backhoe loaders.

  • By heating the boom to 1200˚F, we remove any internal stresses caused by manufacturing and welding. This process doubles the life of our booms and reduces the overall machine weight at the same time.

  • Rear stabilisers are equipped with twin directional hose burst check valves (HBCVs), which means the legs can’t move during machine operation and cannot fall when roading if a hose were to fail.

  • To protect boom and dipper hoses on your JCB backhoe during trenchwork, they’re enclosed inside the rear structures of the machine. Kingpost hoses are enclosed in a flexible, robust guide to keep them from snagging or sustaining damage.

  • To protect the stabilizer rams, as standard, the 3CX is fitted with guards to protect the rams and avoid costly repairs plus added downtime.

  •  A sacrificial wear plate on the dipper eliminates costly damage to the dipper and can be easily replaced to maximize dipper life.



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