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Product Description:

1.Welding Rod Description:

E6010 This electrode is used for all position welding using DCRP.

             produces a deep penetrating weld and works well on dirty,rusted, or painted metals 

E6011 This electrode has the same characteristics of the E6010, but can be used with AC and DC currents. 

E6013 This electrode can be used with AC and DC currents. 

             produces a medium penetrating weld with a superior weld bead appearance. 

E7018 This electrode is known as a low hydrogen electrode and can be used with AC or DC. 

The coating on the electrode has a low moisture content that reduces the introduction of hydrogen into the weld. lectrode can produce welds of ray quality with medium penetration.  

(Note, this electrode must be kept dry. If it gets wet, it must be dried in a rod oven before use.) 


1.Sheet metal

2.Irregular short welds that change positions

3.Maintenance or repair welding

4.For use with small AC welders with low smoke

2.Main Features of Welding Rod

• All-position electrode for the welding of mild steel.

• Excellent choice for sheet metal lap and fillet welds

• Easy slag removal. low smoke.

3. Welding Rod Images

Welding Rod Electrodes AWS E6013  Best  Quality Factory Price

Welding Rod Electrodes AWS E6013  Best  Quality Factory Price

4. Welding Rod Specification 

Chemical Composition






Guarantee Value







Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal


Test Item






Guarantee Value




-(normal temperature)



Reference Current (AC, DC)


Electrode Diameter(mm)












Welding Current (A)






V-up, OH







Q: How do you ship the Welding Rod 

A: Usually by sea.

Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we have been in providing the professional products in Welding Rod over 10 years.

Q: Can I get the sample?

A: Yes, free samples are prepared for your test.

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Q:What kind of welding rod or welding wire for welding Q245R steel?
Q245R is generally used in boiler or pressure vessel, if it is a large diameter cylinder welding body in wall thickness below 8mm recommended the use of arc welding J507 welding rod, double welding, carbon arc gouging back, to obtain inspection qualified; wall thickness is thick, can be used for submerged arc welding. The use of H08MnA wire HJ431 welding flux;If the smaller diameter of the cylinder, the inner wall of the can go in welding, open V groove on the weld position, the use of manual TIG welding primer (ER50-6 wire), welding electrode (J507 electrode) filling cover, if the wall thickness is more than 10mm, you can also consider the use of submerged arc welding (filling cover H08MnA HJ431 solder wire);If the welding weld is non pressure parts, you can use the CO2 gas shielded arc welding, using 1.2 or 1.6 ER50-6 diameter wire welding, weld spatter if you need better or less, recommend the use of Ar:CO2 mixed gas 8:2 welding.
Q:Can 50Mn2 casting be welded with 507 electrodes?
50Mn2 is a kind of high strength carbon quenched and tempered steel, tensile strength (b/MPa): more than 930, and steel castings, welding a relatively high degree of difficulty. If the requirements are relatively high, you can choose MG600 electrode, if the strength requirements are not too high, the use of 507 electrodes can still be considered.MG600 (MG600TIG)MG600 is a universal, high efficiency, high strength chromium nickel alloy welding rod (welding wire). It has excellent plasticity, toughness and crack resistance. It is almost suitable for all kinds of common steel products. With excellent welding process performance, arc stability, easy to slag, less spatter, welding uniform and beautiful.Application: suitable for welding tools and moulds, high-speed tool steel, hot work tool steel, steel, cast steel, T-1 steel, steel, vanadium steel, seismic spring steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, and the unknown as well as between the various different types of steel welding etc.. Such as high pressure valves, broken bolt clearance, shaft transformation, etc., the effect is very satisfactory.Mechanical properties of welded joints;Experimental resultsTensile strength maximum 124000psi (pound / square inch), i.e. 855 Newtons / mm2The maximum yield strength is 103000psi (pound / square inch), i.e., 710 Newtons / mm2The maximum elongation rate is 22%HB300 work hardening after Brinell hardness welding HB450
Q:What's the difference between 422 and 506? What are their respective attributes?
422 belongs to the acid welding rod, the medicine skin is the titanium calcium model, the national standard is E4303., and the welding seam tensile strength is 420MPa507 belong to the basic electrode, the drug skin is low hydrogen sodium type, the national standard is E5015., the tensile strength of the weld is 490mpa
Q:Why can not welding machine welding electrode spark?
Cause and treatment of welding rod welding spark:1 、 welding current is too small. According to the type and diameter of the electrode used, the welding current shall be explained with reference to the electrode packing box.2 、 the ground wire is not clamped and the ground contact is bad. Check the cable joint firmness with a special ground clamp.3, the surface of the work has greasy dirt, embroidery scale paint, water and other impurities, affecting the electrode conduction. When striking, striking or striking the arc, the instantaneous resistance is greater. It can produce instant sparks, lift the arc, and then rub out the workpiece with an angle grinder, exposing the metallic luster.
Q:Does the welding rod have a shelf life?
Must have ah, Pro is generally two or three years, but save the good words, do not let him wet, you can put many years of welding rod, afraid of moisture, and what problems can ask me again
Q:302 which kind of electrode should be used for welding stainless steel with iron?
A302 electrode can be cheap and matching, pay attention to welding current as small as possible, the electrode diameter as far as possible the use of small diameter welding rod, welding rod arc heat deviation to the stainless steel side.
Q:Why does the welding rod adhere to the weldment?
I am a welding Education under normal circumstances so that you also appeared that the welder hand instability of basic work is not solid, the word "practice" learning when I have seen this kind of situation the old master directly let me practice!
Q:What enterprises use more welding electrodes?
Small businesses and individuals now use more. Two oxygen is used for steel structure transmission. And then the site is OK
Q:What's the difference between 506 electrode and 502 electrode?
The biggest difference between J506 and J502 is the ingredient in the skin:506 is low hydrogen potassium type, baking temperature 350~380, high requirements can be used 506, welding seam for low hydrogen type, crack resistance is good. But the process requires high oil, rust, water must be removed,502 is the calcium titanium type, not baking. Beautiful shaping and easy to remove slag.
Q:Stainless steel 2025 is how material, with what electrode?
Carbon steel, stainless steel welding rod

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