Fire Extinguisher Box Fire Resistant Cabinet Fire Fighting Cabinet

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General installation in indoor fire hydrant box, is a new type of indoor fixed fire protection system.

Applicable to save class A carbohydrates, such as paper, wood, and at the beginning of the material such as cotton and linen fabric fire.

Fire extinguisher box dedicated to long-term fixed deposit portable fire extinguisher body.

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Q:What kind of fire extinguisher does the office choose?
Portable dry fire extinguishers are suitable for fighting the following fires:Portable dry fire extinguishers can fire A, B, C and electrical fires, and certain fires that are not suitable for water use (e.g., library fires). But not for light metal (such as fire fighting, lithium, sodium and potassium, calcium, magnesium, uranium and other fire).
Q:What kind of fire extinguisher is it. Where is the fire extinguisher?
It is recommended to choose 0.5kg-2kg dry powder type extinguisher.
Q:How can I measure a depth of a denser part of a material?
Contact the fire department. I once saw our fire deparkment take an axe to a car parked in front of a hydrant , knock both rear doors out and run a hose through the car.
Q:There are three main ways to extinguish fire
Definition of fire suppression: according to the conditions of combustion (i.e., fire triangle: fuel, ignition point, combustion supporting substance), the combustion of the fire triangle can be prevented by preventing the combustion of the fire triangleThe process of occurring or burning;Extinguishing methods: to prevent the complete fire triangle, to maintain a combustible environment, cool and airy (special substances to isolate the air);For the fire that has occurred, use fire sand, fire water, special fire extinguishers and other tools to achieve the purpose of fire fighting.
Q:How to use fire extinguisher correctly
1, the fire extinguisher tank up and down shake more than three times2. Pull the safety pin apart.3, hold a Fenpi tube, the skin tube toward the fire.4, from the 4 - 6 meters. The handle with the beat, the windward position or wind direction close to the fire, the powder into the flame base.5, after the quench and the water cooling smoke to prevent the resurgence of.
Q:How should a fire extinguisher be configured in a large supermarket? How many fire extinguishers should be equipped with one thousand square meters?.
10--25 square 1 supermarket building, renovation and expansion and interior decoration engineering must be approved by the public security fire control institutions. After passing the party construction; after the completion of the project, must be approved by the public security fire control institutions qualified rear can put into use or practice. Those who have not received the inspection or have failed to receive the experience shall not be put into use.
Q:what type of fire extinguisher is considered the &universal& extinguisher?
Read this: /dry-risers-hydrants/
Q:Loud clang going over speed bump in dodge neon?
yes but if you are concerned go to the home improvement center and buy a new one
Q:Riddleville in Corktown?
It could be control arm bushings if they are worn or cracked. Spring isolators as well.
Q:Any recourse for fake smoke detector in apartment?
You can either use a CO2 or ABC extinguisher, which are specifically designed for energized electrical fires, or you can go to the circuit breaker panel, turn of the breaker to the computer or the main breaker, and but the fire out with water. HALON is no longer manufactured due to EPA regulations since it depletes the ozone, so getting your hands on a HALON extinguisher is practically impossible. Only total flooding systems are permitted, and they can't be re-serviced after discharge.

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