Cart Type Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

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Fire extinguisher cart is divided into two kinds: one, ABC dry powder fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguisher with ammonium phosphate dry powder and nitrogen, used to extinguish combustible solid, flammable liquid, flammable gas and electric equipment at the beginning of a fire.

Widely used in factories, warehouses, ships, petrol stations, substations, station and other places.Second, the foam extinguisher, foam fire extinguisher is a kind of fire extinguisher, apply to the general class B fire, products such as oil, grease and other fire.

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Q:Can CO2 fire extinguishers destroy natural gas fires?
Carbon dioxide mainly fires by smothering and cooling, and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are applicable to carbon dioxide fire extinguishersStart fire on B, such as kerosene, diesel oil, crude oil, methanol, ethanol, asphalt, paraffin and other firesStart C fires, such as gas, gas, methane, ethane, propane, hydrogen and other firesStart a fire at the E class
Q:What are the main components of a fire extinguisher in daily life?
What can be seen in many places of life is dry powder fire extinguishers.Dry powder fire extinguishing agent is composed of a fire extinguishing material (such as sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate, ammonium phosphate) and the amount of lubricant (magnesium stearate, mica powder, talcum powder, etc.) a small amount of desiccant (silica gel) fine particles mixed together after grinding, as a jet powered by carbon dioxide. The jetted powder concentration dense, fine particles, cover in solid combustion can constitute the isolation layer hinder combustion, and the precipitation is not flammable, so that the oxygen concentration in the air is reduced, the flame is extinguished the fire extinguishing function.8kg injection 14 ~ 18 seconds, a range of about 4.5m. which is suitable for initial fire fighting items oil, combustible gas, electrical equipment wait.
Q:Extinguishing oil and formaldehyde, what fire extinguisher is good?
Grease type (dry powder ABC extinguisher)1. ordinary fire (category A): fire caused by solid substances such as wood, paper, cotton, cloth and plastic.2. fire (class B): fire caused by igniting liquid and solid oil objects, such as gasoline, petroleum, kerosene, etc..3. gas fire (class C): all fires caused by gas combustion and explosion are called gas fires, such as natural gas, gas, etc..
Q:How do you add nitrogen to the fire extinguisher?
To tell you the truth, I don't recommend myself. After all, there is a certain risk, it is a pressure vessel, plus it will explode
Q:What fire extinguishers should be used in fires such as gas, natural gas, etc?
The leakage of liquefied gas tank on fire, do not panic, not ignited nearby combustibles in the case, close the cylinder valve immediately, and the cooling water bottle, cover the bottle with a wet towel, wet bedding, the flame of the cylinder and then suffocated, moved to safe areas, immediately notify the Gas Co to deal with.
Q:What extinguisher is used in the circuit fire?
There are many kinds of fire extinguishing device, according to the type of extinguishing agent filling, the common market mainly include: water, fire extinguisher foam extinguisher, dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, Halon 7150 fire extinguishers.
Q:What is the principle of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers?
After spraying, the carbon dioxide gas burning and air cut off, reducing the combustion around oxygen, thereby preventing combustion; also carbon dioxide ejected from the cylinder, pressure drop, rapid vaporization, to absorb heat from the surrounding, plays the role of cooling.Therefore, the main extinguishing principle of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is the action of suffocation and cooling.
Q:What does fire equipment mainly include?
1, fire extinguishing apparatus, comprising: device, propane fire extinguishing carbon dioxide extinguishers, 1211 fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher, anti acid foam fire extinguisher, fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, carbon tetrachloride rack, mechanical foam fire extinguisher, fire extinguishers and other water fire extinguishing apparatus.2 fire hydrant, including indoor fire hydrant system and outdoor fire hydrant system. Indoor fire hydrant system includes hydrant, hose and water gun. The outdoor fire hydrant including ground and underground two kinds of outdoor fire hydrant fire facilities used in large-scale petrochemical more extensively, due to the use of installation conditions, place different, subject to different constraints, have been used for the majority of petrochemical fire water system stable high pressure water system, fire hydrant is gradually transformed into ordinary type adjustable pressure type fire hydrant.3, demolition tools, including fire ax, cutting tools, etc.. As for the rest, all belong to the fire protection system, such as automatic fire alarm system, automatic sprinkler system, smoke control system, fire protection system, fire broadcasting system, gas fire extinguishing system, emergency evacuation system etc..
Q:What are the types of fire extinguishers that are common?
Portable "1211" extinguisher"1211" fire extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing the first fire of valuables such as oil, instruments and cultural relics archivesWhen the utility model is used, the aluminum seal is first torn out, and the safety pin is pulled out, and the bottom of the fire extinguisher is held in one hand, and the other hand holds the pressure switch, and the nozzle is aimed at the fire source to spray, loosen the pressing handle, and then the injection stopsFive, small household fire extinguisherDomestic fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing kitchen, living room and living room with two small fires. They are spray and throwingWhen used:Spray type - press the fire extinguisher top spring button, spray the nozzle on the fire and spray fireThrowing type - just throw it in the fire, the container is broken, dry powder is discharged and put out the fire
Q:How long is the dry powder extinguisher valid?
Fire extinguishers from the date of completion of the factory, to the following years, must be scrapped:A) water based fire extinguishers - 6 years;B) dry powder fire extinguishers - 10 years;C) clean gas fire extinguishers - 10 years;D) carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and gas cylinders - 12 years;

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