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Cat 6,Cat6 FTP

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0.28mm PE


TC/Aluminum Magnesium alloy Solid(SFTP)

23AWG CAT6 FTP Cable:

UL list, pass FLUKE TEST

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Packaging Detail:Carton box,Wooden reel,305m/box,200m/coil,300m/500m/drum Inter packing: wooden reel,plastic reel or paper reel Outer packing: carton box,pull out box
Delivery Detail:7-15 work days


1. cable cat6 
3. factory price 
4.21 years lan cable experience 
5. 7-15 days delivery time

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Q:I Got a intercooler for my xbox360. I plug it on my xbox, but i cn not plug the power cable at the intercooler
jjust t oley tou know you shouldnt not have an intercooler as they cause overheating and slow the games
Q:Best solution to prevent damage to laptop by tripping on the power cable?
Why don't you use an extension cord so it can lay flat on the ground?
Q:Buzzing PS3 Power Cable?
Ive never come across this before. Maybe its because i don't no anyone who has a dog which has peed up there PS3. I would suggest you dont get a other cable because that one might break aswell due to water getting in your ps3. If i was you i would contact Playstation or the store you got it from for more advice. Like i say im not sure and i dont think many people will come across this problem.
Q:i need help on where to run my amp power cable from the battery to the amp on a 2006 f150 i cant find any?
steering rod boot or drill a hole
Q:Getting pictures/documents from an old laptop that doesnt work? (power cable socket broke)?
There are laptop drive to regular IDE adapters, so you can plug the drive into a desktop computer. Since it is an old computer, it probably an IDE drive, not one of the newer SATA laptop drives (there are adapters for those too). Remove the drive from the laptop, and plug in the adapter (commonly found on OKorder), then plug it into an IDE cable in someone's desktop. Watch for the master/slave jumper issue. If it's the only drive on the cable, the default master setting will run as-is. trying different power cables is a no-no for laptops, unless they are made for that same model. Using the wrong adapter may fry your motherboard
Q:Where can you find a replacement VOX Valvetronix power cord and guitar jack?
The power cable is just a standard plug. The one in the back of your computer will work. You can find replacements at drug stores, Radio Shack, hardware stores, Best Buy, and of course guitar stores. The instrument cable is a standard 1/4'' jack and the cable is shielded. This you can find at Radio Shack, a guitar store, or Best Buy. Make sure you get an 'instrument' cable. Speaker cable looks similar and will actually work but it's not shielded and you'll get electrical interference messing up your signal.
Q:ATX power cable missing pin?
Im confused, which cable is this? If this is a home-built PC RMA your power supply but if it's a HP/Dell/Whatever then call them for support and/or warranty info.
Q:power cable not working!!?
ok....this might not be you power supply cable.. this may be a problem with your powerjack in your laptop, if that's loose, then it won't recieve any power from the will randomly though..i had the same problem a few months ago, and a little solder job will do the trick! take it to a good local repair guy (or me if you're in the uk hahaha)... and have the power jack resoldered.. try your power supply on another similar laptop to make sure it's not that..but generally speaking..once a power supply's won't work randomly...all it is, is a transformer and a converter... it would make sense if it was the power jack loose or has a faulty connection to the motherboard :) hope this helped!
Q:can you hook up 2 power cables to one battery?
That's not massive power being took out of your battery. If you have one 4 gauge with a distributor block (splitter) running to more 4 gauge. It'll still only get the power of one 4 gauge. But if you wire two 4 gauges up to the battery then both wires are gonna get their power and suck out alot of power. Update to the Big 3 and be safe.
Q:I found my SATA power cable, but can't find where to insert my SATA data cable?
Short Answer: You plug the data cable into the drive on one end (usually a hard drive), and the sata ports mounted on the motherboard. Details: A sata data cable runs between the drive (most likely a hard drive, mounted towards the front of the computer) and the motherboard, which is the huge circuit board that everything else plugs into. If you look at the board, you'll see a section with 2 - 6 little plugs (each about the width of your fingernail, but half the height), with a sort of L shape in the middle of each one. Those are the SATA data ports. Yes, bizarrely enough, they are actually smaller than the power connectors. Near each of this the port number is printed in ridiculously small type, so you may need a magnifying glass or something to read them. Ideally, you want to plug your main hard drive into the lowest port number available, usually either 0 or 1. I apologize if I sound condescending, but I've found it's better to underestimate a users technical knowledge and give them details they don't need than to overestimate their tech skills and leave them frustrated and confused. As for your other questions: Power cables run between the power supply and the drive, so that doesn't necessarily mean your motherboard supports it. However, if this PC is only a few years old, it probably will. If you see the ports I described above, then it does. If it doesn't support sata, you can easily buy a 'sata controller card' for about $30-40 that'll plug into one of the pci or pci-express slots on your motherboard. btw, that model you gave is for the power supply, not the whole computer. The computers model number is usually listed on a sticker somewhere on the outside of the case, usually the back.

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