CFB 55GSM NCR Paper/ Carbonless Paper with Blue Image

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10000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

1. Manufacturer
3. All the colors
4. ECT. 787*1092mm, 889*1194mm, 700*1000mm
5. Resonable price

Carbonless paper, 45-52gsm, 787*1092mm, 889*1194mm, 700*1000mm, suit for cutting into small size like 281mm and 381mm width, for computer typing machine. Good quality, good price.

Carbonless Paper

Products description:
1. ) Carbonless Paper for vouchers printing & computer continous form converting purpose with more than 6 years export experiences of Carbonless Paper.
2. ) Substance: 48-80gsm
3. ) Image colours: Blue, Black, Red, Purple
4. ) Size: In sheets or reels available
5. ) Coating: CB, CFB, CF
6. ) Colours: White, pink, yellow, blue, green, orange

1) Width(mm): 57, 70, 75, 80, 114 (other size are avaliable according to the customers' requirements)
2) Diameter(mm)45, 50, 60, 80, 100, 160 (other size are avaliable according to the customers' requirements)
3) Core Diameter: 12, 7mm(1/2"), 19mm(3/4"), 25.4mm(1" ), (other size are avaliable according to the customers' requirements
4) 2-ply white/yellow, preprinting on the back are available. 3-ply, 4-ply, 5-ply aare avaliable
5) Used in ATM machine, supermarkets, banks, and some offices.
Sheet size: Any size can be supplied according to your need. Such as 787x1092mm, 889x1194mm, 880x615mm, 880x1230mm etc.
Grammage: 40-80gsm

Color: Paper color with white, blue, red, pink, yellow, green or others you need.
Image color: Blue, black
CB colors 40-50gsm. CFB colors 50-55gsm. CF colors 47-55gsmProviding after-service and technical support for you.
Environment Fiendly. No pollution. Reuse and recycle to making paper pulp.
Being suitable for all kinds of office or commercial using environment. Such as Tax, Goveronment, Finance, Post service, Business, Banks and many other trades or industries.

Products features:
1. ) Professional quality control system
2. ) Super smoothness surface and whiteness
3. ) Excellent colourful offset printability
4. ) SGS certificated
5. ) Well-known brand with attractive packing
6. ) Clearly imaged writing copy up to 7 pages
7. ) Minimum 4-5 years self life guarantee
8. ) More than 6 years Carbonless Paper exporting experiences

Phisical TestUnit50
Thickness        (no less than)μm62
Density          (no less than)g/c30.69
Moisture         (no more than)%7.5
Contact Angle     (no less than)TOPg/m225
Curling          (no more than)mm10
Copy Intensity    (no less than)BLUE2nd0.9

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Q:What's the difference between cardboard and paperboard?
Grass paperboard with straw and other plant fiber as raw material of lower grade. Also called yellow paperboard; in a multi-layer structure and surface layer with high-grade white paper and high density bleaching of paper pulp cardboard. Three types of packaging box, box of grass paperboard used as packaging material and do not pay attention to the appearance of liner the;
Q:What kind of paper is the paper for issuing newspapers?
The culture is divided into paper coated paper, paper, paper, paper stock, mold printing paper, drawing paper, poster, typing paper, Bible paper, paper covers, cigarette paper, newsprint paper, Grasin.According to the different uses of various kinds of paper, the light industry of our country divides a large amount of paper into 17 kinds (paper, 11 kinds and 6 kinds of cardboard).
Q:What kind of paper do you use for film wrapping?
Next to the color code can not indicate the specific value of CMYK, but the contrast used to test whether the film out of line with the requirements. A habit is finished (cutting line, line set, the name of each line) and each version of their own version of the color mark. For example, labeled C, M, Y, K, silver, and then fill in the blue, red, yellow, black and spot color version of the spot color, so that the film out of the logo, and particularly intuitive. The size of the color code 10*5mm, and put on paper CMYK letters in English, the color block and color name one by one correspondence. It's OK for the printer to see the corner of the forest. Generally speaking, the dot angle of the film is fixed, just like the net angle of the yellow version is 90 degrees. There are exceptions, if the Yellow expression of the image is concentrated in the range of 90 degrees, then yellow can not use 90 corners. Otherwise, the traces of the nets are too obvious!
Q:What's that layer of leather under the shoe pad? It looks like a paper case
The landlord is about shoes bottom board, it should be used when climbing shoes production, the bottom board and the floor last stick on climbing shoes vamp shape in front of leather shoes production molding, and then paste the soles of shoes will become the finished product.
Q:What kind of paper would you normally use as a picture book?
If you need to print a picture album P in 20P to 40P, it is generally recommended that the album cover can be 300 grams of double copper, the album pages with 157 grams of double copper.
Q:What is the difference between light coated paper and coated art paper?
Coated paper is an advanced printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Mainly used for printing books cover and illustrations, senior color pictures, a variety of exquisite product advertising, packaging, trademarks, sample.
Q:A5 paper and A4 paper size in centimeters to measure how the size ofIn particular, how many centimeters long and how many centimeters wide?
There are office with a special printing paper, paper size and classification according to the layer, such as 241-1241-2, which represent the 1 layer and 2 layer narrow line printing paper, of course, the 3 layer 4 layer; the commonly used printing line of paper and 381-1381-2.And according to the thickness of the paper to points, such as 60g, 70g, 75g, 85g, 120g and so on, refers to the weight of the paper is multiple, because the density is basically the same, the heavier in weight, the thickness of the paper is thick. Such as printing machine with general speed the paper is about 40g, while the machine is used in the 50-60g paper, which is used in 70-85g copier paper, printer with the general minimum do not use less than 60g thick paper, otherwise it is easy to jam.
Q:What are matt paper and glossy paper?
Paper according to surface gloss is divided into high light, semi high light and matt.High light, light: mirror coated paper.Semi high light: coated art paper.Matt paper: offset paper.Special paper has aluminium foil paper, fluorescent paper and heat sensitive / heat transfer paper.
Q:Specifications of coated art paper
Because the manufacturer's quality and quality reputation and other factors, different manufacturers of coated paper per ton of paper price difference, the gap is 0 to 2000 yuan, imported and domestic vary greatly, the same manufacturer with a paper material, generally 128 grams less than 150 grams of coated paper a little expensive 100-200 yuan / ton. The unit of paper price is generally large in tons, and the smaller is the order (500 sheets) and zhang. The same manufacturer of the same material of paper, regardless of the majority of the paper, the price per ton is almost the difference is: the number of grams of paper, the higher the price of each order, each piece of paper is more expensive.It's not the bigger the better. It depends on the style and preferences of each person. Each weight has its market. The most used is 128 grams to 250 grams.
Q:What does fed paper mean?
In general, the current paper feeding scanner is roughly divided into three categories, one is a portable scanner and name card scanner, the scanner field is mainly aimed at the general individual organs and units, rarely used; one is the continuous scanning of paper feeding scanner multi page document, the scanner application scope is Guangzhou, especially its excellent processing speed by many units and individuals of all ages, like notes, documents, books and other scanning processing are handy; another type is the set of printing, fax, scanning and other functions in one machine, this machine is paper feeding scanning method used. Welcomed by the vast number of consumers, along with the popularity of up machine.

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