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Product Description:

Product Description

1 size: 110mm*20m, A6
2 brand: LXF
3 Original: China
4 packing: 100rolls/ box
5 used in Sony and Mitsubishi printer with size of A6.

A6 width B&W High Glossy prints media (type V) for use in UP-895CE/D895 printers.
This product is available in multiples of 10x1 UPP-110HG Mainly used in Ultrasound applications.
Generic Specifications Roll dimensions -----------
110 mm (W) x 18 m
110mm (W) x 20m
1 thermal Video printing paper suitable for use of SONY and Mitsubishi printers.
2 used for ultrasound, endoscopic microscopic analysis, workstations, gel imaging system, microscopic analysis of image output
3 the paper enjoy good quality in recording and storing
4 Smooth surface, lowest fray of printer
5 Refined cut, looks really beautiful

Production   ultrasound thermal paper  width(mm)80 or customized
MaterialPP, PVC , PET, OPP, BOPP, thermal paper  Paper weight50g ,55g,58g,60g,65g
Qty Of Package
60 or customized
Inner materialPaper or plastic
Material:Pure wood pulp or according to customer's requestSample:Free
Color:White,yellow,bule,red and so onLogo:as client's requirement
Packing:Standard export package or as requestedApplication:ATM,POS machine,supermarket,restaurant, cinema
Delivery timeWithin 15 days after order confirmedMOQ:5000rolls


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Q:How do you cut 2 mm thick cardboard to the edge of 45 degrees?
Paperboard is also called paperboard. Which processed by a variety of pulp and fiber interwoven thick pages.
Q:Why does the glue on the wall paper open? Is it affected by the tide?
How do you control the time?:Boring time is mainly based on wallpaper material, air temperature, humidity and other factors to determine the understanding of the role of stuffy gum, you can grasp the actual situation of gum time.(1) under normal circumstances, PVC wallpaper glue more than 5 minutes can be built;(2) pure paper wallpaper is more complicated, because the pure paper wallpaper will be water swelling and dry shrinkage. If the stuffy gel time, pure paper wallpaper will produce a significant joint problem, after drying, therefore, the general common pure paper glue stuffy time in about 15 minutes, the wallpaper expansion after the wallpaper has certain contraction on wall construction
Q:How can I identify the cardboard in the shoes?
General shoes are a base layer, especially the high heels (this is the same in the bottom layers are superposed together, the middle will place a piece of iron is used for shaping reinforcement, or shoes wear on the floor, all went down) this layer is made of paper material, the paper is only a there are many kinds of imported and domestic level, the price in a few dollars to tens of dollars, so some factories to reduce costs, will use some cheap shoes in the floor.
Q:Insulation board of transformer
Insulation board is used for internal insulation of transformer to prevent internal discharge of transformer. Because the oil immersed transformer internal insulation is oil + paper, that is, transformer oil + insulating cardboard, the reason for the use of these two materials for the main insulation materials, because the dielectric coefficient of these two materials is not much difference. The two insulators are themselves insulated, but will react if the dielectric coefficient varies greatly.
Q:Can sticky cardboard be firm with white latex?
If it is the whole surface paste, you can, if it is docking, then do not use binding line nails solid.
Q:Do you decorate the walls with wallpaper or paint?
The effect of wallpaper, but time wallpaper than latex paint is short, there is pollution, wallpaper to do the wall base sealing treatment, play the role of curing, general brush varnish or materials for special treatment, but also with the wallpaper glue powder and so it is pollution, latex paint is needless to say, two of the price of the wallpaper to your point, but to see what you buy, also have cheap Oh, this should be your own position. No pollution is relative to the factory. You put a lot of standard material in a small house. If the air is not circulating, the whole will not meet the standard.
Q:How large is the paper that prints the paper at ordinary times?
It could also be B4 or A3 size.With paper corresponding format of the printer, you can print out the paper width of the examination paper Oh!
Q:What kind of paper do you use for gouache?
Then I just use gouache paper, gouache watercolor paper texture is slightly thin, absorbent and texture is relatively low, but also a little cheaper than watercolor paper.
Q:What's the difference between a double adhesive tape and a white cardboard?
White cardboard is a strong thick, large quantitative paper. Once a man intends to quantitative basis, divided into: paper, cardboard and cardboard; early in the Shanghai market to quantitative 200g/m2 about white paper (smooth surface, after light pressure, higher stiffness, also known as thin cardboard), called heavy paper. In fact, it is also a kind of paper jam. The most common cardboard is not painted, known as white cardboard. If the color in color is called the color cardboard.
Q:Compared with plain paperboard, what are the advantages of corrugated paperboard?
Due to the use of corrugated structure, equivalent to the use of stiffeners, and its strength can be greatly improved.

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