car headliner nonwoven stitchbond fabric of CNBM

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China main port
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1 m²
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1 m²/month
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Product Description:



Quick Details



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100% Polyester

Nonwoven Technics:



car headliner








Agriculture,Bag,Car,Garment,Home Textile,Hospital,Industry,Interlining,Shoes





Place of Origin:

Jiangsu China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:

car headliner


white car headliner

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:car headliner with PE film
Delivery Detail:10-20 days after receiving the 30% deposit

Specifications headliner
2.high quality best price
3.100% polyester
5.max width 4.16m

car headliner  fabric  white and black is recycled from waste bottles.Can be widely used in covering, packing, planting and shoes making area.


 Thickness:  0.3—2.2MM 

Color: black, white

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Q:What fabric is cashmere like?
This is a functional fabric, 100%Acrylic (100% acrylic), feel good, and cashmere almost, so it is called cashmere. Is made of acrylic through special craft processing, make the acrylic fiber with natural cashmere that smooth, soft and elastic feeling, and has excellent dyeing properties of acrylic yarn, called imitation cashmere.
Q:What about the Rolle and the uniform? What's the best of these two fabrics?
The new polyester wire network, the raw material 100% easy shrinkage polyester filament, 1 / 1 plain weave fabric weight, 300G / M, width of 58 inches of fabric appearance, crisp, smooth, comfortable, soft luster, hairy feeling, excellent flexibility, good performance apparel, seasonal strong, suitable for employees and the middle the staff of spring and summer uniform, high strength, good fastness, especially suitable for factories, uniforms and uniforms, and is also suitable for the fashion.What material do you wear? Compare what you want with that kind of clothes
Q:Excuse me, what is the guest fabric?
From inside to outside, there is a guarantee of quality. It then makes use of China's cheap labor to make it ready for sale in japan.For example: A big clothes in China need a generation of factories to produce a certain style of clothing. But the fabric needed for the garment is not available in the factory. At this point, A big name from the fabric manufacturers buy Fabrics sent to foundry. For foundries, A is a big customer, and A's big fabrics from other factories are called guest fabrics.
Q:What fabric is Nan Hansi? Is it better than pure cotton?
Nan Hansi is a mixture of polyester and silk, hanging feeling excellent, easy to clean, rich colors, fresh gratifying attention in South Korea need to be careful, do not let the sharp objects to scrape it off the wire, lest cause; the general machine won't make it shrink or fade, not washing powder with bleach to ensure its long bright colors. If wrinkles after washing, low-temperature ironing irons, so as to be flattened.
Q:What does TC mean in fabric?
TC refers to polyester cotton.TC refers to polyester cotton or polyester cotton yarn in polyester ratio is greater than 50%, the English original word is terylene/cotton; relative to TC, if the composition of cotton is greater than 50%, called CVC[chief, value, of, cotton].
Q:What is the difference between fabric and fabric? What does fabric mean?. What do you mean by material?
In clothing washing mark, fabric is worn on the outside of the layer, lining is close to the layer, if it is down jacket, down the 1-2 layers called gall cloth, of course, the market down jacket has 2,3,4 several practices.
Q:What's the density of the four piece cotton fabric?
High count yarns are generally used for textile top grade fabrics and special fabrics. Limited by equipment and technology, traditional ring spinning machine can not produce high count yarn. In recent years, the level of spinning technology in China has possessed the ability to produce high count yarn by itself.High count yarn fabricAs the fabric of high count yarn, it is usually thinner than ordinary yarn, so let's see, how can the material of worsted yarn be thicker than ordinary yarn fabric? Fabric thin and can not say that the quality is not good, as long as it is high yarn, high density is a good fabric. Now I will give you a good introduction to the fabric.
Q:What material is good?
Personally feel that cotton and silk are good, cuprammonium more popular recently, is also very comfortable and upscale
Q:What are the materials of cashmere and cotton more comfortable?
It's also a kind of fabric structure. The common fabric structure with plain weave, twill, satin etc.. I would like to ask you, is to compare the quality of cashmere fabrics and other types of pure cotton fabric?. Personally feel that cashmere fabric is more suitable for winter, plain and so on more suitable for summer and autumn.
Q:What are the popular clothing materials in the market now? How do you distinguish them?
Plain weave: a fabric woven with plain weave (warp and weft threads, once every yarn), called plain weave.Fabric features: interweaving points, solid texture, stiff and smooth surface, the appearance of positive and negative effect is the same, plain fabric density can not be too high, relatively thin, good air permeability. Count in 30 or so, the density is slightly lower, fabrics are more likely to jump yarn and other defects, the price is relatively low. But there are a few plain fabrics also belong to high-density fabrics, high-grade embroidery fabrics are generally plain fabric.

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