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Product Description:

Product Description

Bond Paper
Virgin Woo Pulp
High Whiteness Color, Roll or Sheets
Fast Delivery And Competitive price

HENGLIAN PAPER Provides Bond Paper with High Brighness, Optimal Opacity and Outstanding Suitability for Processing. HENGLIAN Bond Paper is a flexible multi-use paper.

Bond Paper GSM and Size:
Regular Grammage: 60gsm, 70gsm, 75gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm
Special Grammage like: 58gsm, 65gsm, 68gsm, 85gsm, 104gsm, 110gsm can be customized
Regular Sheet Size: 700*1000mm, 640*900mm, 650*900mm, 600*900mm, 622*914mm, 900*900mm, 750*750mm, etc.
Regular Roll size: 787mm, 889mm, 840mm, 846mm, 880mm, 760mm, 1050mm etc.

Customized Roll or Sheet Size Range:
Roll width: 420mm(Min. ) to 2500MM(Max. )
Sheet size: 420*530MM (Min. ) to 1420*1420MMMM(Max. )

Furnish: Hardwood and softwood sulpate pulp
Pulp Type: Virgin
Grammage tolreance: +-2GSM
Brightness D65(ISO 2470-2): 102+-2%
CIE Whiteness: 155-158
Smoothness: >=30S
Roughness (ISO 2470-2)9ML/MIN)250
Suitable for double sided printing, good smoothness, opacity and printability
And for more technical spec. Pls contact us for it.

Sheet: 250sheets/pack, or 500sheets/pack, Strong moisture proof pilyethylene Kraft Paper each ream, Pallet Loading.
Roll: Strong moisture proof pilyethylene Kraft Paper.

Note: FSC and PEFC on request but subject to availability

We can make free charge for your own brand package and label if quantity matched requirements.
Otherise, you are welcome to send your customized quality samples or specility requirements, our technicist will arrange testing and analyzation to approve a formal report to you.




Excellent color fastness

Environmental protection

Anti-high temperature(Max): 210°C


Light tight


Normal Packing: Reel packing and Flat packing

Reel packing: width 190-2200mm, diameter 500-900mm

Flat packing: 787X1092mm, 787X1220mm, 889X1194mm

We can do it according to client's requirement.

Min. order




Delivery time

Within 20 days

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Q:Is paper a conductor?
Paper mills generally need to store enough raw materials for 4~6 months, so that the raw materials in the storage of natural fermentation, in order to facilitate pulping, while ensuring the continuous production of paper mills. The preparation section in the reeds, wheat straw and wood materials such as cutting into the sheet (for the production of chemical pulp) or wood off (for production pulp), then small pieces of material into the digester with chemical liquid, cooking with steam, the boiled pulp of raw materials, or the wood cut to grinding machine on the ground pulp, can also be a certain degree after the cooking and then ground into a pulp. Then, with plenty of water for washing the pulp, and through the screening and purification of the crude slurry in the film, knots, stones and sand removal etc.. Then, according to the requirements of the paper, bleach bleach the required pulp to the desired whiteness, and then beat it with a beater. Then add in the pulp to improve the properties of paper packing, sizing, sizing agent and other auxiliary materials, and purification and screening again, finally sent a papermaking machine after net water filtering, dewatering, drying, calendering winding and rewinding to cut or cut production of paper and plate paper. If the production of coated printing paper production, you need to dry the middle or produced into a web paper, after coating processing to achieve.
Q:8K or A4 paper?
8 paper size: eight opening 389mmx273mm, generous 444mmx297mm. 8 paper opening is a Chinese custom paper, not an international paper.
Q:What kind of material is the carton made of? What about "corrugated" and so on?
Carton materials are: corrugated boxes, single cardboard boxes and so on.
Q:Does wallpaper have formaldehyde?
But in the process of building wallpaper, the coated gum contains high amounts of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.
Q:What's the difference between printed paper and copy paper?
Generally speaking, the boundaries between the printed paper and the copy paper are not very clear. We all refer to the copy paper as the printing paper, because all the copy paper can be used for printer output
Q:A4 A3 what is the size of the paper? Why do you call it?
According to the basic area of the paper format, the format specification is divided into A series, B series and C series, format specifications for A0 format size: 841mm * 1189mm format, an area of 1 square meters; the B0 size is 1000mm * 1414mm, an area of 2 square meters have the format C0 format size is 917mm; * 1297mm format, an area of 1.25 square meters; the format specifications of copy paper by A and B series. If the A0 along the length of paper into two parts, will become the A1 specification, the A1 paper along the length direction of, will become the A2 specifications, so to open to the A8 specification; B0 paper also according to the method of opening to B8 specifications. Among them, A3, A4, A5, A6 and B4, B5, B6 7 format specifications for copy paper commonly used specifications.
Q:How big is the A5 paper?
This is a very common specification. A5 paper, that is, A type of basic size of paper folded 5 times, so a piece of A5 paper area is 2 of the basic paper area of 5 times, that is, 1/32. A5 paper is A4 half, commonly known as the 32 paper.
Q:How big is the four paper opening?
The size of the page is called the book size. The folio is made of a full sheet of paper. Each sheet is cut and folded. Our custom named folio is named after a geometric series, a piece of paper folded size is off, and then fold to 4 open, and then fold 8 paper, and then fold to 16 fold in the open, 32 open, and then fold for 64, followed by analogy.
Q:Is toilet paper insulated?
The word "insulation" is relative to "electrical conductivity",
Q:What does fed paper mean?
In general, the current paper feeding scanner is roughly divided into three categories, one is a portable scanner and name card scanner, the scanner field is mainly aimed at the general individual organs and units, rarely used; one is the continuous scanning of paper feeding scanner multi page document, the scanner application scope is Guangzhou, especially its excellent processing speed by many units and individuals of all ages, like notes, documents, books and other scanning processing are handy; another type is the set of printing, fax, scanning and other functions in one machine, this machine is paper feeding scanning method used. Welcomed by the vast number of consumers, along with the popularity of up machine.

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