110mm*20m Ultrasound Thermal Paper Rolls Upp-110s

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10000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

1 size: 110mm*20m, A6
2 brand: LXF
3 Original: China
4 packing: 100rolls/ box
5 used in Sony and Mitsubishi printer with size of A6.

A6 width B&W High Glossy prints media (type V) for use in UP-895CE/D895 printers.
This product is available in multiples of 10x1 UPP-110HG Mainly used in Ultrasound applications.
Generic Specifications Roll dimensions -----------
110 mm (W) x 18 m
110mm (W) x 20m
1 thermal Video printing paper suitable for use of SONY and Mitsubishi printers.
2 used for ultrasound, endoscopic microscopic analysis, workstations, gel imaging system, microscopic analysis of image output
3 the paper enjoy good quality in recording and storing
4 Smooth surface, lowest fray of printer
5 Refined cut, looks really beautiful

Production   ultrasound thermal paper  width(mm)80 or customized
MaterialPP, PVC , PET, OPP, BOPP, thermal paper  Paper weight50g ,55g,58g,60g,65g
Qty Of Package
60 or customized
Inner materialPaper or plastic
Material:Pure wood pulp or according to customer's requestSample:Free
Color:White,yellow,bule,red and so onLogo:as client's requirement
Packing:Standard export package or as requestedApplication:ATM,POS machine,supermarket,restaurant, cinema
Delivery timeWithin 15 days after order confirmedMOQ:5000rolls

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Q:The difference between heat sensitive paper and plain paper
These are two different kinds of paperHeat sensitive paper simply means that the paper is heated through the printer to form dots and finally to form words or pictures
Q:The cardboard KT board which is better
Better. Because kt kt board is composed of a PS particle generation after foam plate core, a new type of material through the surface film pressure and a plate body, crisp, light, non perishable, easy processing, and can be directly on the screen plate printing (screen printing plate), paint (paint detection adaptive) and mounted back additive screen and printing, widely used in advertising promotion, building decoration, packaging and other aspects of culture and art.Composition structureMain ingredients: polystyrene (English: polystyrene) KT board plate core commonly used color with white and black, in fact, there are red, blue, yellow, green and other colors. However, there is no demand in general, so no manufacturers will go to the production. But there will be some of the export KT board color kt board.
Q:What kind of paper do you use for color laser printer?
But the laser printer is different, the use of toner, electrostatic ink will be adsorbed on the surface of the paper, and then fixed by high temperature.
Q:What's the difference between printed paper and copy paper?
According to the method of this paper, can only be used for needle type printer, and printer or other copy paper is not used; while the copy paper can be used for inkjet printers, laser printers, and can also be used for needle type printer, more suitable for all kinds of copy paper use
Q:Containerboard what cardboard do you mean?
Fiber insole board: chemical fiber panel. Usually refers to a chemical fiber fabric, which contains inorganic filler, harder than non-woven.
Q:What is the size of the A4 drawing?
The length and width of A group than the paper size is your 2:1, then down to the nearest mm value. A0 defined as the area of one square meters, aspect ratio of root 2:1 paper. The following A1, A2, A3...... So the paper size is defined as the number one less paper along the long edge of the folded, and then rounding to the nearest value mm. B group paper size is the geometric average of the A group paper with the same number and less number. Group C paper sizes are mainly used in envelopes.
Q:Needle printer does not suck paper. What's the reason?
The second solution: if you're working on the printer's panel, the printer is fed by your right hand side. If the paper position is wrong, it can't be fed. You can try to push the left side of the right move.
Q:Is the cost performance of bamboo pulp paper high?
Other properties, bamboo napkins are unbleached paper, no bleaching, no added, so relatively healthy, environmentally friendly, and even their own investment in the future health. Plus the added value of protecting the environment, so performance is in the middle.
Q:What kind of paper do you have?
Dorian is paper, strong toughness, rough surface, in order to enhance the adhesion and infiltration of the film is waterproof and moistureproof effect.
Q:What are matt paper and glossy paper?
The Yaguang class can only be printed using W103. Synthetic material according to the material is divided into: * PET (polyester) * PVC (polyvinyl chloride) *BOPP (polypropylene) * PE (polyethylene) * PS (polyethylene) * POLYIMIDE (poly vinyl amine metal milling) * PET main laser rainbow film, drawing film, gold (Gao Guang, Matt silver (high) light, Matt).

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