Beverage Cylinders(CO2) Materia l: Aluminium

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  • Material:              Aluminium

  • Use:                     Industrial Gas

  • Pressure:             High

  • Place of Origin:    Liaoning, China (Mainland)


1.40%weight reduction than steel cylinders
2.clean and smelless cylinders                            

Beverage cylinders are made by aluminum 6061,with 40% weight reduction  than steel cylinders unique interal and external treatments provide a superrior corrsion resistance assuring gases clean and smelless cylinders and made strictly to safety standardas all over the world,assuring acosistent and stable performance.High standard quality and detailed instruction for use and maintenance make sure safety operation and pertormance.

Beverage Cylinders(CO2)  Materia l: Aluminium

TypeWaterCapacity(L)OursideDiameter(mm)Length(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)Net Weight(Kg)ServicePressure(Mpa)
LWH75-0.7 -150.7752954.10.8515
LWH82-0.7 -150.7822354.20.915
LWH89-0.5 -150.5891874.50.5615
LWH89- 0.7 -150.7892274.50.715
LWH89- 1.0 -151.0892874.50.9115
LWH89- 1.4 -151.4893674.51.1815
LWH108-0.7 -150.71081695.51.115
LWH108-1.0 -151.01082105.51.315
LWH108- 1.4 -151.41082645.51.615
LWH108-2.0 -152.01083655.62.215
LWH108- 2.5 -152.51084335.62.615
LWH120-2.8 -152.81203986.13.115
LWH120-3.2 -153.21204376.13.515
LWH140-4.0 -154.01404307.14.315
LWH140-5.0 -155.01405077.15.115
LWH140-6.0 -156.01405907.16.015
LWH140-8.0 -158.01407457.17.715
LWH159-10 -15101597358.18.815
LWH180-10 -15101806059.110.115
LWH203-12 -151220358710.312.915
LWH203-13.4 -1513.420364010.313.815
LWH203-20 -152020390010.318.115
LWH232-30 -1530232109011.730.815
LWH232-40 -1540232134011.736.515

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