110mm*20m Ultrasound Thermal Paper Rolls Upp-110s

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Product Description:

Product Description

1 size: 110mm*20m, A6
2 brand: LXF
3 Original: China
4 packing: 100rolls/ box
5 used in Sony and Mitsubishi printer with size of A6.

A6 width B&W High Glossy prints media (type V) for use in UP-895CE/D895 printers.
This product is available in multiples of 10x1 UPP-110HG Mainly used in Ultrasound applications.
Generic Specifications Roll dimensions -----------
110 mm (W) x 18 m
110mm (W) x 20m
1 thermal Video printing paper suitable for use of SONY and Mitsubishi printers.
2 used for ultrasound, endoscopic microscopic analysis, workstations, gel imaging system, microscopic analysis of image output
3 the paper enjoy good quality in recording and storing
4 Smooth surface, lowest fray of printer
5 Refined cut, looks really beautiful

Production   ultrasound thermal paper  width(mm)80 or customized
MaterialPP, PVC , PET, OPP, BOPP, thermal paper  Paper weight50g ,55g,58g,60g,65g
Qty Of Package
60 or customized
Inner materialPaper or plastic
Material:Pure wood pulp or according to customer's requestSample:Free
Color:White,yellow,bule,red and so onLogo:as client's requirement
Packing:Standard export package or as requestedApplication:ATM,POS machine,supermarket,restaurant, cinema
Delivery timeWithin 15 days after order confirmedMOQ:5000rolls

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Q:How do cardboard hardens?
Can dilute the latex a little, easy to paint. Get some napkins, dipped in latex, apply to the board, note that both sides of paper napkin with glue, and then a layer thickness can continue, and put in the shade, shade, time will be quite a long time.
Q:How do you cut 2 mm thick cardboard to the edge of 45 degrees?
Hasp angle on the desktop, the mechanical surface is 45 degrees flat cardboard, wallpaper knife with angle bevel cutting board.
Q:How do you divide word's paper into 4 parts?
If the columns, then the first two paragraphs on the front of the use of a bar (two bar); then add a blank line after the end use column after two (two bar), so as to be divided into the upper and lower cross format two.
Q:Carton and carton price calculation
Unit of measurement for unified corrugated paperboard1) when the general carton factory purchases, the facial tissue, inner paper, core paper and corrugated base paper are all calculated at ton price. That is, all kinds of facial tissue, paper, core paper, corrugated base paper for how many yuan per ton, the unit is expressed as "yuan / ton", and the calculation must be replaced "yuan / kg."",Such as the purchase price of 5200 yuan / ton, according to a kilogram is 5200 yuan /1000kg=5.20 yuan /kg.2). The weight of the paper generally speaking grams per square metre, actually how many grams of weight of various tissues, in the paper, paper, corrugated paper weight to "g / M" as the representative unit, for the calculation of the amount of units must be unified, there must be "g / M" converted "kg / square meters".Such as buying 300 grams of kraft paper, kraft paper is 300g/ square meters, the "300 grams / square meters" is converted into kg/ (300/1000), is 0.3kg/ square meters.
Q:80G what is paper?
Quantity is the weight of paper per unit area, expressed in grams per square meter. It is the basic basis for measuring paper. The minimum amount of paper was 25 g / m2, with a maximum of 250 g / m2. The quantity can be divided into dry quantitative and air dried ration. The former refers to the amount of water that is completely dry and water equals zero. The latter refers to the amount of water that is released at a certain moisture level. Usually the term "quantification" refers to the latter. Quantitative determination should be carried out under standard temperature and humidity conditions (temperature 23, 1 degrees above, relative humidity 50 and 2%).
Q:Containerboard what cardboard do you mean?
Fiber insole board: chemical fiber panel. Usually refers to a chemical fiber fabric, which contains inorganic filler, harder than non-woven.
Q:Excuse me, how to calculate the weight of honeycomb paperboard, I have a formula but not sure, thank!
The weight shall be calculated according to the weight of the core paper and the facial tissue and the size of the honeycomb aperture, and other factors such as core coating or surface coating shall be taken into account.
Q:Do you need to remove the cardboard boxes from the microwave?
As long as it's not too thick (microwave 2~3CM), the board doesn't affect heating. I hope you can give satisfaction.
Q:Who can help explain the specifications of the 25kg cardboard barrel?
I think he is not let you explain 25kg carton specifications, is estimated to ask you how many goods can be loaded, so that he can calculate how much money! Your customers to install what ah, probably how many goods that can help you calculate.
Q:How can I choose corrugated base paper and cardboard?
In order to make the corrugated board not only meet the quality requirements of the use, but also cost reasonable, it is necessary to correctly select corrugated base paper and cardboard.

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