Bulldozer Best Price SD32 with Komatsu Technology

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Product Description:

Bulldozer  Best Price  SD32 with Komatsu Technology

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:BD350



Usage:Special Type


Scraper Type:Bulldozer

Transmission:Power Transmission


Walking Mode:Crawler

Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge


Engine Power:<74kw< span="">

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000, EPA





Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:in Nude or SKD

Standard:CE, EPA IV


Origin:Qingdao, China

Production Capacity:500 Units/Month

Product Description

Small crawler bulldozer BD350
1.Manual foot operated standard Clutch
2.Fully adjustable Category 1 three point linkage
3.2 speed Power Take off(PTO)
4.8 forward and 8 reverse gears
5.Steering pedals that are integrated with the brake pedals
6.6in1 hydraulic joystick for front blade
7.Combination instrument panel
8.Quality suspension seat&seat belt
Compact, strong and reliable is the exceptional power plant of the BD350. It has a beautiful outline, compactive structure, operation agility, high credibility and easy to maintain. There is also a rubber track option. The skidder can be widely used in various construction projects such as city maintenance, water supply, farmland, garden and forest works etc.

Overall length (with/without blade)2960/2200mm
Overall width (with/without blade)1640/1430mm
Overall height to top of ROPS2160mm(can be adjusted to 2260mm)
Operating weight2790KGS
Max. drawbar pull23.5KN
Max. power / rpm25.7kW / 2000rpm
Output volume2.23 L
Optimum fuel consumption≤243g / kWh
Optimum engine oil consumption≤1.63g / kWh
LubricationFull pressure by rotary pump
DESIGN SPEEDKm/h at maximum power output
Forward - Low 10.86km/h
Forward - Low 21.09km/h
Forward - Low 31.77km/h
Forward - Low 42.81km/h
Forward - High 13.38km/h
Forward - High 24.27km/h
Forward - High 36.95km/h
Forward - High 411.02km/h
Reverse - Low 10.86km/h
Reverse - Low 21.09km/h
Reverse - Low 31.77km/h
Reverse - Low 42.81km/h
Reverse - High 13.38km/h
Reverse - High 24.27km/h
Reverse - High 36.95km/h
Reverse - High 411.02km/h
ClutchHydraulic shuttle clutch hand control
Gearbox2-shaft, 8 forward + 8 reverse, sliding gear shift
Main driveSpiral bevel gear
Final driveExternally meshed spur gear
Height of blade675mm
width of blade1640mm
Blade lift height500mm
Digging depth150mm
Cutting angle52.5°
Ground clearance240mm
Track frameSemi-rigid
Steel Track rollers (each side)5 + 1
Track recoil systemHelical spring, screw adjusted
Number of Shoes (each side)40 (pitch = 109mm)
Steel Track
Track width290mm
Track guage1150mm
Steering ClutchesMultiple dry cerametallic disk clutches, pedal control
BrakesBand brakes, pedal control
Pump / modelGear type / CBN-E314L
Relief valve pressure16MPa (2230psi)
Control valve4-spool
Blade Control6 in 1 joystick control
Control - LiftRaise - hold - lower - float
Control - TiltRight - hold - left
Blade cyclindersDouble acting
Blade - Lift50mm x 255mm(Qty 2)
Blade angle63mm x 280mm(Qty 2)
Blade - Tilt63mm x 50mm(Qty 1)
Hitch control (single lever)Raise - hold - lower(float)
Elevating ramSingle-acting
Bore & stroke80mm x 100mm
Lifting capacity @ hitch point7350 N (750 kg or 1650 lbs)
Hitch linkageRear 3-point hitch, Category 1
3 point hitch upper pinholeφ19x44
3 point hitch lower pinholesφ22x35
System voltage12V
Self-rectifying alternator200W
Battery105Ah (maintenance free type)
Front head lamp55W (Qty 2)
Rear lamp55W (Qty 1)
Type:Mechanical dependant
Engagement - 540rpm1812 Engine rpm
Shaft diameter35mm (1 3/8"), 6 splines
Fuel45 Ltr (11.7gal)
Engine oil sump6 Ltr (1.6gal)
Gearbox11 Ltr (2.9gal)
Hydraulic system30 Ltr (7.8gal)
Coolant9 Ltr (2.3gal)
Final drives (each)2 Ltr (0.5gal)

Bulldozer  Best Price  SD32 with Komatsu Technology

Bulldozer  Best Price  SD32 with Komatsu Technology

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Q:Accounting Question Help?
Determine what percentage each asset is of the total appraised value. Then use that percentage times the accepted bid amount to determine the cost of each. For example: 1. Bulldozer $60 000. Divide: 60000 (Bulldozer) / 360000 = .166667 times 100 to get the percentage. 16.6667% Then apply that percent to the total bid, 234 000 times .16667 = $39 000 and so on down the line. Add up the 8 results and make sure the total equals $234 000.
Q:What Motherboard would you recommend?
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Q:What does Komatsu bulldozer mean by "wd600--6"?
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