car jump starter High power capacity battery source pack 24000mAh charger vehicle engine booster

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Type: jump starter Size: 183x65x65mm(L/W/H) Weight: 1040g
Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS Capacity: 24000mah Model Number: GL10

Product Description:

 car jump starter High power capacity battery source pack 24000mAh charger vehicle engine booster

car jump starter High power capacity battery source pack 24000mAh charger vehicle engine booster

car jump starter High power capacity battery source pack 24000mAh charger vehicle engine booster

car jump starter High power capacity battery source pack 24000mAh charger vehicle engine booster

car jump starter High power capacity battery source pack 24000mAh charger vehicle engine booster

car jump starter High power capacity battery source pack 24000mAh charger vehicle engine booster


1.Low MOQ:We accept small orders




5.Short circuit protection,Overcurrent protetion;                 

 Integrated circuit plate,include software and hardware protection.




1.Battery Capacity:88.8Wh

   Power Bank Capacity: 24000mah


3.Output1:24V/12V For Starting Vehicle,Boat,Excavator,Harvester and so on

  Output2:5V 2.1A For Mobile Phone/Tablet/Other 5V mobile deivce

4.Starting Current:400A

5.Peak Current: 800A


7.Charging Time:About 8 hours

8.Build-In LED Light,can offer 4 kinds of light in different situation:  Light,Burst Flashing,SOS,Blue And Red Warning Light



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