Best50 aws e308-16 Stainless Steel Welding Elect Rodes

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Product Description:

aws e308-16 welding electrodes

I.product details

Model No.

Welding rod  AWSA5.4 E308L-16


AWS A5.4 E308L-16 is coated titanium calcium type of ultra-low carbon Cr19Ni10 stainless steel electrode.The deposited metal carbon content less than 0.04%, has a good intergranular corrosion resistance, good welding performance.Ac/dc.


Used for welding low carbon Cr19Ni10 stainless steel structure, also can be used for 06 cr19ni11ti working temperature below 300  of corrosion resistant stainless steel structure, it is mainly used for manufacture of synthetic fiber, fertilizer, oil and other equipment.

Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal (%)








Guaranteed value








Typical value








Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Rm  σb (Mpa)

ReLσs (Mpa)

Aσs (%)



Guaranteed value


σs ≥ 400

σs≥ 35

(normal temperature)


Typical value





≥ 156

Sizes, Length & Recommended Current (AC/DC)

Diameter (mm)





Length (mm)





Current (A)





Coated water content


X-ray inspection requirements

II grade


1: PLS clear oil, rust, water and other impurities on the butt welding                    pieces before Welding.

2: The electrodes must be baked under 300~350°C for an hour before               welding and used as soon as baking is completed.

3: When welding, short arc must be used and stringer bead is suitable.

Product features

1:Stable arc  ; 2:Fewer spatters  ;3:Easy to restrike  ; 4:Less smog

5:Good off slag, high deposition efficiency

General Packaging

Size: 2.5MM X 300MM (Packing: 2.5kg/inner boxes 8boxes/cartons=20kg)

Size: 3.2MM X 350MM (Packing: 5.0kg/inner boxes 4boxes/cartons=20kg)

Size: 4.0MM X 350MM (Packing: 5.0kg/inner boxes 4boxes/cartons=20kg)

Electrode storage method

  1. The electrode must be classification, grades, partial deposit.

  2. The electrode must be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse.

  3. Electrode shall be 0.3 meters from the ground and metope.

            Remark: pls pay attention to moistureproof .

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Q:Why should the electrode be baked before use?
Ordinary carbon steel electrode can not be used, but other electrodes, especially white steel, must be baked, because the welding rod welding when there will be holes
Q:What kind of welding rod should be used for welding cast steel parts?
Welding is also a University Branch, welding rod and welding process need to match the material of cast steel to weld welding defects such as crack, slag inclusion, etc., and the question cannot be answered
Q:What are the technological parameters of E5015 welding rod?
1 and E5015 are common alkaline welding rod. When welding, the welding rod is connected to the positive electrode, and the workpiece is connected to the negative electrode. Different electrode diameter, welding current is not the same. This is marked on the package of the electrode.2, the electrode (covered electrode) welding or welding filler metal in melting joint welding of the workpiece. Consists of two parts covering and core wire. Depending on the melting of the crust and filling the metal into the weld, it becomes the main component of the weld metal, which is called a welding rod.
Q:How big is the maximum electrode and how big is the minimum electrode?!
The electrode current is basically proportional to its diameter.Electrode diameter (mm) 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5, 6.Welding current (A) 25~40, 40~65,50~80, 100~130, 160~210, 200~270, 260~500.
Q:How to weld iron castings? Which welding method is adopted? What kind of electrode? What is the specific operation process? If possible, please give examples.
The welding of cast iron parts is made of cast iron special electrode, that is to say, pig iron welding rod. Because the iron chemical and physical properties are special, so the welding conditions of iron castings are higher, first of all to butt welding parts for heating, heating speed is not too fast, slow heating, heating temperature to about 60-70 degrees can be welded (conditional temperature can be higher) the best welding in thermal insulation under the condition of welding method with ordinary welding, the welding is good, after completion of welding to insulation, generally use the workpiece buried in lime powder in thermal insulation. For reference only.Hot dip galvanizing of zinc. Shen Jianfu
Q:How long is the Golden Bridge welding rod 427 electrode drying?
Not to mention electrode brand, brand J427 welding rod drying, holding time requirements are as follows:1: brand J427, model E4315 belongs to low hydrogen sodium type low carbon structural steel welding rod. The utility model belongs to an alkaline welding rod and adopts a reverse polarity reverse polarity welding application. It is used for welding of pressure vessels such as Q235R and Q245R, and has good impact toughness and crack resistance. The basic electrode is sensitive to moisture, and it must be heated to remove the moisture contained in the coating, so as to reduce the defect of the hydrogen hole in the weld metal.2: the welding rod for welding electrode drying oven, drying temperature at 350 degrees Celsius, ~400 degrees Celsius, drying time between 1 hours, ~2 hours. Then placed in the electrode insulation cylinder at 120 degrees Celsius ~180 degrees Celsius insulation (depending on the electrode, insulation cylinder input voltage, input current, insulation heating wire power size, etc.), with the use of welding rod with. Heating time is not more than 3 times.
Q:302 which kind of electrode should be used for welding stainless steel with iron?
Stainless steel and cast iron welding, of course, is made of cast iron welding rod, using stainless steel welding rod, crack is not good, and the strength will not be too high. If the connection strength requirements are relatively high, you can choose MG289 welding rod, welding effect must be no problem, welding is to pay attention to the electrode angle can be. Here are the instructions. (now fakes are a lot of care.):MG289High strength alloy for welding of clean cast iron.The weld deposits can be machined.Specially designed for welding unclean and greasy cast iron.Low pressure water welding for cast iron pipes.Alloy metal core design, with unique flux, with the anti crack function.Easy to weld at any position.Purposes such as:- cast iron and steel weldsWelding of different cast irons- drive gear box- grey cast iron, malleable iron or ductile iron
Q:Can the surface hardness of J506 welding rod for roller be guaranteed?
You should use surfacing electrode, I think D047 welding rod should be more suitable, for reference only.D047 roller Hardfacing Electrode: roller Hardfacing Electrode, using direct reverse, welding process, good cracking resistance, cold cracking, has good anti extrusion capacity and anti abrasion resistance. Application: it is used for the welding machine of roller press and roll, without disassembly and repair. It can also be used in other extrusion and wear machine parts. The chemical composition of deposited metal / C = 1.7 Cr 4-7 Mo 1.5-3 Si is less than or equal to 3 other than 10 HRC surfacing hardness: 55
Q:What welding rod does 16MnDR use?
1 and 16MnDR belong to low temperature steel.2, welding rod selection grade: J507NiTiB, J507GR, J507RH, J506R, J506RH, more can.
Q:What are the functions of E506 structural steel welding rod, which material is suitable for processing?
Electrode brand: J506, model: E5016 (E506 is wrong writing). It belongs to low alloy structural steel welding rod.Welding rod brand: J506, model: E5016 belongs to the low hydrogen potassium alloy structural steel welding rod. Good crack resistance. All position welding. Polarity welding requirements: AC welder (no-load voltage is not lower than 70V, the load rate of not less than 60%, the output of the welder welding current is not less than 300 Amperes) reverse DC (ground electrode connected to the positive electrode welding -, +).For 16Mn low-alloy structural steel, 09Mn2Si welding.

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