Car power usply Multi-function Car styling Jump Starter Universal Emergency power supply USB Car spare battery charger Power

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Product Description:

Capacity : 30,000 mAh

Output for vehicle : 12V

USB output : 5V 2A

Input : CC/CV 15V 1A

Start current : 300A

Peak current : 600A

Battery life : 3000 circles

Operating temperature : -75~85 degree

Automatic recognition of load / unload function:

Automatic charge / power-off when insert / full charge

Saving power and more safety


To avoid product damage Pls make sure the voltage to be used before connecting

Press the switch button to change the voltage 12V/16V/19V

30000mAh 12V Multi-function Car styling Jump Starter Universal Emergency power supply USB Car spare battery charger Power Bank

Unit Type:
Package Weight:
1.200kg (2.65lb.)
Package Size:
25cm x 25cm x 10cm (9.84in x 9.84in x 3.94in)

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Q:Can the car power converter be connected directly to a separate battery?
Power converter is the battery DC into 220V AC, and your charger and 220V AC power into DC power supply to the notebook. In fact, this process is a bit redundant, a battery voltage at 13 o'clock, with the laptop battery voltage is basically the same, just find a power plug (and your original charger on the same), according to the positive and negative connected, Notebook can be used directly.
Q:Car refrigerator power converter
12V5A power is 60W, should be able to bring up.
Q:To buy a car screen power supply, the power required power is how much?
This depends on your screen power consumption, design to your screen power supply voltage, working rated current, power is to meet the voltage, the current conditions after a little more on it. Do not be too big, the greater the power the more expensive, the larger the volume The
Q:How is the car power converter 24 turn 12?
Brothers today also want to buy a 24V in the car with 12VCD to 60 yuan so did not buy! Connected as follows: 24V access, black is negative, yellow for the ignition switch, red for the power is, 12 end the same? V
Q:12 turn 220v car power converter car inverter usb, bad usb can be used what electronic bad
Car inverter, car battery killer, it is best not to use
Q:Car power converter for automotive power converters
Car power converters are popular in foreign markets. In foreign countries due to the higher penetration rate of the car, go out to work or travel can be connected with the car power converter to drive the battery and a variety of tools to work.
Q:Car 12v variable 220v power converter can be used when the vehicle is running
TCL car power converter that can not be used when the engine is running, it may damage the power converter and electrical appliances. The meaning of the use of parking is not big bar
Q:Where do I have to sell the USB output power converter?
Buy a DC converter to exchange on the line Wal-Mart has sold two or three hundred dollars
Q:Rated voltage of 5v usb fan can not be inserted into the 12v car power converter?
Should be able to use, insurance, you see the fan is the number of current
Q:Introduction to Car Power Converter
Power Inverter (Power Inverter) is a DC12V or DC24V or DC36V or DC48V DC power conversion and the main AC220V or AC110V AC, for general electrical use, is a convenient Vehicle power converter.

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